June 5, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Everyone's ripping their hair out about Harambe this week -- and well we might. It has caused a LOT of dialogue regarding the use of animals in entertainment.  Anna Pippus wrote a fabulous article in the Globe and Mail about this. 

A Death in the Family -- deeper insight into the after-effects of Harambe kill:

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson's blog:

..."Point being though the dialogue should be about the fact that Harambe shouldn't have been there at all, and same goes for the child. It's all a tragedy and a disgrace, regardless of Harambe's kindness or his intent, and at the very least I hope this tragedy offers yet another sobering look at the trouble with zoos and initiates real discussion and legislative change regarding zoo reform. Harambe should not have been there." Jo-Anne McArthur

..."The point that seems to be missed here is that there are over 7 BILLION humans on the planet and less than 1000 lowland gorillas. One life is NOT more important than another. The child's parents should be charged with neglect and reckless endangerment. They should also be charged with the death of this primate. The zoo should be held accountable for having an unsafe space that a child could slip into. NEITHER life should have been put at risk." Liz Harvey

..."We are seeing language in transition, as our attitudes towards members of other species are also in transition."  Karen Dawn


Awesome new laws Luxembourg is putting into place for animals! 

Have you all heard the story of LobbyJoe Lobster? (thanks Karin Piercey for sending -- so heartwarming!): 

More evidence of change - Rebecca Ledger, Animal Behaviourist, challenging BC Courts on emotional conditions of abused animals:



Speaking of Dogs Rescue is desperately looking for a foster or forever home for Clifford, the big brown dog.  This is sweet Clifford who is so gentle and kind but also very shy.  Clifford needs another dog to live with as he lived in a barn with 21 other dogs.  He came from hoarding situation.   He loves other dogs and will follow them on a walk; he is good in the car; the tip of his tail wags if he is familiar with the person.  He's currently with a SoD supporter who boards dogs and she said he's coming out of his shell, slowly but surely.  He needs a house with a yard, not an apartment because he would be scared of all the action of people and the elevator.  He is 8 years old; neutered and fully vetted.  Cliff is one of the kindest dogs and he needs someone special to share his new life with.   If you are interested in meeting Clifford, please email Lorraine at  Lorraine@speakingofdogs.com


Justice for Harambe:


Support Mercy for Animals Canada and sign the petition to get The Keg to stop using eggs from hens crammed into cages:  http://chn.ge/1Xb9wA9

Why is a convicted poacher on the board of the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association? (Thanks Vancouver Humane Society for publishing this, thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting): Readers, there is an email address at the end of the article. Would be GREAT if you could support VHS and lend your voice to this




In 2011, a number of local cat rescues were invited by the City of Toronto to join the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition, to build a Trap/Neuter/Return program for the City's feral cats.  Since then, spearheaded by Toronto Street Catsvolunteers and veterinary professionals, together with trappers from all over the region, gather at the Toronto Humane Society facility to spay and neuter anywhere from 40-60 feral cats, one evening per month. This group of dedicated volunteers now manages the 400+ cat colonies in the city. This video showcases the prep and post surgery work, that has resulted in the Coalition's successful spaying and neutering of 4000+ cats in five short years. Incredible progress - well done all! 

If you want to keep up with RescueDiaries, please subscribe - It doesn't cost $, and you won't get any emails. You WILL however, see some extremely powerful stories about members of our collective community, and the good works that are being effected on all animals, 24/7 in this province (and beyond!) 

Readers, thanks for the dozen messages last week regarding your efforts to contact your MPs.  I appreciate it deeply.  Who else has contacted their MP?  Who else wants briefing notes?  PLEASE DO THIS. 13 failed attempts in 16 years. It is up to US. We have to build momentum for Bill C-246.  Who's in? We have over 4,000 advocates reading this newsletter and our Facebook page.  We need you ALL to contact your MP. If MPs don't hear from you, they're not going to care. We need to help them understand why they should. Changing the laws is up to US.
Thank you all. We're making staggering progress on many fronts. Let's go with Bill C-246.  m.