March 20, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Another week of good, not so good, and curious news! 


City of Oshawa not showing a lot of common sense here:

Birds using syntax and grammar -- yes-sir-ree! 

Beaconsfield Quebec upgrades its animal laws substantively!

Goodbye and good riddance Humane Society of Canada:
Mercy for Animals Canada gets Loblaws, Sobeys, Walmart and Metro to commit to cage free eggs by 2025:


Please share this:

Hello, my name is Marnie and I am a 9 year young Wheaton Samoyed mix.  For most of my life I have been badly neglected and not treated well.  Not that long ago I was so shy that I was just sitting in a corner and ran away as fast as I could if anyone came close to me.  My guardian had to go into a nursing home and I have never lived with a man in the house, so I am even more shy around them. Now, m y foster mom started looking after me and I am starting to trust her, and to  enjoy life. I even try to play with her once in a while.  My foster mom would love to adopt me but because of something called by-laws she cannot, she already has a big animal family.  I do get along with dogs and love to be with them.  Once I start trusting you I love to be around you, I love to be petted and I love treats... all  things I never have experienced before.  I am spayed and just had blood and urine tests done and they came back perfect.  I am full of life and have so much love to give but I need someone who will understand that it will take me some time to trust -- it  really has not been easy for me. I really need a home without children.   I live in Toronto and would love to meet you. I do not want to be alone anymore.  Please call my foster mom Claudia at 519-833-2382  or email her at  and she would love to tell you more about me. Sending you all my love, Marnie.


Two campaigns underway for Lucy Elephant:

Please help us stop the export of Greyhounds to China (thanks Colleen Perrin for posting):

Petition to ban dog and cat fur in Canada:

Help Save Bees -- don't buy these Home Depot products:


Very insightful commentary on the pain of being alone - for animals.  Of course, we will all wonder what the writer is doing with the sheep at the end of the article, but it raises some really potent issues on the social lives of animals.  Check it out:
PS: I'm going to buy this and read it:  Jaak Panskepp's  Affective Neuroscience: The Foundations of Human and Animal Emotions


We are told that animal products can be produced humanely, but what does that mean?  The Western Ontario Vegan Society is very honoured to present a discussion on this topic with Harold Brown, a former cattle farmer turned vegan animal advocate.  He is an amazing example of transformation & justice.  This event will take place on Friday, April 1st at 7pm in University Community Centre room 56 at Western University, London, Ontario.   Harold's story is featured in the documentary Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home. He now runs Farm Kind - an organization for farmers who want to make the transition from animal-based to plant-based agriculture.  Harold is also an advocate for social and environmental justice.  This event is free and open to the public. This is a link to the Facebook event: 

...Ed note:  I've seen Harold speak before. He has an amazing story!!!...

Animal Health and Longevity:   Have you wondered what you could do to increase the health and longevity of your animal companions?  Have you tried everything and nothing seems to help?  What is the #1 mistake most people make that can interfere with their animal companion's health?  Making small changes can increase your animal companion's quality of life, health and longevity.   Sun. April 17th, 2016
Location/Time: Toronto (TBA, for more info please email or call) 
Cost: Early bird registration $ 197.00 + tax, $ 247.00 + tax at door.
For more info:  


Readers, my friend and colleague, Gervais Vignola and I are co-producing a new internet video series on YouTube called   RescueDiaries .  The video series was designed to create a powerful online community resource that showcases best practices in animal rescue and animal advocacy.  To date, we have published our first 18 short videos, and we have lots more content coming. Regular posts will go up every Friday, as will accompanying blog posts here in the newsletter, offering more information and perspective on our videos.

We want to make this a truly interactive resource for animal advocates and rescuers to share information, and to share your stories and experiences, for the betterment of all. So, rescues and rescuers, if you have story ideas, don't be shy - contact We're happy to come out and tape the valuable work you do in our community,  and introduce your wonderful animals to our advocacy community.

To find the RescueDiaries, simply go to, and type in RescueDiaries (one word) into the search function. It will load our channel. 

Next week, we are excited about taping   Toronto Street Cats' shelter building program  and our precious   Metro Toronto Mounted Police Unit.

We really hope you enjoy them.  If so, please "share" "like" and "subscribe"

For Gervais -- thank you my friend, for making this happen. I couldn't do it without you.  Love, mitch.