May 22, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Our precious Victoria Day weekend has arrived...what better way to celebrate than to pollute the environment, kill birds, potentially start fires and lose our house pets... Yes, the May long-weekend is here...

Please do everything you can to minimize damage from fireworks this weekend. Me, I'm politely declining and encouraging my neighbours to do so too...grab a copy of the image below, and share, share, share! 

Now then, to the week...


Best news in a long time! Montreal bans use of horse drawn carriages for a year while they study the issue (thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting):

Over 100,000 Chinese citizens march against the dog meat trade! 

Starting next month, Johns Hopkins STOPS testing on animals!

Don't feed corn to your dogs! YIKES!


Have your say to parliamentarians re: Bill C-246. Please take THIS ONE STEP AND EMAIL ALL MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT.  All the bitching in the world is NOT going to change laws. Only YOU can.   ...and remember, the Bill does NOT affect hunters, anglers, dairy folk or sealers.  It focuses on improvements to cruelty laws. MPs need to be reminded of this, as hunter/angler/dairy/sealer groups are lobbying HARD against this Bill.  I have briefing notes, if anyone wants a copy, email me.


Jack is a Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd mix, approx 4 years old.  H e was found as a stray.   Jack walks nicely on leash and loves, loves, loves his walks because walks = smelling pee-mail and marking every tree! He loves to play fetch and enjoys training with an emphasis on positive reinforcement -- his foster Mom is a clicker trainer.  Jack is a smartie pants and will train you if he gets the opportunity!  Activities to mentally engage him throughout the day are just as important as physical exercise.  He is house trained.   Jack is dog social, and introductions to other dogs have gone well.  He isn't a rough and rowdy guy; he prefers to hang on the sidelines and watch the action, so a calmer dog friend might be a good match.  He is not a "dog park dog" --he would be overwhelmed in that environment.    Jack can be nervous meeting new people and is more apprehensive of men than women.  His new guardian should be dog experienced and able to recognize when he is fearful and able to keep him safe in such situations.  A quieter home with children 15 years or older would suit him best. Until he gets into a routine, Jack can be vocal when left alone, so apartment living is not appropriate.  Jack is a big cuddler and would like nothing better than to hang out with you wherever you are.  He will bond very strongly to that special person in his life.  Could it be you?   Please visit   or e-mail  for more info to apply to adopt Jack.  


Please sign the petition for "No New Dolphins at Vancouver Aquarium" (thanks Jan Clare for sharing):


Two types of (dog) cancers linked to lawn-chemicals (thanks Karen Piercy for sharing): 

Physical therapy for pets (thanks Julie Loomis for sending): 

Have you read about Toby's rescue?


Community Cats Toronto presents a TNR workshop for feral cat caretakers June 4th, Long Branch Library, 3500 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Toronto 10:30-1:30 PM
click here for details:

YYouTube - RescueDiaries

Whether the Metro Toronto Police Mounts are called on to serve as graceful ambassadors, or called on to perform more challenging roles out on the city streets, these horses are true professionals.  Their steady presence performing the regular rituals of policing, offer citizens an opportunity to explore who they are, celebrate their undeniable beauty, and connect with animals on a new level. In stressful circumstances, they offer strength, solidarity, unity of purpose and safety. In good times and in bad, these beautiful horses help elevate the soul, while providing an unparalleled measure of comfort and security.  These beautiful rescue ambassadors seem to use their special powers to quietly and unobtrusively practice the art of horse magic.

The Art of Horse Magic

RescueDiaries is a new YouTube video internet series designed to showcase best practices in animal rescue and advocacy -- every animal, every issue! 
Upcoming stories include:

Toronto Street Cats/Toronto Feral Cat Coalition:  TNR taking Toronto by storm!
Kawartha Turtle Rescue - how to help turtles!
Speaking of Dogs - fostering, adopting, the Rescue Directory and more! 
Toronto Pig Save - Anita Kranjc and the growing worldwide "Save Movement"
The Social Network - let's get pets out of stores!
Mercy for Animals Canada - awareness raising at a whole new level!
Kids on Today's Farms - next gen animal advocates - bless their hearts!
Vancouver Humane Society - Ixnay on rodeos!
Equine Therapy
Advance Care Planning for Pets - Make sure your pet is safe, when you aren't. 
Zoocheck - Wild Horse Campaign
Toronto Animal Services - SNYP truck, care and conditions...

...Bees, Bats, Animal Defence, Holistic Vets, Esther! PTSD, AAC March on Ottawa, Finding Lost Pets, Beagle Freedom, Sea Shepherd, Emergency Preparedness... so many animals, so little time! 

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Don't be shy to get in touch with your rescue stories - the RescueDiaries YouTube channel is all about our community, and the excellent work we are collectively doing to help, and save, animals.

Stay tuned. Gervais and I have a lot more coming your way.

Meanwhile, have a beautiful weekend. Stay two car lengths behind everyone else, and for heavens' sakes, spread the word about fireworks and domestic pets.

Talk to you all next week, mitch