January 24, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Another excruciating week in the world. Joy. Pain. It never stops....


Animal Justice   (.ca)  just launched 68 animal cruelty billboards in Toronto and Vancouver that will garner 52 million views over the next month. Visit 
www.AnimalCharter.ca  to learn more!

Check out Humane Society International's impressive list of 2015 accomplishments (which many of you were directly responsible for, yay YOU!): 

Animal Defence (.ca) advises agriculture department's new chief of staff, has ties to the Agriculture industry -- conflict of interest much?  People, write some letters!! 

Here we go again. Please support "Save Alberta Wildies" in their quest to stop the upcoming cull of wild horses:

OK, some half-decent news on carriage horses in NYC. It's not ideal, but the numbers of horses are at least reduced, as well as the risk to them... (thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting):

Groups taking BC to court over wolf cull:

Did everyone hear about Freddy, who ran for his life this week in NYC? Skylands Farm Sanctuary, with the support of hundreds of online activists, pulled off a miracle for this boy -- and they will need ongoing $ for his support!   https://www.facebook.com/SkylandsSanctuary.org/?fref=ts
Happy ever after Freddy!


Please help the little ones:


I am trying to look for a temporary foster 1-2 months for a dog named 
Jules whose owner is not well and has to go into hospital. She may end up rehoming the dog if she can no longer care for her. I met the dog - she is very sweet. A little Jackpoo. Okay with other dogs (best to feed separate), not good with cats - likes to chase small animals. Good with kids. She is good on leash and very cute.  Do you know anyone that could help? She is quiet indoors. It is urgent - the owner hurt her arm and need to go in for care. We are walking the dog for now. Wondering if you might know anyone that could help. Thanks!  Lu-Anne DaCosta  647-936-0409 (cell)   luannedacosta@yahoo.ca

Barnaby i s a big, loveable fellow who is 12 years young and in good health. Sadly, Barnaby's owner recently passed away and he has no where to go. He is in a foster home but it is not ideal and he needs a place of his own to call home. He is a very sweet, gentle cat who is a little shy at first but will soon be chatting and cuddling it up with you and yours.      Lu-Anne DaCosta   luannedacosta@yahoo.ca 647-936-0409

Denver is an 11 year old spayed female German Shepherd.  Whatever happened in her previous life, it resulted in her being abandoned in the York Regional Forest some years ago. Staff at the local animal shelter believed that her time was limited, but SOAR stepped up and took Denver into their care - seeing to her medical needs, and placing her in a boarding facility until a foster or forever home was found.  Since that time she's remained tumour-free and recently had her annual health check which covered an exam, bloodwork and hip X-rays. Despite efforts made, Denver has been in the boarding kennel for over 2 years!  It's time Denver went home!  As of January 2016, Speaking of Dogs Rescue has taken over ownership and care of this gentle girl (as SOAR has ceased to operate).    About Denver: Her needs are simple: she likes on-leash walks and a securely fenced yard to relax in.  She likes routine. She loves to stretch out on a giant cushion or on the sofa and lounge!  Denver is good with other dogs (she is totally non-confrontational) and well behaved in the house.  She is a good listener, and not a big barker.  She loves to run with dogs at the boarding kennel. She tends to bunny-hop when she runs but x-rays show her hips are in fact quite good - muscle mass, not so much. Denver is a sweet, kind and deserving dog who is still a bit timid and anxious around strangers. She lies quietly and allows new people to stroke her but sometimes shows her anxiety - she's a pooper!  Once someone becomes a part of her life this nervous behaviour stops (getting her outside for bathroom relief before having new people arrive or having them meet her outside are good proactive strategies); she often poops in her sleep and sometimes as she is walking but can be easily cleaned up.  Denver is on Metacam and Gabapentin to help her comfort and mobility issues. Contact Lorraine, info@speakingofdogs.com

Check this stunning girl out here:

Dear little Blackie is an older (9ish) girl with lots of life in her.  She was given away by the family that she grew up with all her life -- but does not let that get her down. She has been in foster since last summer. She is a happy girl who gets along with other dogs and cats.  She is very friendly and gentle with people.  Blackie grew up in a family with children, so she is very used to having kids around, although she is not a young dog to romp and play with kids, she is happy to have them around. Blackie is very house mannerly and does not get into any mischief when left alone. She is quiet and does not bark.  The only times I have even heard her bark is about 3 times when on our walks she joined in barking with my dog who barked at another dog. I don't even think she new why she was barking, she just seemed to like to join in with my dog LOL!!!  Blackie is a bit overweight, she is reducing and needs to have at least 2 walks a day, she greatly enjoys the off leash park and swimming in the river. Blackie is the best dog I have ever fostered, she is a great companion and would do very well in a quiet low energy home with retired folks or work from home folks. Blackie loves to be with her person/people but is ok when left alone.  She has a bit of trouble doing stairs, so a home without too many stairs would be great. If you can help give dear Blackie a permanent, loving, forever home of her dreams, pls contact: Donna Power, dpduckca@yahoo.ca, 905.767.7863


Anyone gearing up mentally for the Calgary Stampede yet?  If we amass early, we'd have time to put together a comprehensive plan.  Anyone interested, please contact me.

Attention any rescue groups who have "hoodie" or "baseball cap" merchandise -- Before the holidays, we advised that we're in production on the
RescueDiaries - a YouTube internet video series showcasing animal advocacy and animal rescue best practices. We're looking for product to wear on camera that promotes animal groups. If anyone wants to donate a hoodie or ball cap to the cause, please, take advantage of the free publicity for your rescue! Contact me directly:  c4p@mediaintelligence.ca 


Cecil's Revenge: check out the new US laws for importation of "trophies" (read: corpses); see what holes remain and learn how to advocate against this:  

Everything is wrong with carriage horses on the street -- thanks the Dodo for publishing!  https://www.thedodo.com/carriage-horses-new-york-1561590777.html




Rest in peace Sally Sheep (who, for the longest time, thought she was a goat). We're all going to miss you, beautiful girl. 

For our beautiful girl Sally, and the humans she leaves behind, with great love. m.