October 4, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Happy feast of St. Francis! I love October 4th. Every year, it's just a special, special day. Time to be grateful for our rescue colleagues; time to take stock of all the good we've collectively done for animals; time to renew our faith in our efforts for animals; time to be grateful for all the things we can do, as opposed to all the things we cannot. Each week of every year, we pull off miracles for the voiceless. Take a moment to let your heart expand. Think of all those smiley faces. Those near misses. Those coincidental happenings that brought an animal in need to YOU. Think of their first night home, first night in foster, first night in the safety of caregivers who understand and are willing to meet their needs.

Amen folks. Happy world animal day to each and every one of you.


Get a button. Talk to family / friends. Get out and vote. Help others get out and vote. Canada's animals need YOU.

 Why is C4P delving into election issues?  Here's three great examples of how our existing government has ignored or harmed animals:    Canada opts not to block international trade in 76 endangered species:
Stephen Harper targets HUNTERS in new environmental promise:
Canada sidesteps protection of endangered fish:

... not to mention Harper's second in command pose with a picture of a bloodied, dead seal on the first day of the seal hunt ...   And the threat to our waters -- which our animals need to survive:

And if that's not enough to convince you, check out what they're doing to Canadians in general (bless the Blue Rodeo boys for stepping up big time):   http://www.bluerodeo.com/stealingdreams/



Hi, my name is Chase! My name should tell you a lot about me! 
I love to run! (did I mention I love to run????)  In the short time I have been with my foster family, I have managed to wiggle my way into their hearts. They say I am the best greeter they have ever known, and they look forward to the howls that greet them when they arrive! They also say I have the cutest tail they have ever seen, and it never stops wagging!  Im super friendly, snuggly and vocal and on of my favourite things to do is fall asleep with my foster family at night in their bed. I would do best in a home where I am not alone for long periods of time, and where there is a bit of past hound experience (or willingness to learn). Lastly, while I do like to relax at home and lounge around, I need a place where I will get tons of exercise. I have lots of energy! In exchange, I offer you tons of love, hugs, adventures and a face that will melt your heart. I've been trying to find a home for a while now, so please contact allcreaturesrescue@outlook.com for more information.


Handsome Duke is an approx. 18 month old Rottweiler mix. No issues with handling, good with strangers, and social with other dogs.  Duke has has been in play groups; has been taught sit, down and paw; takes treats gently;  some minor guarding noted with food and chewy; enjoys playing with toys; hot spots have now cleared up; is strong on leash with some pulling and jumping. Duke is an engaging, social boy, with kind eyes and a beautiful smile!   If a rescue can take Duke please email 


Sign the petition demanding breeders get licences! (Thanks Colleen Perrin for posting):  http://chn.ge/1MLs81H

Please help us end the shipment of live horses (thanks Loni for sending)

Someone wants to remove Blackfish from Netflix -- let's not let that happen (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting): 

Please sign this petition and don't support this movie -- poor little calf:


The vet who shot the cat with an arrow gets her licence denied -- remember, she'll appeal, so it isn't over yet, but good initial decision:

Rats rock. Before I'm done, I'm gonna get me a rat (or two)...



Little Cookie got rescued from Kit/Waterloo shelter! YAY!   Thanks to all the rescues who stepped up to help! 

Rescue dog chooses her very own, first toy ever! Awwwww..

For Saint Francis, and every one of his followers, with great love. m.