May 24, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan! May you stay forever young! 

Readers, good news. First, C4P newsletters are finally archived properly on the C4P website, so if you want to look up old posts from the newsletter, they can be found here: (Thank you Mikhial Gurarie for your excellent work making this available to us all.) 

Second, remember before C4P got organized around Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation requirements (CASL), we asked that you NOT forward the newsletter to people? Well, specifically, you SHOULDN'T forward via email to your friends and family, unless you have their explicit permission in writing and on record. That being said, one of the other reasons we didn't want it forwarded is because the old format was text only, and could have been changed by anyone, which we couldn't risk. However, this new format through Constant Contact is fine for forwarding as it cannot be altered in any way. But remember, to be in compliance with CASL, you must have permission from your friends to forward.  which... is ALL too complicated. So just get your friends to sign up for the newsletter here, and end the administrative burden for all! :)


Best news imaginable: Walmart announces sweeping changes to animal welfare policies. Note, it's all in the wording. Walmart is (I believe) requesting these changes of their suppliers -- we are unsure at this time about enforcement thereof..   (thanks Krista Osborne for posting, and thanks Mercy for Animals for pushing!  

"I am pleased to advise you that a motion was approved by the Joint Animal Control Board yesterday afternoon (Ed note: last week) to permanently
remove the gas chamber immediately from the Shelter of Hope". 
Greg Burns
Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Port Hope (Thanks Eva McDowell for posting)

As long as we have Bob Barker, we have hope. Bob is now writing to insist Marineland Killer Whale Kiska be included in newly proposed Ontario ban on orcas in captivity: 

Emirates Airlines joins the most important club on earth--lending their name to preventing hunting trophies: 


This is truly important information.  77% of dog bites come from the family dog or a friend's dog.  Take a moment, and show this to your kids.  (Thanks Karen Piercey and Lorraine Houston for posting):


Readers, let's circulate this petition like crazy, and help convince British Airways to BAN the transportation of hunting trophies -- we CAN make this happen!  Do it for the poor giraffe, the rhinos, the dear, dear lions...

Tell Delta Airlines too:

We've shut down two pig wrestling events, let's make it three!


Rachelle Chevalier, C4P reader and animal advocate, has written up her experience with, and perspective on, dealing with deafness in dogs:

Lily has been deaf since birth.  We picked her because we knew we could help her. I knew I would need to communicate differently with Lily, but it never occurred to me that I would be her eyes from behind, her interpreter when anything appears in her scope, and her constant hostess to visitors.  Everything is a threat because everything in her world is sudden.  Add that Lily has been traumatized - struck by a previous owner and attacked by another dog, tooth scars around her eye.  Lily became a remediation project.  She gets upset easily but by living our "it's all fine" mantra daily, she is calming more each day.  We communicate with sign language, mostly made-up.  A lot of our communication is without express gestures, but by natural movement and energy.  I do talk to Lily... she wags her tail enthusiastically and understands.  Deaf or not, dogs figure out how to communicate. We chose Lily to help her but she's helped us immensely.  I myself have difficulty relaxing.  But I'm no good to her if I'm not calm and relaxed.  Lily has made me aware of this and of staying in the moment and staying calm.  She's remediating me too. "  (Ed note: Thanks Rachelle for sharing your perspective.  I'd love to hear from more readers on their experience dealing with "special needs" animals. It's great for us all to share our learnings.)

Everyone note: 
Now that spring is in full swing and summer is approaching, if you see something like this do NOT call the exterminator. Call a beekeeper and they will relocate the bees for you. Bees are the most efficient and effective pollinators and they are unfortunately dying off because people keep trying to kill them. Bees are largely re sponsible for the pollination of most of the world's fruits, vegetables and nuts so without bees we don't have any of those foods. When bees swarm like this it's because they're about to relocate somewhere else and they are highly UNLIKELY to sting you in this state because they don't have a hive or babies to protect. Remember bees are your friend, don't kill them, and call a beekeeper to RELOCATE them. (Thanks June Elaine Taylor for posting).





Big Sky Ranch Fundraiser for a new "Barn of Hope" -- Andy Parent and his team do awesome work, and have for a long time...Big Sky needs to build a new barn, t so that they can take care of more farm animals. Just a few dollars from everyone, that's all that's needed. I'm sending $25.00 right now. Any takers?  
Screening of Redemption, a film about the No Kill movement, featuring Nathan Winograd, animal advocate & director of the No Kill Advocacy Centre in Oakland, CA. Sat. June 13, 2015 OISE, Auditorum, 1st floor, 252 Bloor St. W. , directly above St. George subway station.  The film will be followed by a presentation on how you can make a lifesaving difference for shelter animals. Toronto is the first stop on the 2015 DIY tour which seeks to empower activists to end the killing of animals in their community. Attendees will receive a "Do It Yourself" Guide: How to be a Superhero for Shelter Animals. For more information, visit" Register here:

Moosonee Puppy Rescue Adoption Day, Major Garage + Bake Sale & Raffle  Saturday May 30th (rain date Sunday May 31st),  15 Lake Shore Drive (Etobicoke) between First & Second Streets.  There will be household items, electronics, tools including garden tools, small appliances, CDs, books, toys, gently used baby and toddler clothing, sporting equipment, handbags, jewelry, and furniture.   There will be yummy BAKED GOODS, lots of fun items to be RAFFLED and the highlight will be the PUPPIES that are available for adoption!!



Rest in Peace darling Ray. So glad you were finally loved. Thank you Best Friends, most sincerely.


Watching the Robert F (Francis) Kennedy documentary on CBC tonight. Right or wrong, democratic or otherwise, don't we all need a better world?  Stay with it friends, dig in DEEP and do what you can. Our greatest work is ahead.  m.