July 24, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

You know all those animal posts you see on Facebook, and in online articles, showing anything from marine parks to starving horses to dogs dumped on rural roads ... and then you see the heartfelt but reactionary comments like "disgusting", or, "how can people do this?" Suggestion: when you see those "reactionary" comments, why not reply to each and every one you can, with this:   
Here's how YOU can help take a moment to move from reactive to pro-active, by clicking here to help Modernizing Animal Protections Act:   http://g.ifaw.org/293Sql6
Complaining/simply commenting does not help. Giving people action steps to follow, does help. So please do it. Challenge your peeps to move from post traumatic stress, to post traumatic growth by giving people an action item that will have positive results. 

Note to all: I won't be publishing the newsletter next weekend, but will be publishing in HuffPo Canada on Bill C-246!


 ... If they have no feathers, put them back in the tree. If they are fully feathered, they are fledging, and need to remain on the ground. Mom and Dad will take care of them; let nature take its' course. 


Record heat in Ontario, and still the trucks keep rolling with heat-exhausted, dehydrated, frightened animals. Please do you part by signing E-355.

Demand dolphins not be brought back to Bayworld:


Record-breaking temperatures continuing,
please circulate these notices liberally on social media, and let's try to keep even ONE pet from experiencing pavement burn, or worse, heat stroke, and possible death.  ... and everyone, keep an eye out for pets in cars! Be vigilant! Take that extra minute to glance at the cars around you in malls, parking lots, etc, and take another minute to
put out water for wildlife. (Thanks Jules for posting!)

Does everyone know about www.letterstopushkin.com?  It's the most wonderful site, where you can post letters to pets you've lost. Amazingly cathartic, it gives pet owners a chance to talk once again 
to  their pets, instead of talking 
about their deceased pets (that's if people actually let you talk about your dead pets, which is a whole other story).  I was just on the site today, as I'd recommended it to another of our rescue colleagues who experienced loss recently, and discovered that the woman who established the website has actually written a book about her experience losing Pushkin.  Take a moment to check the site out. While you're at it, browse through the photos of darling little Pushkin. He was clearly loved beyond words.

Post these comments:  Here's how YOU can help take a moment to move from reactive to pro-active, by clicking here to help Modernizing Animal Protections Act:

A total WIN for Sheldon Pig and his family!

Holly's Hope Annual Fundraiser for farm animals:


Coming soon, a great new segment on turtles, and a new visit with Dr. Faith Banks, DVM, on pet loss and grief. Stay tuned! Subscribe here to RescueDiaries:

...Some huge losses this summer ... RIP Cousin Jasper...Sue Coules, advocate extraordinaire, lost her dear little friend Jasper AKA Snuggle Bear, this seasonJasper, was an achingly sweet, true card-carrying member of Sue's family.  He came from Tiny Paws Dog Rescue Canada in 2011, and passed away age 16+. What a darling little fellow. Rest in peace Jasper. I wish I could have met you -- that look is so wise, so clear, so you-in-your-dogness. 

RIP Gambit Cat and Bryn Rat -- our dear friend Colleen Perrin and her partner suffered a horrible house fire last week, in which they lost Gambit and Bryn. All the other pets and humans made it out safe. We can only imagine the trauma of such an event. Unpredictable and inexplicable -- a devastating loss. My heart truly goes out to Colleen and her family. While they are getting a lot of support, it doesn't make up for the horrible loss, and incredible, life changing event...

Have a great week all, and keep pushing C-246! Next newsletter August 7th. Watch the Huffington Post next weekend for more editorial on C-246 ... and please continue to share the info, this Bill needs as much help and exposure as it can get! m.