November 22, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

I have been waiting all my life for someone to intelligently articulate this - Carl Safina pulls it off:  What are animals thinking and feeling, really????
If you truly want to help animals, please buy, promote, share this book. Buy it for your children and grandchildren. Buy it for your neighbour, who has a chained dog, or the other neighbour who hunts, or the one that visits zoos or marine parks. This needs to go mainstream. And it's not just about animals. It's about all of us, staying alive. "WE are the elephant's "flood""... sorry it's sideways.... tech glitch.


Animals got their day in court -- thanks Camille Labchuk!

7000 Norwegians take to the streets to ban fur!

France joins Australia in banning the importation of lion trophies (aka carcasses of dead lions):

There's a population crisis - but it's not the one you think!



Its here!!! The website is finally up to date and we've added a store so you can order your  Ralphy's Retreat merchandise in time for Christmas! 100% of merchandise sales go directly to the animals that call Ralphy's home, so please stop by and check it out!!!store/xq6n8

Toronto Wildlife Centre needs help feeding animals this winter season. Click here to see how to feed six different types of wildlife (and how to donate to them too):


Sigh. One part of me says, no, no, say it isn't so. The other part of me fears / suspects it might be true. One part of me says you cannot publish this for fear of reprisal. The other part of me says how can I not publish this and stand by my rescue colleagues in the field?   All I can do is raise the question. Please inform yourselves. Read through these threads thoroughly. We are all animals. Your instincts will guide you. Allow them. THEN DO SOMETHING. Anything. There is a petition online. The hotlink provided was not accurate. But it is out there. FIND IT on the thread. We HAVE to ask the question. 

goddamnit. I could not sit by, and not share this.


..."Hold onto that love, and let it inform your next one..."  This is a beautiful read by Christian Cotroneo at the Dodo.
I n August, Phoenix AZ judge ruled that all animals in pet stores must be shelter pets (that is really amazing news!) (Thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting): 

Please help Mercy for Animals effect broad changes for animals in Canada - sight petition.  Without you, we cannot succeed:



November 28th protest in front of the Toronto Humane Society:


Diesel lost her life in France this week, doing her job. She was a girl dog apparently. Rest in peace little one.

For Diesel and particularly Moo, with love and hope that our network will stand with, and behind, you. m.