July 10, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Please be sure to click on the link at the end of my article. It is the BEST way you can possibly help animals in this country. Very grateful to all for shares...


Muslim woman defies bullies to care for "unclean" stray animals:

Landmark ruling in Oregon!

Pres. Obama joins the fight for pit-bulls!

Quebec City steps back from banning Pit-Bulls. (thanks Kimberley Ford for sending):   http://bit.ly/29jbnBP



These bonded brothers are in dire need of a permanent home! Clarence and Perkins were found living in a shed north of Toronto. Shortly after being discovered, they were evicted from that shed, with no place to go in the winter. We were lucky to get them in to a temporary foster, and they were very thankful to climb into the transport kennel with warm blankets and food.  Sadly, they are about to be evicted again and are looking for a new place to call home.  The brothers were born Sept.10.12: Clarence (a majestic medium-haired orange and white tabby) is a sweet boy once he gets to know you, but he's still very shy and nervous around new people. Once He's sure that you mean him no harm, he enjoys being petted. Perkins (a regal short haired orange and white tabby) loves to be petted and will even roll over to have his tummy rubbed.  These brothers are very bonded and must be adopted together. They have been each other's only source of comfort throughout their short lines. With time, patience and the right environment, Clarence and Perkins have the potential to be loving companions. Please visit www.abbeycats.org, or call 416.284.2140 if you can help us find these two lads a new home.

Read about the special needs of Brachycephalic dogs! (thanks Denise Joyce for posting): 


This is the most ingenious piece of tech I've seen yet! Try it, you'll like it! 

36 hours in a hot (or freezing) truck, with no water, food, or rest. Terrified.
Oh Canada.
 Want to be part of the solution? Please sign here (thanks Anne Griffin for championing):


Has everyone heard about Angus? The future is here:

Eva McDowell reported on Facebook recently:  ... so proud of what Georgina Feral Cat Committee have accomplished - 72 cats in 10 months - off the streets - almost all in forever homes (thanks to the rescues who have worked with us) and only 6 returned. It's actions like this that make ALL the difference! Well done team Georgina!

Nine things not to have in your garden if you have pets! (Thanks Juli Kaiss for sending):  http://bit.ly/29th11b


What's the difference between the Rescue and Save Movements? Do you know? Check out RescueDiaries, which focuses this week on the Worldwide Save Movement ... started in Toronto by our very own Anita Krajnc. The basic premise is "bearing witness" and applying the golden rule to farm animals. 

Anita Krajnc turned a moment of despair into a moment of brilliance while witnessing slaughter trucks driving through her hood. She decided to start weekly vigils for activists to bear witness on behalf of the animals. 5 short years later, Toronto Pig Save has morphed into the Save Movement, which has now gone international!  Anita shows us how compassion, coupled with community building, can, and does, change the world. Meet the new faces of modern activism starting with PhD Student Tayler Staneff, followed by Anita Krajnc, Founder & Leader of http://www.torontopigsave.org

Next week, we visit with two fabulous fellows from Manchester Pig Save. I was blown away by Brad's comments about how his family dealt with Christmas dinner...or not... http://thesavemovement.org

As for the Rescue Movement, dear readers, YOU, are IT.  We're winning, make no mistake. We're at the tipping point that I alluded to in 2012. Four short years later, we are here. 

For Arturo. My heart is as heavy as his was. m.