May 8, 2016 Newsletter
Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

What a harrowing week!  Of course, we're all out of our minds over FortMac.

Alberta veterinarians offering assistance to animals
(thanks Jean Stone for posting:)

We know that some rescuers managed to get on the ground inside the city and rescued a couple of dozen animals; we also know an approx 300 were saved by firefighters ... many many more trapped in buildings alone... the good news is, pets appear to be welcome in shelters, and even on WestJet... That's some progress...
I'd give anything to be allowed to get in there...


In 2015, more than 150,000 animals died in barn fires in Canada.   Check out the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals report below.  Of course, this is NEVER going to change, unless WE change it.  So if I may ask once again, who amongst us has booked a sit down with their MP to discuss animals? If you DO book that meeting, you are most welcome to call me to discuss speaking points. I'll load you up, but good.  So, who's in?  My contact info is listed below and the phone line is open pretty much 24/7. 



SPECIAL GUY WITH SPECIAL NEEDS, NEEDS A SPECIAL HOME! Hi everyone, my name is Joey LeVolpe, I started out as just LeVolpe because I look like a little red fox. I am a loving, and wonderful special needs kitty. I sometimes have seizures, but I can live a long and healthy life with my medication. I take my pill everyday and don't give any trouble over it and I am good to go. I get along well with other felines, and most dogs. I really want a home of my own where I can get lots of attention as I love huggzz and rubs. If you can find it in your heart to take a special needs guy like me please call my foster mom at 705-435-6548 and set up a time to visit us.  I am currently in Alliston, Ontario.   Gorgeous!!!


I am helping a  small cat colony at the end of my street that I have been involved with since 2009. The cats are no longer safe in that neighborhood and I have to trap them, vet them and then assess them and figure out where they can go. I started a You Caring fundraiser because there were unanticipated medical issues (mostly dental surgeries and lice) that I did not anticipate and I just cannot handle the vet bills for these cats on my own. In view of the vet costs I had to revise my goal for funds, and I sure would appreciate it if you could give more visibility to the situation. Thanks kindly to any and all for helping,  Judy Wilson  (Ed Note:  this is yet another example of a deeply caring INDIVIDUAL fighting a one-woman battle in her hood, saving hapless cats. Please send a few small dollars if you can.)

My name is Angel I was surrendered to the shelter because my owners were moving into a condo and did not want to take me after almost 9 years together. Since being here at the shelter they have gotten me spayed, up to date on vaccines, and micro chipped. I am on antibiotics to clear up an infection in my anal glands. Since it has been getting better the vet took another look and it turns out I have anal fistulas. Which can clear up with medication but will probably be an issue for the rest of my life. So surgery would be the best option. The shelter cannot afford the surgery at this time they were quoted over $1000. I am a very outgoing friendly dog. Love to be around people at all times. I have lived with a cat previously. I have not lived with another dog, but with proper introduction I think I would be fine. Would anyone have room to take me? If you would like to come meet me please contact Megan Morrow at 905-898-7122 x 385. (Ed note: I met this dog today - she is super super sweet)


Ask the Town of Whitby to stop euthanizing feral cats, including TNR'd cats:

Here's a great innovation that doesn't cost much, and is so helpful for YOUR animals:    Pet Emergency Wallet Cards - lets authorities know in case of emergency, that you have pets at home that need care and who to contact.   Georgina Feral Cat Committee is offering these cards for a donation of $3 each including postage. 2 for $5 plus $2 for each additional card (details for 2 pets on each card). They are business card size and quality, double sided.  We also have a supply of window clings alerting authorities to the number of pets in your home in case of fire or emergency - available for an additional donation of $2 each.  To order, email transfer or paypal to  with your full name, address and the number of cards requested.


Got this lovely note this week:   Hi Michelle:  I just had to let you know about this.  It is so Great!  Marks Work Warehouse in Bracebridge has a sign on their door for all customers to see. It's printed on an 8 x 11 sheet of paper and it reads:  "All of your dogs are welcome in our store"  It goes on to inform people about leaving dogs in vehicles and how dangerous it is.  Tells people about how fast a car can heat up and kill an animal.  Also encourages anyone seeing an animal abused to call the police or the o.s.p.c.a.  and lists the phone #'s of both in the area.  A BIG thumbs up to these owners.  And yes, I did tell them how great they are.   Hazel (Ed note: ALWAYS encouraging to hear news like this -- please share w/friends and family, post on social media, write Mark's Work Warehouse and praise them!)

Animal Education v. Animal Entertainment - NOT! (thanks Kathryn Robinson for sharing):



Police Mount Blue Moon and Police Constable Claudia Cid. Until PC Cid joined the Mounted Unit, she had never had any experience with horses.  Find out in next week's RescueDiaries the impact that it's had on her personally, and professionally. 

Could Blue BE more beautiful??? To me, this boy is a living work of art.

Happy Mother's Day all! 

I'm treating myself to a 3 hour yoga retreat today, where I'm going to focus REAL HARD on nurturing and nurturance, and gratitude to all my homies in rescue. m.