March 13, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

A note about MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith Bill C-246 proposal -- Because only 5% of Private Members Bills are passed, we desperately need Canadians to enlist their MPs' support to vote in favor of Bill C-246. This Bill, which bans shark fin, bans the importation and sale of cat and dog fur and its products, and brings humane regs for farm animal transport and slaughter -- it simply must be passed and it's up to us to make it happen. If you don't call your MP, and have the discussion, and you hear later it didn't get a vote, you'll know who to thank. 

Check out what Liz White has to say about rescuers and advocates' capacities to talk to their MPs. 

Liz White of Animal Alliance of Canada addresses the sophistication that is necessary in animal advocacy, to organize, voice concerns and build those critical relationships that will allow animal issues to resonate at higher levels of government, and allow for greater change in animal wellbeing:

I urge you all to consider this most seriously. To pass this Bill, it requires that we ALL contact our MPs. Over to you. 


Update on the Tilbury dogs -- we're not out of the woods yet, but a step in the right direction:

...In order to house the dogs, Dog Tales must receive designation from the provincial or municipal government. You can help by emailing your MPP or Minister Yasir Naqvi directly at Minister Naqvi has the authority to make Dog Tales a "designated facility" where the dogs can be housed under 6(d) and 9(5) of the Dog Owners Liability Act.

Health Canada to drop required pesticide safety test on beagles:

And from New Zealand: 

Florida just made it legal to break into cars to save dogs!



We are not entirely sure of exactly when Roman and Sasha become a couple - but we do know that once they found each other about 2 years ago at a temporary foster home, they quickly came to rely on each other for confidence and security.   Roman and Sasha are both approximately 7 years old, fixed, good with other dogs, and leash and crate trained. They have different personalities but make a good team and are a happy, sweet pair of souls that need to stay together.  Sasha loves to play fetch and will bring you a toy to encourage you to have a little fun. She loves twalks and is easy on leash. She will show you how happy she is with lots of bum wiggles and kisses.  Roman's blindness doesn't stop him from enjoying his walks and sauntering around the house or yard (fenced of course). And when the food comes out you'd swear he could see each bite you take. :) Love to watch tv or read on the couch? - Roman's your guy! Otherwise, he'll curl up in his crate - under his blankie - so sweet. Adopting a bonded pair has several benefits: you already know they get along together, their adjustment is easier because they have each other, and having a built in companion can reduce anxiety and boredom when the family is away from home.  If you can offer this pair a loving home or if you have questions about adopting a pair of dogs at the same time or owning a blind dog, please contact RTRC at ; we'll be very happy to answer all of your questions. Contact: Diane McCaskill

My name is TIFFANY.  I am a female, white and brown tabby Domestic Mediumhair.
The shelter staff think I am about 3 years old. I have been at the shelter since Dec 21, 2015.   City of Oshawa Animal Services.ID#A050832








RIP Cousin Monty.  Monty was one of a kind. Brilliant co-pilot to our friend Leslie, for many many years.  He died unexpectedly Thursday morning this week.  We will miss him very much -- a true, card-carrying member of our extended family. A huge, affable boy, who, in his years with Leslie, provided the stable presence needed for so many rescue dogs joining their home. Visits to Huntsville will never be the same. Rest easy boy. We all loved you. 



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For my friend Monty; we'll see you on the bridge darling boy. xo m.