May 3, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Greetings all ... wanted to take a moment to make special mention of one of our C4P advocates, Karin Gebert. Out of the goodness of her heart, Karin recently translated our generic "adoption application form" and "home check form" into French, for us to have on hand to service French communities. Truly awesome of Karin to do this for the good of everyone. It's generosity of spirit like Karin's that makes the world go 'round!  

Everyone note:  we have generic adoption application forms for domestic pets as well as farm animals to help guide people through best practices (now in both officials!).  We also have the C4P Amber Alert for Lost Pets in English and in French -- shoot us an email and we'll send you a copy!  These documents are truly helpful, esp for newbie/ad hoc rescuers and certainly for the hapless people day after day after day whose pets go on the run or, who try to re-home their pets themselves ... please write us for a copy and keep them handy on your desktop! 


Costa Rica becomes the first latin american country to ban hunting--awesome!   (thanks Donna McMillan for posting): 

Nestle Purina Canada hit with lawsuit over "Beneful": 

Georgia USA blessed with four new, rare red wolf-pups. Check out these little beauties (Ed note: If you like them and want to keep them, write and defend them...   "Chehaw public relations coordinator Morgan Burnette told the Albany Herald that those concerned about the wild red wolf population should contact their federal representatives to fight the Wildlife Commission's request.")

And now for a little sanity:  New York state dims lights for migrating birds:

And a bit more sanity:  Pope Francis to issue Papal Encyclical devoted to the environment -- that's nothing but good news:





Canada Post is issuing a new set of stamps in conjunction with the CFHS, promoting responsible pet ownership. GET SOME! GET SOME FOR YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

Demand the Calgary Stampede ban calf-roping -- c'mon folks we gotta work harder to shut some of this stuff down at the Stampede:

NOT SO CRUELTY FREE AFTER ALL (Thanks Krista Osborne for posting) :

Ask the Premier of Ontario for stiffer laws for animal abusers (again)(please):

It's time to callout Craigslist-- A new report from International Fund for Animal Welfare - IFAW and Wildlife Conservation Society reveals a thriving ivory trade on the site. This goes directly against Craigslists' own policy banning the sale of animal parts. Tell them to lay down the law and stop the sales, now.



Shame on Stouffville's Live Market -- let's shut 'em down! Sign here:


And if there wasn't already enough petitions, here's one to stop the Spanish from killing their hunting dogs:





How does your dog food stack up?






Saphira (now Sutton) Update: wanted you to know that we had one of the dogs mentioned in your newsletter transferred to our care. Saphira is the Shepherd/Collie who was surrendered after she started having seizures. She was in the shelter and I couldn't stand the thought of her not being completely diagnosed and basically un-adoptable. I must say after meeting and falling in love with her I can't imagine not knowing her. Hopefully we will get to the root of her seizures and she will find a good home in time. Till then, she lives in our home with our pack and rescues. Just wanted you to know that you made a difference in yet another animal's life. Sutton and I both thank you. Sharron  Moosonee Puppy Rescue   (Ed note: thank you so much Sharron!)  


Last, this is a truly unique rescue story, that you will never have the chance to read about again. Li & Green Wolf. Amen. What a beautiful job. (Thanks Kimberley Ford for sending):


 A little off topic, but welcome to the world little royal princess...sweet news...happy for them all.  m.