September 25, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Montreal PitBull contacts: Montreal SPCA, Pawsability, Halifax, Pound Paws, Montreal
Freedom Drivers (I think Facebook), Transports without Borders, Saint John NB, Litters & Critters, Halifax...

OK, last time, I swear! 
Today, we are asking everyone who can, to personally write their MP an email (eg., and cc: Justin Trudeau, and Jody Wilson Raybould, Min of Justice, asking them to vote yes to Bill C-246. A personal letter/email from you... can be as long or as short as you like. The more personal, the more weight it has.
(more info here:
Then, PRINT the email x 3, put them in envelopes (no postage required if you send to Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6) and drop them at the post office TONIGHT so the letters get to their (assistants')  desks Monday or Tuesday latest. Wednesday is the vote. We need as many Canadians as we can get, to "bump up the numbers" of correspondence received on Bill C-246.
Thank YOU, most sincerely to everyone in this network who made the time to contact their MP, and very special thanks to Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, MP, and team for his courage, and their bloody hard work, as well as the "Animal Coalition" members including Animal Alliance, Animal Justice Canada, CFHS, CCFA,  HSI, IFAW, Montreal SPCA, Finfree, Furbearers, and Zoocheck for staying the course, and the brilliant social media pros, namely Mary Guiffre/Ruby's Legacy, Cara Melbye, and Charlene Myers/ACLACanada, whose mastery of social media continues to astound me! 
Amen.  Let's see what plays out this week....We are twice as strong as we've ever been, more collaborative across groups, and we are leveraging social media through our combined networks, with a vengeance. W ell done everyone! 


California just made it legal to smash a car window, to save an animal! yay!
...I love the sound of breaking glass....

SPCA Montreal is taking the City of Montreal to court over pit-bulls! Yes!



Sawyer is a 1.5 yr old male Akbash/hound cross, 70 lb, housebroken, has basics and walks wonderfully on a Gentle Leader, medium energy, dominant with some dogs but fine at the dog park.  He's a friendly, loving boy who loves to play and socialize, trains happily with positive methods and food rewards.  Sawyer passed his behaviour assessments easily.  He needs an experienced owner who will show strong but positive leadership.  Sawyer has been adopted and returned 3 times for the same reason, one the shelter staff have yet to see.  He's perfect 90% of the time but in the evenings he shows resource guarding, especially of dropped items (keys, books).  He is most comfortable outdoors, possibly on a farm where he can follow his genetic plan.     Upper Credit Humane Society 5383 Trafalgar Road, Erin, ON (p) 519-833-2287 (f) 519-833-2247

China is a 6 yr old female American bulldog cross, white with brindle, a muscular 90 lb, housebroken, good with kids 16+, medium energy, needs work with cats, dogs and basics.  She was transferred from another rescue.  She must go to a home with large dog experience.  Staff had no problem giving her initial shots and she was fine at the vet's for her spay. She'll play ball all day.  Upper Credit Humane Society 5383 Trafalgar Road, Erin, ON (p) 519-833-2287 (f) 519-833-2247 

Small sanctuary needing BIG help!   Hooves and Paws is an excellent, small but private animal sanctuary that has helped many animals in Durham Region and in the GTA for a number of years now.  Accidents and a fire have left them with almost nothing.   All the hay stored for the Winter was destroyed in the fire -- a huge disaster as hay is in very short supply this Fall. Out of the ordinary Vet bills were incurred to assist the terrified horses. And recently the young woman who runs the sanctuary was badly injured in an accident. The following is the link to Canada Helps if you would like to make a donation to help this very worthwhile rescue and sanctuary.
Just click on the link which will take you to Spay Neuter Initiatives on Canada Helps -- then click on the 2016 Veterinary Fund and then click donate. Indicate in your comments that you would like the money to go to Hooves and Paws Sanctuary. You will receive a tax receipt from Canada Helps immediately and Spay Neuter Initiatives will ensure your donation gets to Hooves and Paws asap so they can continue their great rescue work.


For gods' sakes, please sign this petition:ébec-arrêter-l-activité-des-chevaux-de-calèche-dans-la-ville-de-québec

Help Jane Goodall stop wildlife trafficking -- sign here:


Emergency Preparedness for Pets:  Windsor, this weekend. It's just a matter of time before some egregious weather event swings into YOUR hood (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting) -- therefore, if you read anything today, read this (right after you contact your MP one last time -- just kidding, but not really): 
Checked in with  Thistledown Pet Memorial, Uxbridge, this week to see if they were holding their annual St. Francis event... turns out, not this year... However, we did get a great update from Nancy:    We are very excited to announce that we are  welcoming our new greeter here at Thistledown. Kira is a beautiful 10 year old girl that will spend the rest of her days with us and already she is enjoying her new job.  She is happy to greet visitors and loves to comfort them during their difficult moments. She started helping clients the very first day she arrived. When she is not working, she is e njoying our beautiful 50 acres of walking trails and soaking up tons of lovin`. We love her so much already! (Ed note: welcome to the fold Kira!)

Update on the chimps: they are still in quarantine, but definitely enjoying a new quality of life:


Kingston is hosting its first annual VegFest on Saturday October 22 2016 at St. Lawrence College. The event will feature guest speakers including photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur, Stanley Cup winner Mike Zigomanis, a panel of authors, cooking demonstrations, and nearly 100 exhibitors. Veg-friendly sponsors, exhibitors and volunteers can sign up at Mark the date on your calendars and come out to support Kingston's growing plant-based community!  


Rescuing a farm animal is not as difficult as you might think. It's often a highly charged, emotional situation, but for Jada Pels, it simply became a process. Jada and her young children had bonded with Diana Cow over a period of time, and the day Diana was marched onto the slaughter truck, became the "game-changer". Jada managed to convince the farmer to spare Diana, bought herself some time to find a boarding placement, and the rest is history. Check out the beautiful footage of Jada and her new family pet!  Welcome to the fold Diana! Long may you be with us!

For all the precious animals, m.