March 29, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'.

(Thanks Kimberley Ford for posting; thanks Bob Dylan for


The City of Madrid BANS euthanasia for homeless dogs!!! 

Have you met Hazelton, Reubie & Summer baby lambs? Treat yourself and watch this video--born this season, at Farm Sanctuary, NY:

Lungworms in dogs are on the rise in Ontario:
Animal Activists get Bull Running Banned in California!




Can I ask everyone to please help me out and share this handsome kitty? Sherlock was owned by a family member and through no fault of his own, he needs to find a new loving home. Sherlock is incredibly affectionate!! He loves to cuddle, give kisses and just be right beside you all the time. He is a perfect companion kitty for someone looking to have just one awesome cat! For more information about Sherlock - please message me or email  Thanks!!!!!


I'm Spot, a male Hound and I am different from any other hound you may know. I am very gentle and the staff keep telling me how sweet I am. It has been a tough year for me, I lived with my brother and when my original owner passed away my brother found a home and I came here to the shelter. I am really fond of people and I do like other dogs, who happen to be my size or smaller. To be honest I really don't like to be alone at all....I think I heard the staff say I had separation anxiety, so it would be great to be in a home where someone or another dog was home most of the day to keep me company. I'm already neutered, microchipped and I'm waiting for you here so please come see me as soon as you can. This poor boy has been at the shelter for awhile. He really needs to get a home ASAP. Hoping that someone out there would like to give this guy the deserving home he needs. He is at the Caledon Animal Shelter (905) 857-5208 ext. 21.

I'm Zork and they keep telling me I am a stunningly attractive short haired half black and half white female cat. I really like playing with the jingly toys they have here and sometimes they have young kittens for me to protect and watch over. I have been here a long time and it can be stressful which has played a role on my health. I have been in and out of sick bay but I am now healthy and happy. I really do well when the staff lets me have some freedom to run around their office. When I'm in there I also like to cuddle up to staff as they work at their desks and I don't mind it if there is another cat in there with me. I am declawed, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped so please take me home so I can relax and enjoy your company too. Zork has been at the Caledon shelter for quite awhile and i for one don`t know why someone has not scooped him up. So if anyone out there is looking for a great cat p^lease consider this girl or cross post please and see if we can get her her own forever home. If someone is interested pleased contact the shelter at 905-857-5208 ext. 21. the shelter is located in Bolton.

Therapy Dogs???  does anyone know where to go to get a "therapy dog" for a client of mine, whose young girl is suffering from a serious anxiety condition.  any ideas from our group? 

Please help free Mikey from his chain:

Please lend your voices and help stop this ridiculous activity:

Raju Elephant's BFF Mohan needs our help to get him to freedom. The first petition for Raju worked; let's get Mohan free NOW! SHARE! :) (Thanks Colleen Perrin for posting)

Toronto Wildlife Centre -- Wildlife Tip:   Every spring, wild babies are needlessly "rescued" by well-intentioned people who think they are orphans. Many wild species go through a teenager-style in-between stage when they learn to navigate the world, but are still under the care of their parents. If you are concerned about a wild baby, please call TWC's hotline before intervening, or check out our   website  for some helpful tips.  Wildlife Emergency Hotline: 416-631-0662

Do you know which are core vaccines for dogs, and which aren't? (thanks Denise Joyce for posting):

Eva Raye is in Grade 1 and is participating in a school project called "Who Is Nobody?" ( With each act that a child does with Nobody in mind, Nobody slowly becomes a Somebody, and has all sorts of things added to it to give it character, personality, etc. This incredible little lady wanted to help animals and chose to sponsor one of Project Dog Foundation's dogs, Brenda. Eva Raye even popped by to meet the 12-year old Brenda this past weekend and as you can see, Brenda was very excited to have a visitor!  I started Project Dog Foundation last year to help teach my young daughters (now 5 and 2) the importance of helping others, so it made me extremely happy to hear that Eva Raye had chosen Project Dog Foundation. Do you have a young child in your life who may want to sponsor one of our shelter dogs? Please visit to view our dogs today! Cheers, Michael Case, Founder Project Dog Foundation  (Left to right: foster parent Andrew, Brenda and Eva Raye) (Ed note: nice way to bring advocacy to new generations Mike!)






Rabbit Rescue Update:  all 30 rabbits were saved, vetted and placed. GREAT work on everyone's part! 


Read the story of Mr. Matsumura,  a 55 year old gentleman who has stayed behind in Fukushima to care for the abandoned animals--what a rare and beautiful human! (Thanks Susan Mandla for sending):


Belgian Mare:  the Belgian mare we posted last week who was rescued and went to Gentle Giants in the States, was, sadly, humanely euthanized this week. Her condition was too poor, there was a lot of pain for her. Very sad -- but glad she at least got to know a small number of DECENT humans before she passed. 

Well, it's been quite the hallmark week in rescue.  Has everyone seen the new arrivals at Happy Ever Esther Sanctuary? A DARLING goat family and a new girl pig.  

Also, a milestone in the Farm Animal Succession Project:  we found a beautiful, perfect placement for our last 5 goats and 15 sheep this week. Transports will ensue over coming weeks, but basically, every last one has a placement. Some 110-120 animals!   Words cannot express my relief and happiness, and also my gratitude for being chosen to work on this wonderful project, with this exceptional team. Fantastic! Animal Advocacy ROCKS! 

For of our farm animals with 100% pure un-adulterated love, m.