November 1, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Wow, is it my imagination or is the world exploding with animal issues?!?! holy smokes... here we go - big week! 


Animal Justice making historic arguments before the Supreme Court of Canada...T his is an incredibly important, precedent setting case. Please support the legal team and bring about a giant leap forward for animals:  

Get a load of this! ...and BC folk, get after your provincial government and stop the killing of innocent wolves!

AND...drum roll...Ear cropping banned in BC! (thanks Pam Hryskiw for posting): 

Thank you Toronto Star  for finally ferreting out this rotten to the core organization that has been getting away with murder forever:

Icing on the cake this week -- first EVER bridge built for animals, Sudbury area:



Lana is looking for the happiness she deserves.
Lana was rescued as a tiny puppy from a horrible place when she was just the size of your hand! Lana is a 1.5 year old lab mix, female. Often, when there are so many pups in a litter, they learn to compete when food is scarce.  Lana came to us with food guarding issues that were worked on, however, a year later, she is still exhibiting those behaviours. She is currently in boarding, and not doing well. She will only come out of her kennel for two people, people who ensure they are there every day to walk her and show her love. Lana is very timid, but with people she knows and trusts, she is sweet and playful. She loves to hike, and is pretty good on leash. She also likes car rides. We are seeking an URGENT foster home, with no children, and with someone who has experience with food guarding. If you can help by opening your home to Lana,   please contact

Ralphy's Retreat needs HELP: In the last few days I have been inundated with requests to find homes for pigs in need. We have upwards of 20 (potbelly) pigs on our books now, some in desperate need. Is there anyone out there who is zoned for a pig and could either foster or adopt one of these poor souls please? Winter is fast approaching and the situation will only get worse. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent for Ralphy's Retreat, please get in touch asap. Thank you! Call Kara 519.586.8083  (Ed note: this woman helps countless animals each year...please take a moment to think of ANYONE who might be able to take a pig...thanks all)

How sad is this????   Myfm live on location at the Alliston Humane Society. We're here with one of our favourites EVER, Jack Jack's dad passed recently, and no one was able to tak e Jack in (Ed note avoiding comment here...) He's an amazing boy who really needs a home.  If you can open your heart and home to a lonely senior who really needs you, come and see us at the Alliston Humane Society. 

I am needing to rehome a group of Muscovy Ducks ASAP. they consist of 3 Drakes 1 White around 9 yrs young his other half a White Hen who recently behind my back hatched out some young. Another Drake Gray and White. A black and white Drake and his other half a Black and white Speckled Hen.  3 other Hens Black and white. I also have to young brother Drakes one Gray and one Black and White.  The ducks can all go as one group or they can be broken up with the exception of the two sibling Drakes who can go together separately.  They really need to find a home as my hubby is closing down the barn as we have bought our in laws house and there is no place to house them on that property. So please if anyone knows someone who would give them a good home email me at   or call me (Karin) at 905-857-6438.  I live just north of Brampton. I would supply a 25lb bag of cracked corn for them.  I have raised most of them and some are very tame.  I have no pics right now as I am still trying to figure out Windows 10. Thank you! 

Tony and Casear were recently rescued from a precarious situation. They were in a loving home for two years until their human was suddenly hospitalized. Prior to that, they were on the street, rescued from a feral cat colony in downtown Toronto as kittens. They are in urgent need of a loving, stable and quiet home with a patient human(s) who will let them adjust at their own pace. They enjoy head strokes and will purr but are still very scared and skittish in their foster home. These kitties are what some affectionately call "shadow cats." They may not sit on your lap but they are gentle and will appreciate the love you have to offer (it's a two-way street, right?). As they learn to trust, I have no doubt they will re-pay you with affection and warmth and might even sleep on your bed as they did in their first home! They are healthy boys of about three years and have been recently vet checked and vaccinated. Please open your heart to Tony & Caesar. Thank you!
Contact: Lynn at or 416.466.5328.


Click here to support Defend Animal Abuse Whistleblowers -- the legal costs being caused by Marineland case are staggering:

The wolf killing starts in the next week or so. Please sign this petition and help us try to stop British Columbia from getting away with this:

Sign the petition and help stop the February bull-killing event in Mexico!


From Animal Justice (.ca)  ...The situation for animals in Canada remains dire, with hundreds of millions of animals suffering and dying every year on farms, in laboratories, in entertainment, and for their fur. Parliament has a tremendous opportunity to improve life for many of these animals, and Canadians are crying out for change. The election results offer many reasons for optimism. It's now time for advocates to roll up our sleeves, start working with the new Parliament, and help MPs pass meaningful legislation for animals. Read the full blog here -- educational!

Update from OSPCA on Merrick killing by OPP: (Ed note: not much of an update, but they do say they'll make the results public ... if anyone sees a report, please be sure to shoot me a copy...thanks...) (thanks Karen Piercey for posting): 

Incredible read on the aftermath of Cecil killing:

Doggies, eat your greens!!!


Action Volunteers Famous Annual Charity Bazaar, Sat'dy  November 14, 9AM-5PM -- Etobicoke Olympium, 590 Rathburn Road. North side of Rathburn, one block  west of Renforth.  Free admission. All proceeds from gifts, pet supplies, collectables, white elephant table, silent auction, bake table - go directly to animals!

Peace Fur Paws and Aurora's Animal Rights Advocates are honored to present Kevin Lahey, and host a Vegan lunch Nov 29th. Just North or Toronto in Aurora at the Aurora Public Library.  Please come join us for a Vegan Lunch provided by local AARA activists, Vegan artisans, local Animal Rights groups, local Farm Sanctuary's, Vegan Merch tables, Bake Sale, Raffle and more.  Plus guest speaker Kevin Lahey will be speaking to us about his past experiences as an undercover investigator. 
Table space is limited - Table cost $30  - 1 table owner/Representative will be free with 2 1/2 price tickets for table volunteers Tickets $20 (fundraiser for AARA & PFP)


Thank you once again readers! here's a happy note... Thanks to your awesome newsletter, little Janis was adopted by a nice lady named Lynn in Toronto who saw your newsletter postings. My cat rescue colleague, Holly, brought Janis up this past Saturday and was delighted at how happily Janis immediately took to her new home! :) After much deliberation, Holly also made the decision to adopt out Lloyd to a friend from work in the Niagara Falls area. Two little souls off to a better life, thanks so much! :)))  Sincerely,  Caitlin (Ed note: happy ever after, little ones!!!)

For Tillman, the skateboarding superdog, with great love. m.