March 8, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Another jammed week in animal rescue...with some serous set backs, and serious successes... read on...


Ralphy's Retreat gets serious about potbellied pigs -- please share, "like" and help educate: 

Ok, Wringling Bros announcement was a good one -- we won't speculate about why, or how well... But this, THIS, is the news of the week -- let's go capital expansion!!! 


The stronger and better WE are, the more we can help THEM.


Be a Cat Angel... 
Help us save and ultimately re-home the many homeless cats in our small cottage country community.  Funds are desperately needed to vaccinate, neuter and provide care for these abandoned kitties.  Even a small donation of $5 or $10 can add up quickly and make a huge difference to a cat in need.  Please visit our fundraising site at ...
Cat Angels an angel to a cat in need.  

Charlie, a lovely senior boy needs your help (he's with Ladybird Animal Sanctuary) click here to read his story: 

Moonbear is a pure white cat with green eyes, 2yo, neutered male, in good health. He was removed from living on the street two months ago, but he has not yet found a home. He is friendly and playful, would do well in a quiet home where he can be the only cat. Inquiries:, 289-257-0502  

Patches is a tortishell, 3yo, spayed female, in good health. She has been living as an abandoned stray in an industrial lot for the past two years. She has given birth to several litters of whom only one kitten, Trish, survives. Patches is gentle and friendly. She likes to snuggle and purr with her caregiver. Clearly she was owned prior to abandonment. Would do well in a quiet home with no dogs. Inquiries:, 289-0502  

Trish is a calico, 1yo, spayed female, in good health. She has been living as a feral-born cat in an industrial lot where her mother, Patches, gave birth to her. Initially shy, Trish has come along way with intensive one-on-one socialization. She enjoys sitting in her caregivers lap. She is curious and friendly, but still is nervous and needs more confidence building. We are loath to return her to the lot where we found her as she would be alone with no companions. Trish would do well in a quiet home with no dogs. Inquiries:, 289-257-0502  

Please help Smarty by giving her a loving home! Smarty is approx. 8-9 years old lab mix and was found as a stray. She had a mast cell tumour which was removed with wide margins. Smarty is a great dog, no handling, guarding or stranger issues. Housetrained and not destructive when left alone. She has been fully vetted, spayed, vaccinated, and as noted the tumour has been removed. Her caveats are no cats, and no small dogs; and at this point we are saying no dogs at all just to make things less complicated (she is fine with most all large dogs but there have been a few she ends up getting in vocal spats with); she is not a dog park dog. She adores people, that is where her heart is. She has good energy, is a gem in the car; knows sit, down, paw, stay and speak. Please share Smarty so we can get her a foster or even better, a forever home! contact: 


Give Durham Region your feedback on anti-tethering:

Here we go again. Please advocate for the helpless:

BC Wolves really need our help:

Alberta Wildies: the "capture" is over for the year ... all were saved through last minute intervention at auction thankfully, but no small feat! ...Taken from their natural habitat and their they are in a pen at auction, comforting each other. If you love these horses and want to advocate for them, join the Alberta Wild Horses group on Facebook and join in the fight:

Thailand animals need us too - sign the petition:


Check out the remarkable capabilities of pigeons (thanks Juli Kaiss and Debra Roppolo for posting): 

Anyone needing a quick "primer" on the state of Canada's seal hunt issues, read this (Ed note, solid work, Humane Society International!):

Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals (CCFA) reports Maple Leaf Lodge completes first of three years of probation (scroll down, second item): CCFA Newsletter


Baby season is upon us. Support your local wildlife rehabilitation centre! Follow them on Facebook and learn all kinds of new wonderful things about wild babies, their families, their needs...Toronto Wildlife Centre, Procyon, Aspen Valley, bird sanctuary up Ottawa way (name escapes me presently)...and more...just google "wildlife rescue, (region)" 


Farm Animal Succession Update:
  Another week of coordinating, organizing, screening ... we're hoping for a big break with a wonderful farm next week ... everyone, hope along with us! 
For our beautiful Alberta Wild Horses. We love you. We won't give up the fight. m.