June 26, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Just a reminder, I won't be publishing C4P on the long weekend...watch for HuffPo Canada article on Bill C-246...


Best news of the week!

Obama signs! 

Proving yet again that the tides are turning, and activism wins the day - good riddance Hackenberger. Advocates, be on alert - there are rumours there are plans afoot to re-open under another name. We must stay on top of this:

Landmark Oregon ruling on the rights of pets!  (Thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting):


This is just plain sad. West coast bird refuge owner died this winter, leaving a staggering amount of birds behind (Ed Note:  and NO succession plan grrrrr...) All in jeopardy, most looking pretty distressed and self-mutilating. If advocates could post this to friends/colleagues on West Coast, we can maybe help come up with a few more homes.

Beautiful Winter is a 5 year old, male, white shepherd x lab mix -- surrendered by his owner because they "didn't have time for him". Because he was too high energy - his family thought that confining him to the basement was best...Winter  is now in boarding where he has an indoor/outdoor run and interaction with people and other dogs. He loves going on group hikes with volunteers but what he really wants is a home.  Winter came from a home with young children. It was noted that he pulls hard on leash but under the section of how much exercise he got, it stated "0 walks, 0 times/day". Winter is a sweetheart that gets excited when he is even looked at! This boy is bursting with love and will give it to anyone that is willing to accept it!   We are seeking a home for Winter with no children under 14, no apartments. Must have a fenced in yard and dog experience. Winter has never been exposed to cats.  Winter is one of our favourites here, he has come a long way. He loves to play with other dogs and he adores people, he just wants to be loved.   If you can open your home and heart to Winter, please email d_ayoub@rogers.com   All food/vetting covered by Rescue Dogs Match


Groundbreaking new tool to contact your MP re: Bill C-246! Click here! So easy! (Greatest thanks to Cara Melbye for posting and championing this Bill)

Help us get the Bowmanville animals to sanctuary - sign the petition:


Now THIS is intelligent! I've started giving my dog greens ... 

Great blog about letting horses make decisions re: their own agency:
Have you met Strawberry Hen?  This is absolutely priceless:

Our very own Anne Griffen, hits the airwaves on Farm Animal Transportation (well done Anne!) :

This week on RescueDiaries, uber lovelies  Roz Gelade and Penny Cookson of Community Cats Toronto introduce us to their Trap Neuter Return (TNR) workshops, for trapping feral cats.  

To date, they've trained over 1,500 cat-loving citizens to TNR their community cats. If the average colony has an approximate 10 cats, then you're looking at 15,000 cats being positively impacted by these wonderful, caring rescuers and the vital community work that they do. Community Cats Toronto is living proof that it can be done! 

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Coming soon, turtles, bees and Toronto Pig Save! 

Doc Emmett Brown.
Never will there be another like him. Doc folded his cards this week at 15 years of age, in his mom's loving arms.  The outpouring of condolence messages was absolutely incredible. This boy stole every heart that met him. Personally, I am incredibly indebted to Carrie McInnis at Home Free Farm for taking custody of him early last year, and for providing him with a life so full of enrichment, it was, to me, like witnessing a real-life miracle.  Thank you Carrie, thank you, thank you. As for you Doc, I'm smiling through my tears.  Your work on this planet, has been epic -- your did your namesake very, very proud.

For my friend Doc, with the greatest love, m.