November 20, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

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For those of you who haven't heard, the 16 dogs stolen in the van in downtown Toronto are all safe and sound...


Hey, this is cool -- SPCA Montréal now has 100K supporters! Congratulations and VERY well deserved ... they are doing terrific work! Civic communion is what is needed -- everybody, join SOMETHING!

HSI advises Vietnam has stepped up on behalf of elephants and rhinos!

Romania bans trophy hunting of bown bears, lynx, wolves and wild cats: 

Zimbabwe drops charges against SOB who killed Cecil:

Gary-Jays are officially Canada's new bird!:

Think Like An Animal featuring Esther the Wonder Pig, Nov.24th 8PM on the Nature of Things:


'Mama' by Rachael Ellis

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Toronto Wildlife Centre needs (pesticide free) wood to feed beavers:


Tell Fedex to stop shipping LIVE DOLPHINS! (Thanks Cara Melbye for sharing):

Please help IFAW help northern dogs:

Congratulations to a bunch o'hard workin' rescuers!:
Nali Animal Orphanage was named the 2016 Quebec Animal Rescuer of the Year and received a $2,000 grant last Saturday.   Liliana Danel, a fundraiser for several animal rescues, received a $1,000 grant to share with Ottawa Rat Rescue, Westies in Need, Tiny Paws Dog Rescue Canada and Rosie Animal Adoption. The Pussy Patrol received a $500 grant which will go towards a TNR program. The following received Unsung Hero Awards: Carol Waterman, Sarah Nevin, Ron Nevin, Linda Ladd, Judy & Roger Cameron, Beverly Auerbach, Manon Berubé, Phuong Le Boillaud, Christine Bernard, Jessica McKay Paquette, Steven Sarrazin, Danielle Mainville, Kym Le Cault, and Carolyne Metayer Dallaire. Ben Bishop-Gay, an 8-year old volunteer with Nali Animal Orphanage received a Certificate of Appreciation.
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Please check out the new short documentary film Trophy.   In North America, hundreds of grizzly bears are killed for sport by trophy hunters every year. This "sport" is outdated, wasteful and inherently cruel. Trophy examines the effect that trophy hunting has on the people, land and animals and asks, 'can we truly justify killing these animals for sport? '   Presented by Lush CosmeticsTrophy challenges this controversial practice. In Canada's Great Bear Rainforest, First Nations groups, activists and over 90% of British Columbians oppose this cruel and inhumane hunt, and yet it still remains legal and sanctioned by the BC government. South of Canada's border, grizzlies in Yellowstone National Park are currently safe and protected under the Endangered Species Act, but that could soon come to an end. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed "delisting" grizzlies from the Act which could lead to sanctioned trophy hunts and other activities that would put these bears in danger.  Watch the full film for free at
 and then take action!



Animals are a top priority in the City of Toronto! Over the last few years, Toronto Animal Services (TAS) has designed some fabulous programs for licensing, micro-chipping and spaying/neutering pets. Tailored specifically to inner-city dwellers, TAS offers inexpensive, supportive services that help keep pets and their families together.  From the new SNYP and CHIP trucks, to licensing packages, Toronto Animal Services has brought a new municipal philosophy to managing pets, and ensures every step of the way, that the human-animal bond is supported! 

I'd like to thank Irene Denver, animal advocate, and Sharron Purdy of Moosonee Puppy Rescue for sending along their testimonials for C4P's newsletter last week. Greatly appreciated ladies!