June 14, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Summer's in full swing...days are escaping almost faster than we can enjoy them!

If anyone has any concrete feedback from Manitoba Pork Council re: Mercy Pig update, or, any concrete feedback from MNR & York Regional Police re: young bear-cub that was killed, I know our network would be very interested to hear it... I'm aware several of you are consistently pursuing these two issues, and I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you for following up, and staying on it.  It's one thing to complain, it's quite another to see these issues through, however resolved or unresolved they may be...I know our network would welcome any updates on both issues...


Oh dear! Mind your hummingbirds, everyone!!! (thanks Colleen Perrin for posting):

New Zealand bans animals testing -- 5 years in the hoosegow! (thanks Judy Wilson for sending):



Lola is a 3 year old female BT, 20 lbs being fostered in Toronto . Her large dark eyes are in dramatic contrast to her white face, especially with the playful patch over her right eye. Coupled with her bat-like ears and soft fur coat, her Boston energy and endless charm, it's love at first sight for anyone meeting her. Lola is a very lovable, sweet, and playful companion. Extremely affectionate, she loves giving kisses, getting cuddled and held. She is content to remain on her own for up to 8 hours if needed (she is both house and wire crate trained).  Highly intelligent, Lola is polite and respectful indoors, and knows all her basic commands. She takes direction well and catches on quickly - especially when treats are involved. She rides well in the car. Lola is wary at first of large strange men, but then quickly warms up. She tends to get overly excited and act reactively towards other dogs on her walks, but her foster mom has been working to redirect her behaviour. She is also teaching an overly eager Lola that jumping on people is not polite, and that calmness is the best way to get attention.  Because Lola suffers from severe anxiety , she is currently on medication to reduce this anxiety and calm her. For her to thrive and grow, it is imperative that Lola be adopted into an adult-only home (no children or pets, please) with a securely fenced yard and loving and patient pet parents committed to providing her with the structure, routine and positive reinforcement she needs. For further information on Lola, please contact Margot Arsenault, Adoptions Coordinator  adoptions@bostonterrierrescuecanada.com
My name is Gadget and I was found running as a stray with my best friend Penny. We both have similar characteristics to a Schillerstovare Hound. We look a lot alike except I am bigger in size. Penny and I are extremely close and depend on each other for comfort and companionship. We like to do everything together, we even like to eat out of the same dish before moving on to the second bowl of food. We enjoy running outdoors and playing with toys. In our next home we would do best with a fully secure yard to avoid the risk of us escaping the property. I am a gentle natured dog who would benefit from some basic training to teach me that jumping up on people to show my affection is not the proper way to greet someone.    Gadget and Penny are a bonded pair and it would be heart breaking to have to adopt them out separately. We would love to see these two start the next phase of their lives together as a team. Both dogs will be fixed, vaccinated and microchipped prior to adoption. Unconditional Love X2.  Contact: Karin Pearcy aristodanes@sympatico.ca

Sign the petition to stop bear trophy hunting in Florida. Petitions work, folks, use 'em! 

Please sign David Suzuki's petition to ban neocotinoids across Canada and help save our bees!


How to remove a tick from your dog:







Wienerfest 2015!  On Saturday, June 20, 2015 you are invited to join 1000+ Dachshunds in Embro, Ontario for WienerfestFor further information please visit www.wienerfest.ca visit or contact us at info@wienerfest.com.




RIP Helwan, who died on the Belmont track last week. http://bit.ly/1KN52FS


For my fallen squirrels, I miss you all, m.