July 26, 2015 Newsletter

Dear animal lovers, animal advocates, animal rescuers, animal activists:

Hello readers! Just a quick note, next Sunday C4P Animal Rescue will not be publishing...a little holiday is in store!


Wow. Has everyone heard about VETPAWS? This is one smart, dedicated gal and she means business:  

Calgary Zoo adopts new procedures - Zoocheck "cautiously optimistic":



NIKKI - faster than a speeding black little bullet, that's me! Only 5yrs  young, I'm a terrier mix spayed girl who acts like a pup; plays some serious ball; knows the housetraining drill; has a fun sense of humour and would love a warm lap to curl up in. I'm a smart little cookie whose unsure of strangers; so I bark a lot. It doesn't show very well and people go right by me, but if they only knew what I'm really like! Once I  know I won't be harmed, I'm your bestest little buddy ever! I have fairly good manners, will sit/wait and dance when I'm excited. My bum wiggles never stop and neither does my smile once we're friends. I'm a bit saucy, but it's all part of my personality! I would be happiest with older children and cats, but no dogs please. I like being the only pup. I love the pool and getting bellyrubs, what more could you ask for?  Stratford Perth Humane Society, 345 Douro Street, Stratford ON, Phone 519-273-6600, website:  www.sphumane.com or email info@sphumane.com



PANDORA - a true gem in every way, I'm surprised I'm still waiting. Within my shiny brindle coat is an amazing cane corso girlie-girl whose bum-wiggles, kisses with slobbers and drools are guaranteed to melt anyone's heart. I'm a 4yr old spayed lady looking for love. I get along with everyone I meet and am the biggest cuddlebug ever! A good roll in the lush grass with bellyrubs is my "thing" that makes everyone laugh! I play gently and am quiet for the most part, except when the other dogs are fussing. I'm a great catch, but given my size, I'm a very strong girl. I will sit/wait/down, am housetrained and will take my treats gently. I'm loving and affectionate to those peeps I know, and I would be best being the only dog in the household. I'm also used to kids and would be happy to meet them. I just need someone to love me for who I am.  Stratford Perth Humane Society, 345 Douro Street, Stratford ON, Phone 519-273-6600, website: www.sphumane.com or email info@sphumane.com



URGENT -- Hi, My name is Darwin and I have been at the shelter since May 3rd. I am about 1.5 yrs old.  I am very smart and extremely playful.  I will make you laugh everyday with my goofy personality.  I have bonded very much to a few of the staff members here who take me out regularly and they can do anything they want to me.   I have done well being kennelled all this time but I am starting to get agitated and frustrated.  I am now piercing stainless steel bowls with my teeth because I am so bored.  We do not have volunteers here so some days I don't even get outside at all.  Now that's it's the middle of summer the staff here have limited time and are very busy.  I absolutely love the sprinkler and can play with it for hours!  The staff here have some video of me (if you want to see it).  I love chasing a ball and bringing it back to you to throw it all over again and like to walk around just chewing/holding a ball in my mouth. I can entertain myself by throwing toys up in the air over and over.  My recall is awesome now and I will do anything for a treat!  I know my basic commands (sit, shake paw).  I like to play hide and go seek too!  I will always find you! :) I am ok with some men but for some reason I don't like certain men and the staff don't know what triggers me to jump up and or lunge out at them. Same goes for dogs. I want to like everyone but if another dog comes at me....game on.  I will stand my ground. But if the other dog doesn't start anything first, I am ok with them. I am so young -- I just need someone who has breed knowledge and patience to help me get over these little hurtles.  Please, time is out for me and it's becoming unfair to me keep me here.  If you can help me please, please e-mail the staff at the shelter at animalrescue@hamilton.ca



URGENT -- Hi!  My name is Beasley.  I have been at the shelter since June 2 .  I came in as a stray so the staff here do not know anything about me or what kind of life I had.  I am a character and will love you when I trust you.  It didn't take very long for me to love a few of the staff here who play with me regularly.  The staff here can no longer give me any blankets to lay on because I am so frustrated that I tear them up when they give them to me.   I am extremely playful and love to play fetch. I trade off with toys very nicely. I also love to chew the ball (while running around) and I usually tend to split the tennis balls. I also like the little pool to cool off in.  I will fetch anything out of there.  I tend to quickly act out rudely when being introduced to other dogs.  I tend to jump up at and pace back and forth at the fence all the while barking at them.  I will require someone with experience to help train me to act in an appropriate  manner. I love treats and will do anything for them!  Training shouldn't be that bad since I am motivated by food to do almost anything.  If there is anyone out there who can help me, please e-mail the shelter staff at  animalrescue@hamilton.ca  ASAP.  Time is running out for me, thank you!





Sweet little Sadie was found as a wee kitten in a Toronto parking lot on a steamy July day in 2014. At first her rescuer thought she was dead because she was unresponsive. He rushed her to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic, where the diagnosis was 'dehydration' and 'severe parasite infestation' - including maggots!   By some miracle (and the good care of the clinic staff!) she survived. Now thriving, Sadie seeks a human/humans to call her own - ALL her own: she'd do best in a home where she is the undisputed queen. Sadie is spayed and utd on shots. If you'd like more information about this sweetheart, please contact Ian at 
ian.h.purdy@gmail.com  Photo 1 shows Sadie soon after rescue in August 2014  Photo 2 is a recent photo of Sadie






5 signs your dog is overheating (thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting): 

Have you met Toronto's newest little mascot?
Thanks to Toronto's Finest for being sensitive and respectful to the little one: 



Holly's Hope TODAY!!!  PLEASE come out and support our Ontario farm animals. Every sanctuary is struggling and the farm animals need YOUR help!!!



Check out this fantastic 6 min video on two dolphins being released to the wild (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting):  



RIP dear Iringa Elephant, at Performing Animal Welfare Society in CA this week. Imagine the happiness she must have experienced in her last year of life, being taken in by this magnificent organization, given a beautiful new habitat with all kinds of enrichment, love, good food, special medical care and new, highly experienced "elephant humans".  We're so sorry to lose you Iringa, and so glad we knew you -- rest girl, heaven knows you've earned it.  http://tinyurl.com/oj5hl65


For all the precious animals, m.