March 27, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Rescue knows no boundaries... thank you to all the C4P American Katrina rescues and our British friends too, for reading our newsletter and watching our RescueDiaries!


Congratulations to the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition - such great work!

Armani goes fur free? Wow!  (Thanks Juli Kaiss for posting):

Victoria rocks! Local animal group launches campaign to ban horse-drawn carriages:

Nova Scotia decides to do something about its feral cat problem. My question is, how in heaven's name did they let this get so out of hand in the first place? 

Time served, house arrest and community service for freeing mink! YES!


Elsa is a lovely 2 year old, female, collie mix.  Elsa has had a rough 5 months! since being surrendered to a shelter back in November, she has mentally declined. Elsa was loved by her owner, who unfortunately had to surrender her to a shelter when he/she became very ill. When Elsa arrived, she was extremely stressed and confused. It took her a few days before she eventually began to trust the staff. It took her much longer to warm  up to the men compared to the women staff members. It has been almost 5 months since Elsa arrived at the shelter and although the staff are absolutely in love with her, they were recently told that Elsa is not adoptable because she reacted to her handler when her nails were to be trimmed. We do not have a definite euth date, however, the shelter is asking for our help to pull Elsa from the shelter before they have to set a date.  Elsa is a happy-go-lucky young girl with loads of energy. She is not doing well in the shelter where she is only allowed short amounts of time outside of her kennel. She is great with people she knows but will need time to warm up to strangers. It was hard taking a photo of her because she was so excited to be out with a crowd of employees for a few photos! When I met Elsa, in her kennel, she was sweet and eager to sit for a few treats - that was the first time I met her. We are seeking an URGENT foster home for Elsa with no children under 14. A home with no men is ideal. No apartments or other animals. Must have a fence din yard.  If you can open your home to foster Elsa, please email  All food/vetting covered by Rescue Dogs Match

Kimba is VERY lucky to be alive, as he was very stressed at the shelter and it is known that any dog that even growls is shot. Kimba is currently in boarding and continues to be stressed. He is an absolute love bug who likes to sit against you and be hugged. Kimba is an approximately 3 year old, male, collie mix. He is currently INTACT so will need a home with no other dogs until he can be neutered. Kimba is not tested with cats but is great with people. He is definitely a former farm dog so no apartments. He would do best in a home where he will not be left for extended periods of time. The foster home will need to work on his leash skills as he has never been walked on a lead and acts scared when anything is placed around his neck. He is a sweet soul who, with time and patients, will turn out to be a fantastic dog with confidence.   We are seeking an URGENT foster home for Kimba with no other animals. No children under 10, no apartments.  If you can open your heart and home for foster Kimba, please email
All food/vetting covered by Rescue Dogs Match


Take action to modernize Canada's animal cruelty laws:

Urge your MP to vote for Bill C-246:

Please sign the petition to update Canada's animal transportation laws:

Tell your MP to stop animal cruelty - get behind Nathaniel Erskine's Bill C-246 - make your appointment with your MP today!


How to stop your dog from being a "door-dasher" - excellent article!

A bird has hit my window ... what do I do???

S pring will bring us dead possums on the road. I heard it said before that the "good rescuers" will be the ones to pull over and check if the animal is dead. Don't forget to
check for live babies too. 

Parrots are a lot more than "pretty birds":


RescueDiaries - check us out on!

YAY! I have a meeting with my MP (Leona Alleslev) on April 6th to discuss Nathaniel Erskine's Bill C-246.  It's time for me to call Liz White at Animal Alliance of Canada and organize my speaking points!   Check out what Liz has to tells YouTube's "RescueDiaries" about taking meetings with MPs "...We have to teach people how to go and talk to their politicians..."

Please share, and subscribe to RescueDiaries! 

Anyone else calling their MP and setting a meeting? Got any best practices to share with your rescue colleagues? Send them here:   Let's make Bill C-246 happen!

My mother was renown for her creative turns of phrase...She was such an original! At Easter time, she'd always wish family and friends a "Sloppy Easter".  We'll never know why ... But I do so love keeping her wild expressions alive, so, I'm wishing you all a Sloppy Easter in her beloved memory. Stay safe, and practice compassion. m.