July 17, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Boy, did I mean it when I said I was going to spend my summer working on Bill C-246!  Have you checked in with your MP yet? If you haven't, I daresay as an animal advocate, you're a bit remiss!  We simply cannot do without your help. This is the ONE change we need. One simple change, 17 years. Is that so much to ask? Come ON! Click here, it takes 3 minutes! for the animals! please! It's Sunday, you've got the time, please do it! 


Leo does it again! Gawd he's amazing!

PEI Monks buy 600 lbs of lobster and return them to the ocean! (Thanks Juli Kaiss for posting): 


A stampede is a sudden, panicked rush of terrified animals, not a sport.


This vulnerable little soul needs a home:  Jewel in Perth, ON Animal ID : 32134197  Chihuahua, Short Coat / Mix   Age : 4 years 6 months  Female   Spayed/Neutered : Yes   Marshall's Dog Rescue   (613) 464-0451   Website  https://marshallsdogrescue.com/     Email : marshallsdogrescue@gmail.com

Durham region seems to have a LOT of cats ... please cross post these darlings and help them get some traction! 


Bill C-246:   A friend and I are asking residents in Bill Blair's riding to sign our petition asking him to vote favorably for C-246. We canvas weeknights 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. which seems to be the best time (after dinner and before putting the kids to bed). More canvassers are desperately needed. If you know of   any individuals in the Bluffs area who could volunteer,  it would be greatly appreciated.  Contact Arial Lang: ariellang@yahoo.ca  (Ed Note:  getting Bill Blair to vote favourably for C-246 is PARAMOUNT. Please Scarborough/Bluffs area readers, please take time to join in and help by requesting a meeting or volunteering to canvas! We need every single person we can get - we need to fight for animals in Canada.)

Suffering Eyes Project advises:  H ave you heard about the government's plans to reinstate prison farms? What strings do you think we'd have to pull to convince them to model the farms as sanctuaries? Seems like a HUGE opportunity to save animals while actually teaching compassion. True mutual rehabilitation. What do we teach prisoners when they're raising animals to be slaughtered? Readers, click here to fill out the survey and lend your thoughts to this process.   http://www.csc-scc.gc.ca/consult/index-en.shtml

Ask the CBC to stop broadcasting animal abuse at the Calgary Stampede already!:

Please sign the petition to send the Bowmanville animals to SANCTUARY (thanks Dana Margolis for posting):

Camille Labchuk provided the following supportive document regarding arguments for and against Bill C-246.  Please click and print, and have it handy for your convo with your MP  here:

Montreal Park Uses Sheep for Landscaping Duties:

Tel Aviv invites dogs to a screening of "The Secret Life of Pets"! So civilized! (thanks Ruth Silny for posting):

Millennials to the rescue!  The Save Movement is growing internationally! Meet two founding members of  Manchester Pig Save, and hear the powerful statements they make regarding farmed animals. They're lighthearted, common-sensical, brilliantly honest and articulate about why they cannot suffer the suffering of farmed animals. Not less than four new Save groups have formed in England already, as more and more of the next generation step up and speak out for the voiceless. To subscribe to our channel, click on the subscription button bottom right of YouTube banner page, and/or on the links shown at the end of the video.

I honestly can't say enough about the next Gen and what they are taking on worldwide.  Boomers, start thinking about succession plans for your rescue ops and also, start thinking about sharing your knowledge of rescue with others who don't have the same amount of experience as you. If we all did this, we'd be guaranteeing a humane next Gen.