July 5, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Happy Birthday darling Koko.  I'm told your caregivers have planned a special visit tomorrow?  Enjoy yourself and the kitties girlie...


Storybook Primate Sanctuary once again safe, thanks to large donor: 

Humane Society International saves 400 dogs bound for Yulin Dog Meat Festival (amazing work HSI! we are all so grateful to you!) Key points to consider... a) it took them TWO days to talk the driver into surrendering the dogs b) it happened in a rural area FAR from Beijing, which means the advocacy message is moving beyond urban areas.

Quebec advocates are working real hard (22,000 signatures) to get the "no pets clause" removed from tenancy agreements to help end the abandonment of SO many pets in Quebec on moving days:

The story is not yet over for the vet who murdered Tiger. The most productive action at this time would be to contact the Texas Board of Veterinary Examiner's at: vet.board@veterinary.texas.gov.

Meet (some of) the compassionate Canadians giving their all to animal advocacy -- congrats all! 

Raju Anniversary! Amen! Happy anniversary honey!


Please help All Creatures Rescue with their fundraising campaign for Billy the wonder beagle! Billy was rescued from a puppy mill in 2012 when he came to All Creatures Rescue, and recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that appeared as a tumour in his bladder. The costs for Billy's diagnostic tests, surgery and ongoing care has exceeded $12,000 and continues to mount. All Creatures Rescue is an independent and 100% volunteer run animal rescue and foster operation based in Toronto, Ontario. Our focus is rodents, but we also help animals that have been abused or have special needs. With limited resources, the cost of Billy's care has depleted nearly all of our funds. Please contact us at  allcreaturesoutreach@gmail.com, or visit our fundraising campaign at:   http://igg.me/at/helpbilly    Thank you from Billy and his caregivers!




No way we want China to host the World Dog Show, not with their track record (Thanks Pam Hryskiw for posting): 

Could Canada be next to ban cosmetic testing on animals?  If can, if everyone signs! (Ed note: thanks HSI for your initiative.)


So there's a bear in your tree. Now what? Better late than never MNR! 

How to tell if the pavement is too hot for your dog:

C4P "Special Needs" Petsitting - go away with peace of mind! Call 905.726.2011 or email c4p@mediaintelligence.ca.  We'd love to hear about your special pet and his/her individual needs.  This is Princess (my monkey Prin), an insulin dependent bichon, watching over Lily, another bichon who is recovering from cruciate surgery... 






RIP Tama Cat, the "Eternal Stationmaster" - how lovely that she be so honoured:



Dear Universe: I truly hope I live long enough to see the Calgary Stampede transform into some useful celebratory mechanism that preserves its love of cowboy life and inherent monetary success, but that doesn't injure, freak out, and KILL animals.  

For the all the Stampede animals who are being used and abused this week, our hearts are with you.  We can only apologize for less evolved fellow humans. There is no excuse, really. We will NOT give up on you. m.