July 19, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Farm animals. With more and more of the truth coming out about animal abuse in factory farming, and the horrific realities of slaughter, we MUST do better for farm animals. In the events section below, you will see Holy's Hope Third Annual Walk for Ontario Farm Sanctuaries.  PLEASE, please participate. Put a few dollars behind the "walkers" and help our sanctuaries deal with the un-ending flow of farm animals needing safety in this country. As our population turns ever more plant based, there will only be MORE animals needing to get to safety. Please, come out and/or support the teams walking in Holy's Hope. Our existing sanctuaries are stretched beyond belief -- they need every ounce of support you can give them. See you next Sunday, hopefully, at the walk. Or, visit the website: holyshopeforanimalsinneed.com and support a team that's walking. 


New PEI Animal Act helpful, but not "there yet" - Thanks Camille Labchuk for your excellent commentary and for holding more legislators accountable! 

Brad Pitt & Bill Maher speak up against Costco for their treatment of hens:

Fantastic news and hard-won victory for Barbara Lapointe and the animals!  http://chn.ge/1fapiHi


Readers, in case it hasn't occurred to you, these images are posted weekly in the hope that you, the reader, will use them in your personal email signatures, to help extend advocacy efforts and education across your families and friends. Please use them - visuals like this are HIGHLY effective in getting the message across...
If we only keep them within advocacy circles, we are just preaching to the converted... we really need these issues to go mainstream.



Is your home and heart ready for a whole lotta rat love?! Meet Oshen, Aspen, Sakura, and Ivy. Please don't even read this if you aren't ready for tons of adventures. They love to chase one another, play hide-and-seek, and perch on the shoulders of their human caretakers when it's time for a treat. Ivy is gentle and shy but will always come out to pose for pictures when she sees the camera. Oshen loves to give kisses to her sisters and human caretakers. Aspen is curious and likes to explore new places, and Sakura makes sure that the others don't get into too much trouble. These girls are very cuddly! They're expert nest constructors and will need someone who can provide them with things like hammocks, cardboard boxes, blankets, and newspaper. They would do best in a home without other animals, and with no kids or kids 13 years+. They're bonded and should be adopted together! They've been in foster for way too long, and are ready to meet their forever family. Email us allcreaturesoutreach@gmail.com to adopt them!




Click here to help ban circuses from using animals:

Ask Bell Canada to stop sponsoring the Calgary Stampede (thanks Karen Piercy for posting):  http://bit.ly/1Sh8g7a






Rest in peace, dearest darling Prince.  Such a fine boy. 


You can also check out the C4P Animal Rescue blog at www.c4panimalrescue.ca, where you can hear more about Prince's story. Scroll down to the blog post on the goats. 

Thanks to all who wrote in with constructive ideas for change re: Calgary Stampede.  
Please take a moment to support our Ontario farm sanctuaries, and their animals. Next Sunday. Be there. m.