February 7, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:


A brand-new state-of-the-art boat in the works for Sea Shepherd, 2016-17. Check out this amazing article on this a-ma-zing fleet! 

NOW Magazine shares "You have the RIGHT to be vegan" -- awesome!

Advocate Krista Hiddema writes in the Hill Times that Momentum is Building for Farm Animals (well done Krista!)



Plans are coming together for "improvements" to Toronto's High Park Zoo. I encourage anyone who wants to get involved to do so... these animals could use serious upgrades, enrichment, and PRIVACY! 

Hi my name is Tazz.  I was surrendered to the Hamilton Animal Services as my owner said I was too much to handle.  I am a high energy girl and I would benefit most from a daily routine and exercise regimen and they are telling me here that "I need a job".  I respond very nicely to verbal commands and I am extremely smart and I pick up on things so very quickly.  My obedience is very good but I will need an experienced handler to reinforce and remind me of that.  I have a couple of behavioural issues that I will need someone to help me work through.  If you can help me please contact Kim at the Hamilton Animal Services at
905-546-2424 ext 1103   Thank you!!

Thank you so much for posting this for us. We have his biopsy and full blood work back now and he's healthy but he is fiv positive so this won't be easy. Any help in spreading the word is so very appreciated... My name is Gulliver. I was found wandering the streets, eating garbage last month. I was in pretty rough shape but I've been fully vetted and i'm feeling much better now. I am not a feral kitty but I was all alone out there for quite a while. I am a gentle and affectionate 5 year old neutered, vaccinated boy. I tested positive for FIV but full wellness blood work showed me to be in good health so I can live a great life. I enjoy playing but I'm just as happy to cuddle up to you and relax. I'm a laid back, low maintenance boy who just wants a safe, indoor only home where I can live out my life peacefully with someone who cares about me. If you can help me please contact Heather @905-294-7001. Thank you so much!


Please take the opportunity to vote in the Toronto Star: 

Demand Ringling Brothers retire their elephants to a bona fide sanctuary instead of what they have planned for them at their "research" facility:

Farm Sanctuary is trying to get the US Postal Service to stop shipping LIVE CHICKS.  Won't you sign?   http://action.farmsanctuary.org/site/MessageViewer?current=true&em_id=41395.0

Please consider sharing this with any friends/family who have un-neutered pets:


How a politician managed to blame animals for barn fires -- (thank you Camille Labchuk for posting this): 

Folks please remember during holiday season (if I may be so bold as to promote myself), that C4P does "Special Needs Petsitting" ... always happy to talk to you about boarding pets. I particularly love the broken ones, but regular pets are welcome too... 



February 1, 2016 -- t oday we remember Jill Phipps (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting), a dedicated animal rights activist who lived in Coventry, England. On 1 February 1995, Jill was crushed to death under the wheels of a lorry carrying live baby veal calves into Coventry Airport in Baginton, England, to be flown to Amsterdam for distribution across Europe. 10 of the 33 protesters present had broken through police lines and were trying to bring the lor ry to a halt by sitting in the road or chaining themselves to it. Jill was crushed beneath the lorry's wheels -- her injuries proved fatal.  This is a documentary about her life and her fight to save animals.  
Jill's Film: http://vimeo.com/58749580 

For every member of the worldwide rescue movement, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I love and respect you all.  m.