October 18, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Dear readers: this is an incredibly close election. Please be sure to vote. Know that the Harper government has done NOTHING for animals. NOTHING. And the one thing they've HAVE done, is to ensure our Canadian waters are at risk - the most vital life-force for animals everywhere. I'm not happy having to vote for one party in my area, when I prefer to vote for another. But I'm not wasting my vote, and I'm NOT giving my vote to conservatives.  I'm voting strategically and I hope you do too.


If you haven't heard about Thanksgiving weekend rescue involving four NY/NY Sanctuaries, you need to.  200 animals taken to safety from the most egregious conditions. Skylands Animal Sanctuary, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Farm Sanctuary NY and Cornell University all pulled together in a massive effort to help these poor animals. Please consider making donations -- they are desperately needed to cover medical costs. Visit any of these wonderful  sanctuaries' websites and donate today. Even $10.  Every penny helps.
Our friend and advocate par excellence, Anita Krajnc, of Toronto Pig Save charged with criminal mischief for giving water to pigs -- read about the plans for compassionate representation in this case! 

Toronto invests $100K to reduce feral cat population! A-ma-zing! 




This gorgeous Bengal x girl is ready to find the family of her dreams.
Tammy and her sister and mom were found as a strays last winter, desperate to find a safe warm place to live.  Tammy is a one year old beauty. She is very energetic, playful, and has dog like behaviour. Tammy would do well with a friendly dog and a house full of children to keep her busy. She is quite sensitive and does best on a natural litter and a grain free food. Tammy is a lovely, chatty companion! Tammy is with Uxbridge Cat Rescue, located an hour north of Toronto.  Contact Nicola Ransom-Brown: njreb.9705@yahoo.com  416-989-7005

Still looking for someone to do a home visit for us in Tiverton, ON (Near Lucknow area). I haven't been able to find anyone! Also the Dachshund Rescue needs a home visit there as well. Please share so we can try and get this filled! Doggies are waiting!
(Ed note - no contact info given, nor second location...just this Facebook page... anyone able to help?)


Sign here to support introducing meatless Mondays in schools, and help save the planet!  http://chn.ge/1VQoYkH

Another deplorable pig chase for us to shut down, this time in Pennsylvania. Please sign and share: http://chn.ge/1LiXn1j

Sign the petition for tougher cruelty laws in Canada -- only 750 more signatures needed to reach 25,000!  (Thanks Jan Clare for posting): 

Please tell Denmark NOT to dissect a lion cub publicly. (who thinks up this crap anyway? gawd.) http://www.thepetitionsite.com/656/728/856/tell-danish-zoo-dont-dissect-lion-cub-in-front-of-children/?taf_id=16378137&cid=fb_na


Chimp in zoo asks a child to free him using sign language: 


The countdown is on to  The Dog Rescuer's Inc BIG, fall fundraiser and this year it's at a new location!   Sunday October 25th join us at the OAKVILLE ARENA PARK (133 Rebecca Street, at the corner of Rebecca & Kerr) for our Mutts & Monsters Walk-A-Thon and Tails in Town BBQ! Bring your friends, family and dogs to this fa mily friendly, dog friendly event! Participants will have the option of a 1km or 2.5 km walk, led by Oakville Mayor Rob Burton. Along the way take part in the "Lost Monsters Hunt" and receive a goulish prize at the end! After the walk-a-thon, stay for our ever popular BBQ with the Oakville Firefighters, vendors, pumpkin sale, face painting for the kids, $5 doggie nail trims, costume contest (for 2 legged AND 4 legged!!!), canine apple bobbing, and swag bags. Pledge forms are available for download on our site at  www.thedogrescuersinc.ca (use the home tab, click on upcoming events, and it will be there). High school students looking for VOLUNTEER HOURS can take part by participating in the walk, and raising $200 in exchange for 4 hours towards their volunteering. If you want to walk without raising pledges, a 20 donation can be given. This event is tons of fun, and raises much needed funds for our awesome dogs. 



Farm Sanctuary NY, Skylands Farm Sanctuary, Catskill Farm Animal Sanctuary and Woodstock Farm Sanctuary are all bearing the burden of having rescued 200+ farm animals last weekend ... please consider donating to any one of them ... they pulled off a miracle for these dear animals. 


Another week, another mess of issues.  For Anita Krajnc, and Toronto Pig Save, with tremendous thanks and admiration. Everyone, stay the course. Unite and act.

If conservatives get in again, I'm going to need a support group on Tuesday morning. m.