JUNE 28, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

I wonder what would happen if everyone in the world changed their ear worms to Amazing Grace? 


Pope Francis' unreserved embrace of animal protection (Thanks Leslie Cockwell for sending):   http://bit.ly/1SGvmGj

Last year, 400 MILLION less animals were killed thanks to those taking up the challenge to eat less meat:

Humans, please don't use human pain relief creams for pets- -they can be deadly (thanks Jan Paquete for posting): 

Ryan Gosling stepping up his game, for chickens! YAY! (Ed Note: have I told you lately Ryan, how much I love you?!?!?)

Sadly, the Vet gets away with murder.

Has everyone seen the 60 Minutes piece on Chaser Border Collie? 

Check out the Dognition Newsroom: 
https://www.dognition.com/newsroom#The-Smartest-Dog-in-the-World ...



Stray Beagle-Hound mix looking for a home: this older male (intact) dog 46 lbs came into our lives on Sat'dy June 13. He slipped in under the gate and looked hopefully towards the house. He was a bit shy at first, but came over when he saw I was a friend.  Vet visit advises he is/was under-nourished, suffering roundworms, ticks, and the abscess under his tail is likely a cancerous tumour. He appears to be deaf in both ears, and has a large sty in his eye but it doesn't appear to be an impediment. He is not leash trained, and likely not completely house broken, but after the first couple of nights he no longer soils the shed where he sleeps. He does bark when he sees us and wants us to visit, but is otherwise quiet. He is friendly, social, and good with other dogs/sheep/ducks. Chases cats. Off-leash, he puts his nose to the ground and starts off on a scent taking him on a run. Being deaf, he doesn't hear us calling him back, but he is friendly and easy to catch. Until we can find him a foster home, he spends his days tied on a long lead under a shady apple tree. He is very content to sleep most of the day. His appetite is starting to balance out to just two meals a day. He would do very well in a home (gentle children would be ok) with a securely fenced yard. He loves attention and pets, and mostly just wants company. Thanks for your help! Contact Ali or Leeshia: idyllwood@zoho.com

Mighty Mutts rescue are in GREAT need of martingles and leashes! We also need harnesses for small breeds. If you have any decent quality leashes (for large or small breeds, minimum 6') or used martingales/ harnesses please donate them to a dog in need!  ** No retractable leashes or flat collars please! ** We will accept donations at 2 locations: EGLINTON ANIMAL HOSPITAL 3435 Eglinton Ave., West, Unit #1, Mississauga, Ontario, L5M 7Z5 OR DUNDAS EAST ANIMAL HOSPITAL 966 Dundas Street, East, Mississauga, Ontario, L4Y 4H5 We will also accept: dog food (wet/dry) treats toys crates BABY GATES dog beds (any size)


A moment of gratitude for the internet + all multi-media platforms (esp Facebook), Change.org, Care2, etc., traditional & digital news, et al, for helping bring animal advocacy communities together, and for facilitating the sheer volume of change we are seeing in world-wide animal issues.  Very glad I'm living to see this day. Take heart everyone, there are more successes on the horizon ...


Have you met the Canadian Horse/Le cheval canadien?  Fighting to save Canada's National Horse -- thanks Toronto Star for writing, and ML Hammond for sending! 




Does everyone know about Solo Traveler?  Eco-tourism at its best! Colleen, shall we go? :)  http://bit.ly/1GE6RCC


Elizabeth Abbott's new book, Dogs and Underdogs: Finding Happiness At Both Ends of the Leash is about her life rescuing dogs, a journey that began in Haiti and took her to Mount Sinai Hospital, the concrete cell blocks of an American prison and the ruins of post-war Serbia. Every step of the way, other rescuers stepped up to help her, and Dogs and Underdogs is dedicated to "the tireless women and men of the rescue community who save, nurture, transport, and find homes for needy dogs, giving them that second chance that makes all the difference in the world.  (Ed Note: sincere congratulations Elizabeth, well done!)





Looking for ways to entertain kids or visitors this summer?  Look no further -- support our Ontario Sanctuaries -- they are waiting to welcome you, educate you, and show your kids a kinder world:



SPEAKING OF DOGS RESCUE  is pleased to announce our summer online auction being held from June 26 to July 4, 2015. Last year we helped over 150 dogs and so far this year we've helped over 90! Many of the dogs were seniors, others with special needs.  Thanks to our many generous supporters, there are over 130 items to bid on.  Some of the items include:  a hand-made quilt, custom pet portraits, Reiki sessions, golf clubs, collector hockey cards, Blue Jay's branded clothing, various household items, jewelry, lots of collectibles, and an assortment of pet-related items.  Come shop with us!  Simply go to http://auction.speakingofdogs.com to browse and place your bids knowing that you'll be helping us help as many dogs as possible find a second chance at love and life.  All funds raised go directly to veterinary costs and quality care.

Pilots N Paws Canada online auction ongoing to June 23rd! Support this amazing organization! http://PNPC2015.eflea.ca\





RIP Oliver Young:  Oliver left us all too soon. He'd been having some trouble, as geriatric dogs do, but crashed most unexpectedly and had to leave his family this week.  Oliver was one of those really really really special dogs. "Personality personified", as mother would say. If he was a human, you would categorize him as "self-actualized".  His mom and dad (Karen and Steve) gave him a life FULL of adventure and fun and oh-so-much love. There's nothing Oliver didn't experience or do. He had a brilliant time.  RIP dear Oliver. You were a ROCK STAR. We grieve your loss along with Karen and Steve. Their lives will be mightily devoid, because of your mighty, mighty presence. We'll see you on the bridge fella. 




For cousin Oliver, with great love. m.