November 13, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

The un-imagenable has happened. Camille Labchuk, Exec Director of stated the following the day after the  election, and I cannot help but agree, and thought there was great value in using the impact of this harrowing state of events to galvanize us even further ... "If we have any hope of stopping some of the worst of the pain Trump wants to inflict, this [animals] fight needs every single one of us -- and not just those who live in America. So please, become an activist. Give your voice, give your volunteer hours, and give your financial support to the fight against the nightmare we all woke up to this morning." (Ed note: indeed it does. This is terrible news for all, and critically, terrible news for animals and the environment. We MUST use this "opportunity" to activate, harder and better.)

Similarly, Karen Dawn of, stated this, this week, following the US election:  Let's get back to work for animals, together, right now. They need us. I'm with Karen. Are you? 

C4P Testimonials:
 C4P is starting a new marketing "push" for 2017, and we'll be needing testimonials from our readers as to the power/efficacy of our newsletter! If you're interested in providing us with a statement regarding your thoughts on C4P's role in our community, please be sure to share with us! "Social proof" goes a long way with sponsors, and we're in serious need of sponsorship for the newsletter in the new year. Any and all help appreciated!

Could I ask you all an additional favour? If you like the work Gervais Vignola and I are doing with our YouTube channel "RescueDiaries", please take a moment to push the channel out to animal-loving friends/advocates/rescuers and encourage all to subscribe. We want to get these "edutainment pieces" out to larger markets:


BC bans tail-docking! Amen! 

Massachusetts passes law banning gestration crates, by 2022. I guess we'll take what we can get. 


Here's a question dear network: you know when small farms have work parties to get big jobs done? Well, C4P's got a big job that needs doing -- our ash tree in the back yard. She's quite dead and very big. I've had quotes to take the canopy down (leaving the trunk for the woodpeckers who really like the bugs!)... and haul the wood away.  I do not have $1,000 to do this, and she is a definite danger. Are there any people in this network who could help out? Help out with costs, or  help out with skills? Do you know a (certified/ insured) arborists/tree lover out there who could donate time/skills? I've tried my local church in Aurora; they don't have the skills...   Thoughts people? Would be so grateful... m.
Since 1993,  Westminster Pet Sanctuary has taken in for life the hard luck cases, the dogs and cats no one wants, including those that are sick with high medical costs and the seniors that no one wants to adopt.  This year has been a devastating one -- faced with dwindling donations they have had to make the heartbreaking decision to close their doors to any new pets needing them and are currently struggling to look after the 18 souls that currently reside there.  Can you please help?  Any donation will go a long way, even if it is just to buy a bag of food.  The Sanctuary is 100% volunteer driven and all monies go towards the animals.  
And guess what?  If you live in Canada you get an income tax receipt to boot!

Sweet  Chester is a 2 year old neutered male pug/beagle mix who is heartworm positive and needs a foster home for Nov/December while he goes through his treatment. Chester is a lovely boy who is social, good with other dogs, friendly and engaging with people without any stranger fear. He is house and crate-trained. It is important that is foster family follow the vet's instructions.  He needs to be kept on leash while he goes through the treatment and can't be allowed to run or go to the dog park; he can't do steep stairs either. Chester is not overly vocal and would be fine in an apartment or condo as long as there is an elevator. The rescue is paying for all his treatment and will provide food.  Email if you can foster our lovely Chester! (Ed Note: o h dear gawd someone RUN and get this boy! ... I've dealt with heart worm treatments before, if anyone has questions... not as bad is it sounds, tho you do have to be uber diligent...for the right person, this is totally do-able...)

  Maggie Mae is sweet and friendly (not to mention GORGEOUS) Torti girl who was rescued this past summer from Muskoka when she showed up at my cottage and decided to settle in and have a litter of six beautiful kittens. Her kittens are now weaned (four have been adopted), Maggie Mae is spayed and looking for her forever home. She is healthy and about 2 years of age. I'm not sure how she gets along with other cats.   Please contact me if you would like to meet her. Diane at . Thanks!


Tell Prevagen to stop cruel animal testing (thanks Cara Melbye for sharing):

Hi everyone,  I just created the  petition "Minister Ralph Goodale and MP Mark Gerretsen: Bring Kingston's Prison Farm animals home to Sanctuary, not to slaughter" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name and/or sharing as widely as possible.  You can read more, and sign and/or share the petition here:  Thanks! Franceen (Ed note: readers, this is an incredible initiative well underway in Kingston area. We need to get behind Francine and her team big time - share, post, raise awareness!)

Keep the Liberal government on notice that we're not going away! sign here: 

Nov.19th: stop the slaughter, sign here:


Please spread the word  to any friends you have whose dogs are in need of special handling for boarding. There's always a holiday rush , so people will want to book in advance! Grab a copy of the jpg below, throw it onto your desktop, and keep it handy for friends/rescuers who might inquire.  Incid, (so exciting) it looks like I'm starting the "clinical" side of my animal portfolio finally! ...going to spend a day in a vet's office next week for the first time, to see if a) I like it and they like me; and b) if I can tolerate breathing in that environment. Cannot WAIT to go through the cupboards and see what's there ... My version of a "theme park" lol! 

College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) Legislative Reform Public Consultations are now open!  Get informed! (Thanks Denise Angus for sharing):



Have you met the goats and custodians at FrogHollow Farm Sanctuary? The goats are beyond adorable, and Andrea and Ed and boys, well, hat's off to them...honestly... 

For our friend Leonard, with great love. I imagine he'll be welcomed with open arms by everyone, on the best stage of them all, in heaven.  m.