January 10, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

January 10th already? How did that happen? Happy new year to you all!    We had some impressive gains in 2015, and some serious setbacks too -- here's a recap for the year:   CFHS "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" 2015:

I"m sure you've all heard about the rescue from the Hudson Valley backyard butcher last season. Farm Sanctuary NY, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, Catskills Farm Sanctuary (and Skylands Farm Sanctuary) are all seeing the birth of baby goats born to mommas rescued from that hellhole.  Each of these farms has pulled off the IMPOSSIBLE - taking numerous animals and now, dealing with new births. The baby goats are arriving -- please consider supporting them. 

Skylands Farm Sanctuary took a number of animals:

Raymond & Hailey born at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, NY -- could they BE any more precious? 

Caleb, whose dear mother Constance, died this week, at Farm Sanctuary, NY, and Momma Olive and baby Maggie, born at Christmas:

Edith and her beautiful baby Lillian, at Catskill Farm Sanctuary:

Please do all that you can to support these magnificent rescue ops, and precious rescues. 

And remember ...

Saw this on a Facebook thread - someone in Toronto is doing this and I thought it was a brilliant idea! Everyone get some chalk and take your advocacy outdoors (be polite of course...) 


The cow in the room. The conference is over of course, but this is one issue that didn't get any attention.  Our planet is horribly over-burdened. Any changes you can make, no matter how small, to reduce meat and dairy consumption will benefit future generations. Think about it. Please.


Abbeycats "Bring Us in From The Cold Campaign"  
Maverick  & his brother, 
Madison  have just arrived from the cold, and given what they've been through their lucky foster home can't believe how quickly they're adjusting. They have been through alot during their short lives, but in spite of this they clearly love people and are trying every day to overcome their fears, and connect to the people around them. Every day they are becoming more affectionate. They are quiet and very chill, and LOVE head rubs. They are the most stunning cats their foster mom has ever seen! They do well around other cats (and have quickly won over the resident cat). They are a bit timid around dogs, but are doing great with the resident German Shep. Their foster family is falling in love with them quickly, and they melt the hearts of anyone who meets them. They would love to find a home together. They have clearly been through some hardships, and tend to reassure each other in times of stress that humans are not so bad after all! They are a most stunning pair, and will make some family out there one lucky bunch! *Special rate for bonded pair.   abbeycats.org  Toronto   Contact: 416 284 2140


This beautiful German Shepherd mix is 10 year old Madison.  She was given up to the shelter just before Christmas when her long-time family could no longer care for her financially.  "Maddy" is a sweet girl and is gentle in nature.  She is housetrained, quiet and well-mannered in the home; she can be left alone without barking or destructive chewing.  She loves going for walks preferring leashed outings to the young energy of a dog park.  She is good with people, other dogs and her previous home had cats.  Maddy enjoys going for road trips and is an excellent traveller.  She is in good health other than some weakness in her hips/hind end.  She would not be a match for someone with very steep stairs but her foster home has 5 steps up which Maddy does very well without any struggling.  She is spayed, up-to-date with vaccines, bloodwork indicates no liver, kidney or thyroid issues and she has been microchipped.  If you are interested in this gem please call Lorraine at 416-444-4190 or visit  www.speakingofdogs.com for more information  
click here to see Madison's photo:   Madison


Encourage the City of Surrey to ban animals left out in the cold:

Demand Zimbabwe to stop exporting young elephants to China (thanks Colleen Perrin for posting):

Help us shut down the African Animal Trophy Hunting conference in Saskatoon, Jan.23rd! 



Ladies, just say no to Premarin: 





RIP my little man Shadow. Shadow was a special needs petsitting client, whose guardians, Jim and Kathy, brought him to me for petsitting this last year. He visited here twice, for long-stays.  He was a lovely little fellow, who would push his treat ball around the kitchen floor for hours. At 15 yrs, he had amazing stamina, and QUITE the personality! He was fierce in his determination and very much set in his ways. He didn't like being here, because it wasn't "home" but he adjusted like a pro. Rest in peace little one. So glad your family shared you with me.



And of course, we lost  Officer Viscount   through the holidays.  He was a Percheron cross, standing 17 hands high. He served on the Metro Toronto Mounted Unit force for 14 full years.  At only 18 years of age, something went really wrong internally and they made the collective decision to say goodbye to their brother in arms early in the new year.  I knew this boy personally. He was a fine, fine horse, a mentor to younger horses and a friend to all the officers.  RIP sweet boy. We will all miss seeing you on the city streets. Thank you for your service Viscount. 


So here we are, another year, another opportunity to put our best feet forward, and advocate strongly and smartly. The Rescue and Save Movement(s) are stronger than ever. Be strong, proud, and active, and most of all, be inspiring to others--be the role model that others look to, for the betterment of all.

For the precious livestock stranded on that ship, all 13,000 of you, I'm begging the universe and the world to send you help. Another reason to think about the cow in the room folks.  

Onward. m.