May 1, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

May Day alert!  May Day happiness!  5 months' of beautiful, hopefully non-threatening weather ahead!

...Amen, and pass me the gardening tools and garden bags! 


Genesis Award given to Geordie Day's Unnatural Enemies: The War on Wolves:

8 incredibly fortunate dogs escape Thailand and become new Canadians, with the help of Soi Dog Foundation, and Vancouver's LEASH:

Dutch government limits meat consumption! (Thanks Juli Kaiss for sharing): 

Los Angeles permanently bans the sale of non-rescue cats and dogs! (Thanks Juli again for sharing): 

33 South American circus lions being flown to African sanctuary! (Thanks Kathy Robinson for sharing): Oh friggin' YAY! 



Bobby Bunny is available for adoption through Ladybird Animal Sanctuary in Hamilton, Ontario Hamilton Animal Services received a call from a member of the public  about a rabbit abandoned in a box in a park. They picked him  up and discovered he had a very large lump in his neck/shoulder  area. It wasn't easily detected, as it somewhat blended in to his  neck fat when he sat a certain way -- likely t he reason his owners abandoned him. As if that weren't enough , Bobby's nails were extremely overgrown and his coat was in awful  shape as he was not able to groom himself properly because of the  abscess.   We were happy to rescue Bobby and we took him straight to  our small animal specialist vet, where it was decided that it was  possible to remove the lump and have Bobby neutered at the same time.  Bobby came through the surgery very well, and the lump was only fatty  tissue (thank goodness!).  Bobby is a very sweet, laid back bunny, despite all he's been  through. He loves to cuddle with his foster family and enjoys being  petted.  He's a very handleable bunny who doesn't seem to be phased by  much. Bobby has been waiting since October for his forever home to  come along. If you're looking for a sweet and gentle bunny to join  your family, Bobby is your guy!  Visit  for more  information and to apply to adopt.

The Dog Rescuers Inc urgently requires a foster home for a large breed 10 month handsome boy. Jasper is a Retriever x Pyrenese, is good with dogs, cats unknown and due to size and exuberance we will consider homes with children 14 and over only or adult homes in effort to make sure children do not get injured due to his size as he can be hard to "turn off" once he gets excited. All food, vetting and supplies are covered by TDRI for foster dogs.  Please contact 416-567-6249  or email  . This gentle giant is good on walks, loves cookies,  is great in the car and is a big love bug! (Ed note: can you EVER see the Pyr in this boy!!!) 

Skylar is a gorgeous, smiley 4 year old German Shepherd who needs a foster family or an adoptive family. This girl is AMAZING with people but unfortunately does not get along with other animals. She was surrendered to The Dog Rescuers Inc when her family - who had been keeping her in the garage- were receiving complaints from their local animal control. Skylar is blind in one eye but doesn't let that slow her down. Her ideal adoptive family will be excited to attend positive reinforcement training classes and will have all members of the home over the age of 15. If interested in adopting or fostering email - Foster families will ideally be within 45 min of Oakville - food, vetting and supplies are covered for foster families. 


Experienced home needed for beautiful Dhana!   My name is Dhana and I'm a 4 year old spayed German Shepherd.  I am true to my breed and am protective of my people, and am very wary of strangers. With proper induction, I will gain your trust. I am exceptionally bright and have excellent manners.    I am are looking for a quiet  all adult  home, one with experience and in-depth knowledge of my breed. I would not do well in a busy household, it must be low traffic. At this time we are looking for her to be the only pet in the home.  A fully fenced in secure back yard is required.  I have so much potential; I am young, and with the right guidance and home , I  will blossom.   Please send us an email at   if you are interested in Dhana. 


Register now for our May Trap-Neuter-Return workshop on Saturday, May 7 at the Official Ontario SPCA Page. You'll qualify to use the low-cost spay-neuter clinic at the OSPCA and free trap loans.


What do YOU think about giving dogs hugs (thanks Karen Piercey for sharing): 
Great article on dogs' capacity to read emotions:



Just about every animal has its "day", but guinea pigs do not, despite being one of the most popular family pets.  Piggles Rescue would like to change that, and we are asking for your help.  We would like to establish Guinea Pig Appreciation Day , to be celebrated on July 16   each year, and are contacting owners, shelters, rescues, breeders, pet stores, vet clinics and anyone else we can think of to promote it.  We are also hoping to have it made an "official" day, and understand that one of the ways of making that happen is to have a FB page with at least 1,000 Likes.  That's where you come in!    We have created a FB page  and already have over 300 Likes in just a few days, but we need more!  Would you like and share our page?

YouTube - RescueDiaries

This week, RescueDiaries visits with the lovely Police Constable Ilana Gavaller and Police Mount Charger, who gives us some insight into the wonderful horse personalities of the Metro Toronto Mounted Police Unit. 

This is Charger -- I had the pleasure of grooming him once. I had to stand on my tip toes to brush his withers and back -- he's a mighty tall boy! I remember he was really excellent w/his feet!  Police state he is a Clydesdale cross, but don't state crossed with what breed? I suspect Thoroughbred...

This is gorgeous Police Mount Dragoon -- with those soft eyes, you'd never know he's a part-time "Trickster":

Here's beautiful Police Mount Tecumseh ... known for following his stomach, whether he's in his stall, outside of it, or escaping his stall, and having his way with the feed bin! Tecumseh is a gorgeous Bay with a tiny snip on his forelock. He's so majestic, I can spot him a mile away on the Toronto city streets!  I once had the pleasure of seeing him asleep in his stall at 6AM... Dreaming, feet twitching, while Dorothy, the matriarch, (due to retire this year) watched over everyone at that early hour... Even at 1600 lbs, he seemed so innocent, laying on his stall floor...

Our latest RescueDiaries video is a little delayed being loaded up this week - we should have it posted on Monday. If you subscribe, you'll be automatically notified! Meanwhile, we have a brand new "dedicated" YouTube channel found here -- new, "official" status! Yay RescueDiaries!  Bookmark us!  Subscribe! We have more than 50 animal stories we plan on videotaping this year -- every animal type, every animal issue, not to mention all the beautiful rescuers and advocates -- Stay tuned! 

Tecumseh and Dragoon are tricksters...When you see our video, YOU decide if Charger is a leader, or just plain bossy! 

For the 33 retiring circus lions, with great love. Travel well and safely beautiful souls. Can't wait for the updates as they arrive at, and adjust to, sanctuary -- and the only freedom they have ever known.  

Have a good week all, m.