May 10, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

African Parks regrets to announce the tragic death of Garamba ranger, Agoyo Mbikoyo, on 25 April in the park. Thank you for your service, sir.


Twyla Francois has launched a new website, where she is selling copies of her fantastic artwork, that advocates for animals. Check it out. Extremely thought-provoking, beautiful work. Good luck w/it Twyla, and thanks for all that you do for animals! 

New Zealand's just become the first country in Australasia to make it illegal for manufacturers to test cosmetic ingredients or finished cosmetic products on animals. (Thanks Donna McMillan for posting)

A lot of people were real happy about the NDP win this week in Alberta. Fair enough. But I was bothered that this image kept circulating on Facebook. Why? Well, h ere's the thing...We need to try to stop using animals as objects of humour, otherwise, we are just perpetuating old ways of thinking and basically sanctioning it for others, and thereby remain "part of the problem". Any chance we can get, let's try to lend animals dignity instead of using them for ridicule. I'm all for humour, but I like the gentle, kind, intelligent stuff myself...



Peter the Pekingese mix is available for adoption. Doesn't he have just the cutiest overbite? He was found as a stray in Newmarket and is guessed to be about 5 years old. Peter is housetrained and would prefer a home without children, cats, or dogs. He's even cuter in person! Contact: Georgina Animal Shelter & Adoption Centre 

Sweet Charity needs a home:


Please help this little baby elephant get to a sanctuary (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting):

If you attend rodeos, or don't challenge family members/friends who do, THIS is what you're "buying into" -- Pls share this image with family/friends on Facebook. This is just a baby -- imagine how horrified he must be! 

Tell Delta Airlines not to transport dead exotic animals:




Beautiful horse reunion -- must watch!

We need to stop torturing chickens (thanks Toronto Star & Peter Fricker for writing):

  Further to last week's "Not So Cruelty-Free" post, apparently Arbonne is a truly vegan product...


The best inter-species bonding I've seen yet (thanks Leslie Cockwell for sending) ... meet Osiris & Riff Rat:


Want to take EXCELLENT care of your dog/cat?  Learn to brush their teeth!  Thanks East York Animal Clinic, Toronto, for you always excellent info!




 Speaking of Dogs Presents "Getting into Shape: Solving Behaviour Issues through Operant Conditioning and Shaping Techniques with Nicole Larocco-Skeehan - A one day seminar about the use of shaping techniques in behavior modification practices.  June 14, 2015, 9:00AM-5:00PM, Toronto Don Valley Hotel, 175 Wynford Dive (near DVP and Eglinton East).  To register click on:


Happy Rescue Mom Mother's Day ladies! How many hundreds of you are celebrating your rescues today? Thank you for every single thing you do for all the animals you bring to safety and care for, come good or bad.  

For StellaLuella, with great love. She's my girlies and I'm proud to be her mom! m.