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March 1, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Great to hear from so many of you this week. Your feedback is invaluable - turns out many on our list don't "Facebook" so we'll be keeping ANIMALS IN NEED on the newsletter! 

Ralphy's Retreat gets serious about potbellied pigs -- please share, "like" and help educate: 

Marley is approx. 9 years old and sadly his owner passed away in early February. He is a neutered male black Labrador who weighs 85 pounds. He is a great dog. He is social, loves people, is good with other dogs, fine with cats, housetrained, not destructive when left alone and is the quintessential dog. He was the love of his mom's life and we want to find someone who will love him as much as his previous owner did. He has no health challenges, the rescue has all his records. Contact:  info@speakingofdogs.com. 


An 8 year old GSD mix, Sasha originally came to rescue with a few other dogs from drug dealers. She was obviously abused but has come a long way.  She has lived in a house with three young children, another large dog and two cats since she was 1 1/2.  She is a wonderful family member, tho, still has trust issues especially with men. She is affectionate, vocal (talks like a husky) and bonds well w/humans.  She is not fond of meeting other dogs but introduced gradually and properly, she can tolerate other dogs, and possibly become excellent companions with them. She is annoyed by younger, more active dogs. She eats very quickly (maybe because another dog will steal her food) so needs to be slowed down. She does not do well at the groomers and will hide if nervous. She may have bladder issues and needs to be taken out on a regular basis. She will not ask to go urinate.  She needs someone who is patient and understanding about her 'quirks' someone who can give her the attention she deserves.  Contact MariLyse:  dumas25@gmail.com

Our man Sam, at Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society -- is still searching for his forever home. Please share this handsome boy around social media and let's find this 8 yr old a home. How could you say no to that face!

Ask the American Kennel Club to ban tail docking, ear cropping and dew claw removal as Dog Breed Standards:

Ask Facebook to remove "Eradication of Feral Cats" page:

Ask Cambridge Ontario to ban the retail sale of dogs and cats:

Make your own tick and flea remedy (thanks Dogs Naturally Magazine for posting): http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/flea-tick-powder/

More evidence the tides are turning - this is from April, 2014 - but I hadn't seen it until now (thanks Colleen Perrin for posting):
Remember, C4P is always happy to post events and help bring our community, and their families and friends together, in support of animals. Send us your jpg image with info imbedded, or, send text copy and hotlink to site via email to C4P (at) media intelligence (dot) ca -- remember to include your full contact information! 

If you've been with C4P since day one back in 2005, you'll be happy to see/hear that darling Francis (one of our Katrina dogs) is alive and well. He's 10 yrs old this year, has a new white face, but still the same little darling we know and love. Francis still spends his days riding around in the truck with Dad. He lost his dog companion Toffey in the last year or two, and now, solely rules the house. He is very well loved. We'll be visiting Francis in the spring - stay tuned for another excellent upcoming C4P animal adventure! 

Farm Animal Succession Update:  Several more placements are in the works for a number of our goats and sheep. The list of farm animals in need of new homes is getting smaller each week. Recently, we had a lovely large sign made for both sides of the transport truck we are using, that reads in large black letters on a yellow background:  "FARM ANIMAL RESCUE - I am someone, not something". Once this project is over, we'll continue to raise awareness by making the signs available to anyone transporting farm animals to rescue situations. 

It's the first of March!  Happy National Pig Day (USA) everyone! 

For all the beautiful animals, and especially my darling Francis, m.