December 11, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Time to wrap up another year. 

The holiday season is here. Time to reflect; time to have time to reflect.
 2016 has been extraordinarily difficult in almost every aspect of life on this planet. From the treatment of animals, to the treatment of the planet and its citizens, (not to mention the citizens' treatment of each other), cognitive dissonance has won the year. Perhaps it needed to win the year.  The universe seems to be forcing us to face our glaring human deficiencies...

This year's been quite the lu-lu. I've learned a lot, and burned a lot!  The most important thing I learned is not only that I can push back, but I must push back. Witnessing so much mis-representation, mis-interpretations, incorrect perceptions, incorrect assumptions, downright stupidity and lack of generosity of spirit ... on myriad editorials, social media posts ... not to mention human one-on-one exchanges, this year I've learned the value of resolutely pushing back and challenging/ correcting what is wrong. 2016's gift to me has been "the buck stops here". Thank you 2016, for giving me permission. Long time coming!

The one thing I know for sure, is that I'm not alone. The next thing I know for sure is the determination of advocates and like-minded citizens to rise up against all that is wrong. The third thing I know, is that it all has to do with leadership.  With our dearest-darlingest President Obama leaving office, it appears there aren't any leaders left that we can count on to take command, provide inspiration/direction/ innovation, empathy, ethics and morality... 

So what are we left with?  The answer is each other.  

We need to make the best of it, with and for, each other. Because we do have each other. It's not good enough to gripe about what we don't have (pls don't waste my time--there is no time to waste). We have to focus on, promote, and fight for, what we do have:

Animal rescuers and animal advocates.
Marineland whistleblowers, and all those fighting for animals in captivity.
DAPL activists; water protectors; Nestle detractors.
Witness bearers for farm animals.
New generations, new ideas, new energy.
Vegans and plant-based lifestyles.
Sustainable and renewable energy supporters.
Big-pharma fighters (pls object to these bastards and explore alternatives).
Supporters of local commerce/small business.
People against puppy mills.
Farm animal sanctuaries.
Anita Krajnc (bless her heart) and the Save Movement.
The "Fab 7" fearless lawyers, intervening left, right and centre on Cdn cruelty cases.
Everyone fighting for wildlife: horses, seals, wolves, birds, bison, coyotes, bears, dolphins, whales, ellies, rhinos, and big mention but a few.
Any/everyone fighting for the environment, sacred land, our oceans, our air.
In a word: activists. Yo, YOU! 

It is truly time for a new world order. Millennials v. the old world order, and the staggering generational divide we find ourselves in.  We are stuck between two worlds, and we're suffering for it: yesteryear (boomers) and the promise of tomorrow (Gens xyz+). Those of us who have been around the block more than once, need to share/impart our knowledge to new generations; be role models for where and how to take the world, and facilitate Next Gens getting there. 

There has never been a greater need to push back and educate trolls with their fake "news" and inaccurate perceptions, and also friends/colleagues/family whose views and practices are out of whack with 2017 needs. Where you can, I implore you to take a leadership position and use media relentlessly as I do ... (all media -- traditional tv, radio, print, social) to push back on trolls and bullies. The order of the day is to educate. Remember, a bully or a blockhead is only a bully or a blockhead because no-one pushes back on them. So, dear readers, please join me in 2017 in challenging what you feel is incorrect, un-supportable, misinformed, dated, or downright wrong. Now, more than ever, we need to rise up. We cannot wait for permission, for heavens' sakes. 2017 needs YOU. We are all responsible. Be cool, but do it.

I'm ready for, and bringing my A-game to, 2017. Are you with me? The world needs you. You need the world. We need each other. The planet and the animals need us. The situation has never been more dire. If you don't like what you see and hear, it's incumbent on you to do something about it. No one is going to magically appear and save the day.

So please, everyone, get on board with, and for, each other.  For every problem out there, there's a solution. Let's commit to finding those solutions together, en masse, and in greater numbers. Let's make 2017 the year we undo <2016, and start turning our world around.  

Stand up. Stand up again and again and again, and be counted. Fight for ccccchrist's sakes. We need to pull ourselves back together, literally, "back together", and fight like there's no tomorrow. Cause if we don't, no tomorrow is on the horizon.  


Oh Canada. You SO suck:

OSPCA, you suck too, worse than Canada, if that's even possible. Congratulations. Not.



Friends, freedom drivers are needed for Montreal pit-bull-labelled refugees...If you're travelling east this holiday season, please consider taking an extra passenger...


Rouge is a beautiful German Shepherd mix. She is approximately 11 months old. She is very friendly and social but needs ongoing training as she is still young and tends to jump up. She seems fine with everyone....adults, children, cats and other dogs. If you are interested in meeting Rouge, visit Oshawa Animal Services at 919 Farewell Street Oshawa.


Luke, Shepherd Cross who was posted on C4P Facebook page this week, has found a home; also, Maggie Cat at LeGallais Vet Hosp in Aurora, has a family interested in her! YAY! Happy Tails! 


Sign the petition "Do Not Penalize Constable Beth Richardson":

More on same, with petitions changing law-enforcement approach...
Durham policewoman gets outpouring of support: YES!

Tell the CFIA that new Canadian transport rules are a GIANT FAIL:


A silent tear and wings of thought -- please have a look at these beautiful creations from Moosonee Puppy Rescue and  consider supporting their great work by purchasing some lovely jewelry for friends/family who have lost a pet this year:
Wings of acceptance: 

A note on Moosonee:  Today, Cesare came to visit. He's with us through Christmas while his young family (my dear friends) take their bi-annual vacay. For those of you who remember our precious Stormont, Cesare and Storm were the greatest of friends. Cesare came from Moosonee all those years ago... he is 12-13 this year ... as precious as precious can be. Moosonee Puppy Rescue does awesome work -- Sharron, this one's for you honey. Thanks to YOU, Cesare is thriving, and will be lending his special magic to our Christmas this year. You cannot imagine my joy holding his beautiful face in my hands again...

Sled Dogs Don't Celebrate Animals, They Exploit them (Thanks Peter Fricker for publishing):

Interested in supporting the good work of the Montreal SPCA's Annexe?
They have created an amazing Vegan Cookbook, with idiot proof recipes for those interested in trying meat free dishes. The books are on sale at a special price of $32 until December 31st. They are available in both french and english! If you would like to purchase one, please contact Marilyn Gelfand at (Thanks Tammie Jackson for posting).

10 reasons to say no to animal gift-giving:
Animal Justice (.ca) -- true heroes of 2016:

The truth behind the feathers:

The needs of smart and social animals cannot be met in captivity by Camille Labchuk and Dan Hooley:



Dr. Faith Banks, DVM offers some great advice on how to assess your pet's quality of life, and tells us what markers we can watch for to ensure that our pet's geriatric phase is well managed. After all your years together, there are ways of making the end a special and meaningful time for both the family, and the pet. 
Please Subscribe to RescueDiaries!   Y ou can contact Dr. Faith here:

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Welcome 2017! You couldn't get here a moment too soon. Here's to a better world, and a much better year. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season everyone! Please support local/small business and/or animal advocates with what little holiday dollars you have... Stella and I send great love and best wishes for the holidays. If anyone's looking for me, I'll be under Max's beautiful wool blanket on the couch 'til January with my gorgeous shepherd Stell by my side ... You'll see a newsletter January 8th... m.