November 6, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

I pray that the next time I email you all, we have our first Madame President.


Attention: anyone in the pet industry; charity, rescue, veterinary, pet store etc., you need to know about:   Denise Angus created this community for veterinarians' clinic staff and those in the pet industries, including pet stores, rescues, animal charities, pet product sales, groomers, doggie daycare/boarding, to help surround you with like-minded people, so you can engage with those who "get" you.  People who understand the ups and downs of the pet world. People who are here to answer questions you have, give feedback, and provide support.   Most importantly this group is for people who are committed to growing their practice or business and looking for ways to think beyond traditional industry marketing boundaries and create an exciting digital footprint that pet parents will notice. (Ed note:  Denise Angus is a "Digital Sorceress". She is completely plugged into new marketing techniques and new media, and has a wonderful capacity to explain/present it to the "un-initiated" in an easy way - strong recommend to follow/like her page. Your animal-business will thank you.)  

By now, you probably all know that by day, I'm a career / business coach. There are MANY ways to build out your advocacy efforts, from a business perspective. Anyone interested in a consult (be it a small sanctuary, a rescue, etc.) please call me and have the conversation.  Would love to share best practices around business building, esp in service to animals. So let's have the chat about a c2017 business plan, including: customer segments, customer relationships, channels/platforms, value proposition, key activities, key resources, key partners, revenue streams (including fundraising/crowdfunding) and costs/cost reductions. This, coupled with with Denise Angus' social media wizardry, can truly move your small business ahead. So let's get started! 905.726.2011.  



Quinte Humane Society  in Belleville, ON is looking for a rescue for a beautiful 9 year old female cat who is diabetic. Her name is Haley a nd she came in as a stray in August. She is declawed as well. She is super lovely and very loving, however diabetics do better out of the shelter environment and with us being so packed with healthy adoptable cats, she is being overlooked. You can contact me directly as I am their volunteer rescue coordinator. She has received her vaccines, deworming and was treated for fleas. There is never a pull fee through QHS and we can help arrange transport.

Hi all, we need a foster home for little Collin who has kennel cough. We need a home without other dogs and someone who can give him his medicine and ensure he eats. He's a sweet little guy and is friendly, gentle and housetrained. Please email if you can foster him, with thanks (Ed note, if I didn't already have dogs, I'd take this little one in a heart beat!)

Our Sanctuary is and always has been about saving the one's left behind.  The sick, the seniors, feral cats, dogs with epilepsy, you name it, and we continue to care for them.  The Sanctuary will remain their forever home until their final tailwag....that's our promise, and not something we take lightly. This last year, we were unable to take in new cases due to dwindling donations, but we still have 18 souls that require daily help. They need food, litter, vet care and medications as the bare minimum. We do not have enough in monthly donations to take care of them, nor can we afford the tremendous costs our own. We do not live "big", in fact we are quite impoverished, as every dime and more we have had went directly to these beautiful dogs and cats that had no other place to 18 year old Chi Maia, Tazzy who was given crack cocaine at a year old (he is now 14!!) wobbly cats (CH kitties), Kale the boxer with severe allergies and mild epilepsy, blind cats, feral cats -- the list goes on. We have given these special medical needs dogs and cats the very best of everything over the years. You can donate at this link for you tax deductible gift which will go directly towards the animals. Thank you for caring, Kelli, Westminster Pet Sanctuary.
(Ed note:  Westminster does excellent work, and have for a very long time. I know they'd appreciate any support they can get...)


Global News does it again! 
Taiwan bans cosmetics testing! 

Celebrate the work of local animal rescues at the Quebec Animal Rescuer of the Year Award.   The event takes place Saturday, November 12th at the Monkland Community Centre, 4410 Westhill Ave., Montreal, QC, H4B 2S9.   $2,000, $1,000 and $500 cash grants will be given to help local animal rescues pay for pet food, vet bills and toys. You can find more info and registration at:


The day my dog Cyril turned 9 yrs old, I started to worry about losing him. We were 5 years away from that horrible reality yet, and, I had NO idea the journey I would end up facing ... When Cyril was 9, I was already advocating for, and trying to secure custody of Max. Six long years later, Max died in my arms on my kitchen floor. Within another year, Cyril and Missie both died, 5 weeks apart. Excruciating. Since then, I've had a remarkable journey in rescue, taking in another bunch that no one wanted, the serious medical/behavioural cases, the palliative ones, like Stormont, Star, Petey, Charlie, Never & Beau, Happy, Gretchen, TrixieLu, Tedman... amongst others. I really didn't intend for my life to go that way, it just did. But looking back on it all now, the painful trajectory of each individual's journey, the intense grief over each and every one of my dogs (and my two cats), I can safely say, yes, you CAN love again. You never love the same way. Each animal brings his/her own story, needs, medical issues, and individual exit. Apart from the unique blessings each one brought, the end-result is a body of unparalleled learning, and being part of a community that is simply outstanding in its capacity for compassion and action. Thank you universe; thank you rescuers for teaching me all that I know; and thank you to all my beautiful pets, for teaching me that love is the answer. I'm so grateful that I gave myself permission to love again, even though I never ever thought I could live qualitatively beyond my life with Cyril, and all the ensuing goons... 

Congratulations to Cara Melbye for wooing Graycie Cat into the house. This little soul was born on the street, and produced at least two litters. She has a ways to go in terms of habituation to in-home environment, but no one better to manage it than Cara! Well done Cara! Thanks for the happy ever after story! And as for Graycie, give her our love! 

Slightly off topic:  We're all insane about the upcoming election. Small wonder.  You can spend your time freaking out, or being paralyzed into non-action, OR, you can spend your good energy sending out the BEST of intentions to the world between now and Tuesday. Flood media with comments, pushing back on a Trump vote. This stuff works, so work it. Put yourself behind and into the universe and WILL Hillary Rodham Clinton a win. Trust.Take the lead. Hold up your biggest shield, you know, the one with a RED lion on it. Hold that sucker up. And keep holding it. Contact your American friends. Do what you need to do, to be part of the solution. The world just cannot.suffer.Trump.The situation's way too serious; we need your BEST vibrations. So vibe, rescuers, VIBE. 

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