June 19, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

A little housekeeping...I will be taking the July, August, and September long-weekends off publishing. Well, not really. Off the newsletter, so I can write pieces on Bill C-246 for the Huffington Post...ya know?

Here's what you and your MP need to know about Bill C-246, "Modernizing the Animal Protections Act":

1.  Unless YOU AND YOUR MP do something CONCRETE about it, nothing is going to change.

2. The Bill asks for a) banning shark finning in Canada; b) banning the importation of dog and cat fur to Canada; and most important c): animal cruelty offences are currently located in the "property offences" section of the Criminal Code. C-246 moves animal cruelty crimes to a new section of the Code called "Offences against animals". This does NOT change animals' legal status as property, but rather is a recognition of the widespread view that animals deserve protections regardless of whose property they happen to be. The changes proposed will not affect animal agriculture, hunting and fishing, nor their livelihoods, as critics falsely claim. The changes proposed target cases of blatant animal abuse and neglect (thank you Animal Alliance of Canada, et al.)   (Ed note to animal use industries: what EXACTLY are you afraid of, unless you're actually abusing or neglecting your animals, hm??? if you're neglecting or abusing your animals, you SHOULD BE charged. If you're not, you don't really have anything to worry about, right???)

3. Last week, "Cabinet" issued a directive (directive might be the wrong word, but close enough) for all MPs to vote this legislation down. So the Bill is in peril.

4. What is required is that you book a meeting with your MP, sit down eye to eye, and explain the above:
a) Ask your MP outright if they will support the Bill and vote positively.
b) Ask your MP if they will commit to actually showing up for the vote, because they don't always.  
c) Finally, ask your MP OUTRIGHT if any of their constituents are pressuring them to vote no, esp if constituents are animal-use industry people. If getting voted back into office depends on animal-use industry folk in their constituency, you can bet they will have a self-interest in voting no. Bring this up with them!  And re-iterate point two above. There is no argument.

The vote is September 10th.  Everyone on this newsletter has plenty of time to call their MP and book a meeting. Keep signing petitions, keep emailing, but if you stop there, and neglect to have the above face to face chat with your MP, we're dead in the water.  And we can thank ourselves. 

Thanks to the couple of dozen to date, who are booking meetings. Everyone else please get onboard. Bill C-246 is mission critical right now. 

p.s. See advocacy alert below re: Tuesday June 21st Bill C-246 Thunderclap. And rescuers, advocates, for heavens' sakes, SHARE! We simply cannot do this without YOU.


Andy Parent of Big Sky Ranch in Kemptville is facing major surgery June 21st. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts this week. This man has saved thousands of animals in the last 14 years. Anyone who knows Andy loves him, as I do, and I hope you will all join me in sending him strength and love:  http://bit.ly/1YsVKYJ

Now, this is pro-activism! Hats off to those involved in creating the Niagara Falls Transit Anti-Captivity Bus! 

National Aquarium to move dolphins to sea refuge (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting:

If you haven't ever attended the annual Toronto March to Close All Slaughterhouses, you will want to check out this video. It is the MOST powerful event I've ever been to. Don't worry, nothing gorry here...

(Ed Note: videographers did not tape the part when everyone lies down on the ground, and an audio tape of animals being slaughtered is played to live audiences. The animals' screams are unbearable. Please consider eating less meat, or better still, going veggie or vegan. If you turn your head away, you remain part of the problem.)



