October 11, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!  So many reasons to give thanks...

I'm thankful for this incredible community and for all the good deeds that we do for animals, day in, day out, week over week, year over year. Amazing and humbling, really.

Most of all, I'm grateful for all the beautiful animal companions that have been sent my way.  And I'm grateful my girl Stella is now a normal, fun-loving dog with an identity and role of her very own, her own dog friends, a stable home, and lots of adventures in her precious dog life.

We are rich beyond imagining.  


(some) Travel companies are taking a stand for animal-friendly tourism:

OK, I've seen them paint, and it's amazing. I've not, to date, seen them play music. Until now.  My mind is BLOWN.

From These Glass Walls (thanks Debra Ropollo for posting):  Let's look at what this tells us about this (and, I think it's safe to say, any other) orangutan. He understands he is being held captive. He does not want to be held captive. He understands how a lock works - and how to create a tool that will work to UNlock it. He understands that if the tool is found it will be taken away and he knows how to reduce the likelihood of that happening. He his a living, feeling, thinking being. No one belongs in captivity.



PIGGIES IN NEED:  Does anyone have room for  a potbellied pig? Or two?  We have two new youngsters that have been surrendered that we're struggling to find placements for. (they don't have to stay together - they are not a bonded pair) If anyone has any ideas, please call mitch 905.726.2011. (sorry the photos are so bad and sideways...)

Rescuer in need (me!):  does anyone in this network know ANYONE who works for Animals Asia? in any of their worldwide locations?  If so, could you shoot me an email? c4p@mediaintelligence.ca. thanks ever so... 

Petite, grey tabby female, Janis, has been living on the street for about a year near a dangerous intersection. She has lost most of her tail and recently had the rest removed by a veterinarian. Clearly Janis has had a tough time. She is tame but needs some extra special tlc to bolster her confidence. After her spay she may have to be returned to her former location if a home cannot be found. **A permanent or foster home are urgently needed.** Please get in touch if you can help Janis. Contact  kaitlise@yahoo.ca, 289-687-6755 phone/text.

Black and white tuxedo male, Lloyd, has been living on the street near a dangerous intersection. We believe someone abandoned/dumped him in this area as he mysteriously began to show up several months ago very skinny and hungry. He is tame but needs some extra special patience and loving to assure him he won't be abandoned again. Once he is neutered he may have to be returned to the area if a home cannot be found. **A permanent or foster home are urgently needed.** Please contact us if you want to provide Lloyd with a second chance. Contact  kaitlise@yahoo.ca, 289-687-6755 phone/text.  





Hi Michelle,  t hanks to your newsletter, a long term shelter kitty was adopted at the Brock Township shelter today! A lady contacted Nicola about Merlin after seeing him in the C4P newsletter. Shadow (also a black cat and same age) seemed to be a better fit for her family. So happy for him, he's waited so long. Thank you so much!!
Maddie.... (Ed note: Merlin is now in foster as well! Thank you C4P network!)

For everyone eating vegan today, with GREAT love. m.