November 27, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

We've reached some new milestones recently, folks!  Our YouTube channel, "RescueDiaries"  now has 200 subscribers! (yay!) and 1,000 views on "Our New Family Pet" video alone - that's a LOT of views!  Check it out farm-animal loving friends:

Gervais Vignola and I have now officially posted 50 videos in 52 weeks, and more to come! We're doing "Tracking Lost Pets" next week with a tracking dog and handler; we'll be covering the excellent work being done by the Social Petwork to shut down the retail sale of cats and dogs in various cities in Ontario; and finally, we're doing a piece on Holistic Vets for the  new year... 
RescueDiaries is more than "just cute animal videos" folks - they're loaded with practical information and best practices on what's happening in the world of rescue. Get on board, and please promote it to your friends/rescue colleagues. The only way we're going to change anything for animals is if we do it "grassroots", ie., from the bottom up, as we don't yet have the laws (yet) to do it "top down"...  Please share and tell your friends about the RescueDiaries, and encourage them to subscribe:
Super special mention too, to our  Facebook fans! Not only do we have some 2,500 receiving our C4P Animal Rescue Newsletter weekly, but we now have an additional 1,200 fans clicking and sharing on Facebook!   It's really wonderful to be the custodian/curator of this incredible network.  Your recent testimonials attest to the power of the C4P Animal Rescue newsletter and RescueDiaries in connecting rescuers, advocates, animal lovers and activists.  It's only together, that we will make the impact we need to make to create change! (... cause it doesn't happen without YOU...)


Orangutans could be extinct in 10 years because of YOUR SNACKS:

Insightful editorial on "caring for the animals who care for us":

New Zealand town builds underpass for penguins! Yes!

Good news for wolves and coyotes...Can't believe Canada's stepped up to do the right thing here... (Thanks Juli Kaiss for posting): 


Salem is available for adoption at Pickering Animal Services (ID# SA16-25) Breed: Rat Species: Small&Furry Gender: Female  Age: 2 Month Colour: Black/ White Intake Date: Nov 21, 2016 Meet Salem. This adorable girl is a 2-month-old Hooded Dumbo rat. Salem is a very inquisitive girl who loves being handled. She is very active and enjoys receiving lots of attention. While we do not have an adoption fee for small mammals, we encourage a small donation to help in providing food and medical care for our shelter animals. (Ed Note: rats should NOT be alone - get her a friend!)  | 905.427.0093 | 1688 Highway 7, Pickering, ON

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION AT OSHAWA ANIMAL SERVICES Visit the shelter at 919 Farewell Street Oshawa. Cats and kittens are $150 plus H.S.T. Cat adoption includes sp ay or neuter, vaccinations, flea treatment, deworming, microchip, rabies immunization and 6 week pet insurance trial.  Methods of payment accepted for adoption and licensing are: cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Meet Blippy! She is a 7-month-old, intact lop-eared rabbit who was surrendered to us very recently because her family, unfortunately, could no longer look after her. She's a little chunky for her age, and would certainly benefit from having Timothy hay and greens as her main diet, and strictly limiting her pellet intake. She's a little shy and is not quite fond of being picked up (at least not yet!), but we are sure that she will make a wonderful pet! You can visit Blippy at the Petsmart on Brock Rd in Pickering. Visit her at our shelter located at Brock Rd. & HWY 7. (There is no adoption fee, but we encourage a minimum donation of $25.) | 905.427.0093 | 1688 Highway 7, Pickering, ON

URGENT!!! Spirit needs you in Owen Sound, Ontario!  Spirit who is estimated at about 5 years old, came to the Owen Sound Animal Shelter emaciated and with a ho le in his face. The shelter has made him strong and well but now it has been discovered that he has diabetes. Being homeless, as with all shelter kitties, causes stress, which makes them harder to regulate. Spirit needs YOU!   Spirit is neutered, declawed, and good with other animals. If you can adopt Spirit or would like more information, please contact Owen Sound Animal Shelter at (519) 372-1123 or


Please participate in this petition AND survey regarding the Canadian seal hunt:


OSPCA "partners" with Ontario Veal Association! How disgusting, and utterly inappropriate!!! You cannot make this up!
Sad news.  Vancouver Aquarium' s last Beluga Aurora passed away tonight (Friday). She was surrounded by caregivers, some who knew her since she was captured in the wild back in the 1990's. Rest in peace, dear girl. Words cannot convey how sorry I am that we all failed you, precious soul. 

Do you know any r escuers/advocates looking for a one-bedroom apartment in Aurora/York Region? If so, contact mitch, c4p! Short term or long term, matters not, I just want GOOD PEEPS...and rescuers are good people! Please forward to anyone in the community you know needs some help/accommodation.



Being informed about end-stages and quality of life is oh-so-important for dog owner/guardians. Note, it's also really really really helpful for the dogs. Take a moment to watch Dr. Faith Banks, DVM's thoughts on how to manage geriatrics ... Please subscribe to RescueDiaries:

Extra special thanks to Lawrence Pinsky, Mary & Jem Hickman, Linda Power, Caitlin Black, Andi Agnew, Shannon Cameron, Judy Hoey and Marie-Lynn Hammond for sending along tributes for the C4P Animal Rescue newsletter. We greatly appreciate hearing how the newsletter impacts YOUR WORK as rescuers and advocates, and greatly appreciate making your comments available to potential sponsors in 2017... Ideas re: 2017 sponsorship of C4P newsletter are MOST welcome... This newsletter cannot exist in a vacuum any longer... we need support, so please write in about any rescue/advocacy businesses you think might benefit from promotion in C4P newsletter and RescueDiaries. We have "tried and true" "social proof" audiences, that could really benefit from exposure in our network! 

Speaking of ... heads' up for annual C4P sabbatical, mid-December to new year. It's been a long, rough, tough year. I'm looking forward to the holidays for precious time off to re-group, re-focus, re-generate... We're in the home-stretch... Yes! m.