Bonded Pair - Panda & Smartie, Mini Poodles,  8 years/16 lbs and 6 years/15 lbs.  Both female, spayed. Kismutt Rescue Facility - 10 min. South St. Marys, ON   These two sweeties came from a puppy mill where I pull from regularly. Panda, and daughter, Smartie, have spent their entire lives here as breeders. Both have had litters on every heat cycle since they were 7 and 8 mos old. Panda, just had a litter of puppies a little over a month ago, and she killed them all, which is the reason she was going to be culled. Smartie, was having small litters of only one or two which is not sufficient to make a profit, so she was also going to be a cull dog. Panda and Smartie have lived their entire lives in the same small kennel at this mill, and until I got them, they had never stepped foot on grass. Both girls had full dentals and were spayed last week. They are also UTD on vaccinations and are ready for new homes. Panda, is outgoing; will do anything for attention and wants to be on your lap as much as you will let her! Smartie, is more reserved, but coming out of her shell quickly.  Both girs are wonderful with big and small dogs, and cats too! A sweeter pair of little muffins you will not find.  We want to find these girls a home where they can spend the rest of their lives together and being happy and pampered. Do you have room in your heart and home for Panda and Smartie? Please email kismutt@sympatico.ca.

Adoptable Hounds - check out these absolute beauties here!:  http://www.coonhoundrescue.ca/adoptable-hounds


Please join our Bill C-246 "Thunderclap " - kind of an online flash mob, on Tuesday, June 21st at noon.  One message, one voice, at one time. Then,  sit back and watch as everyone's messages appear simultaneously across social media. There is power in numbers! Here's what to do:

1. Log in to your computer
3. Click on a red box (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr)
4. Click on "Add my support" for the message shown in the preview
5. Click "Authorize App" (It will post this message for you on June 21-ONE TIME ONLY.)

Please do this for all 3 social media, from your personal account, and from any of your other accounts (rescue groups, etc.) The animals thank you with all their heart and soul!


YOUR life matters too. If you stop on the road to assist turtles, use appropriate safety gear, GLOVES, pile-ons and reflective vests because many on country roads would rather run YOU over too, than slow down for a blessed minute.

Please help us retire animals from Russian circuses - sign the petition here, and share!   http://chn.ge/1W04THB

Ontario rodent/rabbit rescue "  Little Friends Rescue":  URGENT funds needed - our emergency fund has been depleted and we are in urgent need of funds to continue saving lives. Donations can be made via PayPal and e-transfer to lilfriendsrescue@gmail.com . Every dollar counts! 

Lost and Found Pets Toronto Fundraiser:  June 25, 3-8:00 PM -- free dog safety seminar! We are raising money in order to buy two trail cameras and a humane trap.  During a live search, the search crew will have a general idea of an area a dog is sticking to. If we can set up cameras, we can pinpoint the dog's area and movement patterns. Once confident of a location, the trap can be set, which volunteers watch in shifts (a set trap is never left unattended) until the dog is caught.  Every penny you share with us will go towards the capture of frightened lost dogs. We do not do this for profit - the reward for us is seeing a pet reunited with their owner. Your donation will increase the chances of more successful reunions, and saves lives:   https://www.facebool.com/events/1029381093811806/


Right back into the hands of Parliament, who refuse, literally, do to anything about improving laws for animals:   http://on.thestar.com/1W61Dun

It's water intoxication time again -- please share this with the younger generation of dog guardians in your life!  (Thanks Denise Joyce for posting):
Here's a really good primer on cancer in dogs:


This weekend! This is a fabulous event that homes hundreds of animals each year. Anyone looking for a new pet, pls attend! 


Angel arrives today, chez Mitch & Stella, for rehab, before going to her forever home July 15th:  https://www.facebook.com/Rescuediaries-1637250773204406/?fref=ts

This week on RescueDiaries, we feature on one of our FAVOURITE rescue colleagues, Lorraine Houston of Speaking of Dogs.  Lor needs no introduction... but if you are thinking of starting to rescue dogs, she is your go-to! Not only that, Lor had the foresight in 2001 (that's 15 yrs ago folks) to put together the Speaking of Dogs Rescue Directory: 

Hear her comments here on how things have changed in rescue since 1982..:


OK, that's a wrap! Plenty for one week! Thanks to all -- but especially those working Bill C-246 . In honour of Father's Day, I will say, one of my father's biggest accomplishments (however unwittingly) was to raise a helluva fighter in me. From now to September 10th, I'm in the ring, fighting for Canadian animals' lives. All I can do, is what I do:  beg or push you to book a meeting with your MP.  Best and great thanks, mitch.