May 17, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Another year, and $100 bucks says deja vu...  You can bet we'll have some lost dogs and cats, bolting from Fireworks displays this weekend. Please post the perils of mixing pets and fireworks with your family and friends on Facebook. Do it right now, before you forget.  Otherwise half the rescue community will have a ruined holiday, being called on to find pets on the run... again.


Is our appetite for fish causing sea lions in California to starve? (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting): 

New Zealand legally recognizes animals as sentient beings! 

North Carolina passes legislation making it legal to break into cars to rescue dogs in hot weather:



Bear is a very handsome 4.5 year old male Kuvasz who has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Bear prefers the outdoors and is very uncomfortable being inside the shelter. When Bear first arrived as a stray he was apprehensive around strangers. Bear now enjoys playtime outdoors and daily exercise with all staff and looks forward to seeing their familiar faces.   We are in search of a farm environment for Bear to enjoy the rest of his years possibly as a working dog with animals to herd and protect. A home with no small children and an experienced owner is also preferred.    Bear is currently available for adoption. If you're interesting in meeting Bear please contact the Shelter at 905-857-5208 ext 21 or visit the Caledon Animal Shelter at 12889 Coleraine Drive in Bolton during our adoption hours.

My name is Gadget and I was found running as a stray with my best friend Penny. We both have similar characteristics to a Schillerstovare Hound. We look a lot alike except I am bigger in size. Penny and I are extremely close and depend on each other for comfort and companionship. We like to do everything together, we even like to eat out of the same dish before moving on to the  second bowl of food. We enjoy running outdoors and playing with toys. In our next home we would do best with a fully secure yard to avoid the risk of us escaping the property. I am a gentle natured dog who would benefit from some basic training to teach me that jumping up on people to show my affection is not the proper way to greet someone. Gadget and Penny are a bonded pair and it would be heart breaking to have to adopt them out separately. We would love to see these two start the next phase of their lives together as a team. Both dogs will be fixed, vaccinated and micro-chipped prior to adoption.  These girls deserve to stay together. Unconditional Love X2.   Karin Piercey

Anna. What can we possibly say? In the Quinte Humane Society shelter. Please network this sad, sad girl. 




Take THAT, SeaWorld! Looks good on you ... (Thanks Leslie Cockwell for sending):

Please help us stop the practice of frog stabbing in Tennessee (thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting):


Pet CPR - if you only watch one video this week, this is the one to watch:





Toronto is proud to be joining the National Animal Rights Day (NARD), established by "Our Planet. Theirs too." in 2011. It is an annual day observed in the US and now Canada, on May 30th, 11:00-2PM, Trinity Bellwoods Park Toronto, for the purpose of giving a voice to animals and raising awareness for their rights, until these rights are established and protected by law.  
On this day, special events are held simultaneously in various cities across North America. These events include an opening requiem ceremony commemorating the billions of animals who die every year by human hands in this country; reading and signing the Declaration of Animal Rights; and a celebration of the future, the beginning of which is already here: a cruelty-free lifestyle for humans, and freedom and equal rights for all animals:



It's hard to believe it's been a year since we lost our dear little friends Casper & Tedman. Incredible that our two little ones left us in the same week. 1000% card-carrying members of our extended families,  Leslie and I miss our little men, unbearably. Casper and Teddy were just STARS. 






Have a lovely holiday weekend everyone! Stay safe, and be sure to drive two car lengths behind everyone else on the major highways...I'll be in my garden, waiting for the phone to ring about another lost pet... m.