October 16, 2016 Newsletter

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Jo-Anne McArthur's latest book CAPTIVE is here! Great Christmas present for advocates in your life! 

Status update from Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, MP: 

Trip Advisor bans ticket sales to attractions that allow contact with wild animals:

Bowmanville: mic drop! 

PEDALS BEAR IS DEAD.    You can voice your opinions by emailing:  DEP Commissioner, Bob Martin - bob.martin@dep.nj.gov,  Deputy Commissioner David Glass - david.glass@dep.nj.gov,  Press Officer Larry Hajna - larry.hajna@dep.nj.gov,  Director of F&W Dave Chanda - dave.chanda@dep.state.nj.us. G eneral email address: njfishandwildlife@dep.nj.gov. Last, call to Governor Christie's office 609-292-6000 and ask to speak to an aide. Tell them politely what they should have done and what they could possibly do in your opinion. (Ed Note: posted on Facebook this week.)



NEWMARKET, ON   These two cats were rescued a few years ago. There was a hoarder with 22 cats living in one room. They were evicted and all of the cats were thrown outside in the middle of winter. All of the cats were indoor only cats and only 3 surviving cats were found / saved by a neighbour. One recently passed, so there are two left. T he rescuer has had the cats for a few years now and is sadly forced to give them up due to her own very ill health - she has been told by her physician that the cats must go.  She tried to find homes for them for quite a while, but had no luck.  As a last resort, she made an appointment with the OSPCA to surrender them.   We became aware of this situation just a couple of days before the intake date and networked them for rescue.  A foster and rescue came forward, but sadly the foster has ignored our calls and messages.  Now the lady has cancelled the appointment at the OSPCA and still has the cats, which is aggravating her very serious health condition.  Molly is 9 years old and has been living with one other cat and a dog. She gets along well with other animals. She loves to play - especially with a laser pointer and pom poms. She is good with strangers and likes to be picked up and petted. Precious is an 8 year old tabby girl. She is a bit shy to start, but warms up quickly. She likes to cuddle you to sleep at night. Her favourite toys are the laser and feathers on a stick. These two are believed to be mom and daughter and need to stay together. They are in good health, spayed, but not up to date on vaccinations.  We  need a foster in the GTA. Or even better, would be an adopter.  These two have already suffered so much and really need a stable permanent home. Contact  evamcd@rogers.com  or  forgottenones2005@yahoo.ca



Peter Whitetail Rabbit: This beautiful bunny had been a family pet, and the girl at her school said they did not want him any more so this girl I was speaking said she would take him I think the family thought he was going to a good home NOT BEING RAISED FOR FOOD. Anyway, I went back to the farm on Wednesday and persuaded the girl to sell him to me, which she did. He is living in my bedroom right now and I am desperate to find him an adoptive home or foster. I cannot adopt or foster him for very long. He is quiet and gentle, and adores being brushed and petted and will fall asleep while you are brushing him. On behalf of Peter Whitetail, Rabbit,  thank you. Sarah West, Founder, CFAWR www.cfawr.org.  921 Lyndden Rd. Branchton, ON, N0B 1L0. Cell:  519.221.3875 Email:  humaneeducation@outlook.com

Folks, rabbit rescues are full in Ontario. Any fosters or homes out there for this beautiful boy, who escaped the meat trade???


Have you filled out the BSL survey yet? Only takes 2 minutes:

Please continue to advocate for Montreal PitBulls ... Sign here, thousands of signatures needed:


Woah...Read about the role of bovine leukeamia virus in breast cancer! (thanks Toronto Pig Save for sharing):  http://nutritionfacts.org/video/the-role-of-bovine-leukemia-virus-in-breast-cancer/

Thinking of getting a donkey? (P.S. get two...)


What can you do when you see an animal in distress? If the animal is in the City of Toronto, you can do a LOT:
Dial 3-1-1!  Check out how the fine people at Toronto Animal Services step up year over year to help animals in distress, and how, in 2013, they went a whole lot further... They had the foresight and courage to get new By-Laws put in place, adding substantive "Care and Conditions" to the By-Law that made it a whole lot less ambiguous for identifying and securing an animal in distress, which, under the previous By-Law, only allowed for  food, water, shelter or medical emergencies. Check out TAS' happy ever after, and if you need it, remember, just Dial 3-1-1.

The good news (because there should be some!)... A thank you note to your MP would not be remiss, if s/he did indeed vote yes to Bill C-246.  You can look on it deserved praise (AKA intermittent positive reinforcement ;)), or, you can look on it as a strategic move to continue the dialogue with your MP because...drum roll...advocates are NOT going away.

Do you have a rescue story you'd like to share?  Send me an email ... would be great to hear from the community to help empower others through our collective good deeds and good news! 

Have a great week all, m.