February 14, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Here is a lovely, LOVELY Valentine's Day wish for animals (congratulations Camille Labchuk on your outstanding work): 

And... In the same vein, please consider joining in this campaign, remembering always, that if we're not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. So folks, come on, make a note and do this... 


The Globe and Mail comes out swinging against industry and government failure to protect animals (Thanks Animal Justice for posting!):

Quebec's order of veterinarians bans tail docking (this barbarism is referred to as "cosmetic surgery") on farmed animals as of 2017:

New evidence on horses' capacity to read human facial expressions:

And if you liked that piece on horse facial expressions, here's a little more:

Pets in Syracuse now have the right to an attorney! Astounding!

Hallmark day! Denmark bans Hallal and Kosher meat on animal rights grounds! Who'd have ever believed this day would come? (Thanks July Kaiss for posting!)

wowwowwow! Abbotsford BC cancels rodeo!


Here's one of the better email signatures yet (thanks Leslie Cockwell for sending):


HiCaliber Horse Rescue needs your help really badly - please help these wonderful souls:   
We're losing horses to kill today!! Where is everyone?! Our page is DEAD. There are 16 horses here and we have funds for 3-4!?!  Horses begin running through soon. We can barely make a dent. Anything you can do to help is appreciated! Never underestimate the power of even $5. Can't donate? You can still help!! Please show you love by liking, sharing of commenting and get this on your friend's pages!!
www.hicaliber.org/donate    PP: Hicaliberhorses@yahoo.com    

Could someone have a heart, and just go and get this boy? Gawd. He's so sad! Another abandoned senior!  My name is TRUMAN. I am a male, black and tan Rottweiler. The shelter staff think I am about 10 years old. I have been at the shelter since Jan 20, 2016.  City of Oshawa Animal Services.  D#A051002    If you can't adopt  Truman, could you please at least share him on Facebook and give him a fighting chance? Please  be his miracle. Cause that's what it's gonna take.

Hi my name is Milo.  I am an older boy who hasn't really been given a fair shake. See I have had a lot of homes, 5 that we know of.  Mostly because I behave like a hound, I can be loud when alone and I love food.  I will take food from anywhere, garbage, counters, peoples hands, wherever.  The people here have also just learned that I don't like to share.  Mostly with other animals but I have told people off on occasion.  So my new family needs to understand that I am possessive, I like my things and my food. Basically I want it all to be mine.  I do verbally correct well but I will need someone to follow through and teach me right from wrong.  I love to curl up in a bed and just be with my family.  I don`t mind other pets around but I should always be supervised.  I deserve a proper home, can you help me?  Contact Amber at Upper Credit Humane Society ( 519) 833-2287


Folks, it's horrid out there. Please take a moment call your local radio and TV news channels, and remind them to include animals in their extreme cold advisories.  A simple, "bring them in from the cold message", and a "caution to minimize exposure to the cold"- a NYC dog was found with his feet frozen to the ground yesterday. Just sayin'.

Please help protect farmed animals from barn fires (Thanks Colleen Perrin for posting): 

This can save a dog's life. I'm getting one!

Teach your children about trap-neuter-return (TNR)!

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya is reporting a high birth rate this year: 

This company (Tyson chicken factories) dumps more pollution into waterways each year than Exxon Mobile (thanks Farm Sanctuary for posting): 


Everyone loves Marineland. NOT This isn't a community event. But it does involve community.  It involves YOU and it it involves YOU sharing and it requires YOU not attending. The yellow line shows the parking lot around Marineland. The green dot shows the tanks where the marine mammals are kept. Sickening. Don't walk away. Share this. Please.


Our little Chason, the road warrior, has died.  " Chase" is pretty famous in Toronto rescue circles. He was only 8 years old, if I remember correctly, originally an Ohio dog. He landed in rescue here back in the Fall? I think, of 2010. Shortly thereafter, when being transferred to a foster home, he bolted and ran.  Then, he lead us on a very merry chase through Etobicoke for three full weeks over the Christmas period. Never has SUCH a large posse mounted to go looking for one little lost dog! I remember we had about 35 volunteers, searching around the clock. Finally, one afternoon, after MASSIVE campaigning in the community, we got a call that not only was there a sighting, but we may have found where he was holing up! Sure enough, we get out to this little house in Etobicoke, it's now gone dark, we've called his rescue mom and she's travelling in from out of town... there were about six of us rescuers there - and we blocked every inch of that yard so he couldn't get out.  Finally, the foster mom Jackie Parkin, arrived with some lucious treats, as SOON has he heard her voice, he started to move forward and come out from under the deck ...and we were able to grab him. Oh the relief and happiness of the entire team!  Chase went on to live very happily with Jackie, until he succumbed to cancer last week, at the age of eight. (I've long since forgotten the name of the wonderful couple who called him in, but I know you're on this newsletter, so if you read this, please accept our thanks once again for putting your shoulder to it that day and making the call.)

So here's Chase's legacy :  When we were done the search and Chase was safely back home with his rescuer (where he remained), a few of us put together a pretty comprehensive document  called the C4P Amber Alert for Lost Pets , outlining the best and most effective practices we discovered and used during the search.  In the in ensuing years, hundreds of people with lost dogs have received that package via email and on Facebook.  So Chase, you little road warrior you, well done boy. I know I can speak for every member of your rescue team, in saying that we all loved you very, very much. And we are indebted to you as well.  Thank you for your service Chase. RIP.

You can get a copy of the C4P Amber Alert for Lost Pets at the link below. If I could ask everyone to do one thing for Chase, it would be to please download this document to your desktops and/or bookmark it, and USE IT USE IT USE IT when you see a posting for lost pets. It's brought more than one dog safely home.  So don't just "like" a lost dog poster -- send the family this link: 


Another hallmark week with more successes for animals.  There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel that doesn't represent a train. Onward. m.