October 23, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

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In case you missed International Sloth Day, on October 20th...take a moment and celebrate their beauty!


Toronto! Second dog taken by coyote in Eastern Beach:

The world's mammals are being eaten into EXTINCTION. 

YAY Cambridge! Pet retail sales banned! 

Good News: $2.5M donated for Guelph surgical care for the James Slaight advanced surgical care facility, in the names of James and Stewart Slaight Poodles!  (thanks Dana Margolis for posting): 

Bad News: Spanish Supreme Court overrules ban on bullfighting:


Who wouldn't want a dog named Bruce, for heavens' sakes??? How is this handsome, sweet boy still available for adoption?  Bruce is approximately 8 years young and is such a pleasure to have around. He's an extremely easygoing guy who loves to give and receive affection.  Although he can barely contain his excitement when it's time for a walk, he is very well mannered on leash. He is full of love and fun, always has a smile on his face, and greets all who enter his home with a happy wag and friendly inspection.  He responds well to basic commands and is always a gentleman. Bruce does not bark often, but when he does it is the most endearing hound/pug sound you have ever heard. Bruce has an eye condition which requires twice daily drops for life --monthly cost is around $25.  His latest eye appointment showed his "good" eye now has a cataract so unfortunately Bruce's eyesight is not good at all and our vet feels he is pretty much blind.  Despite his vision impairment he gets accustomed to his environment fairly flawlessly and his navigation skills are solid. Bruce is sweet, housetrained, good with other dogs, good in the car, friendly with people, and just an overall well-mannered guy. This quintessential dog will be an amazing addition to any family! Can you provide the forever home he's been dreaming of?  Please don't let his lack of vision deter you from adopting this gentle-natured charming boy!  Contact:  lorraine@speakingofdogs.com What a beautiful little face! Anyone looking for the perfect dog? Go get Bruce! 


Paddington  is a brown tabby DHS male stray cat, approx 2-3 years, who was recently removed from the street. He is so sweet and cuddly but is unneutered and has a bad case of stomatitis. His teeth will need to be removed. None of the rescues in the Niagara Region, nor the Humane Society have the funds to help this cat. If I surrender him he will be euthanized. If you can help with Paddington please get in touch. He is also seeking a foster/adoptive home.   <3 kaitlise@yahoo.ca 416-518-2781 phone/text


The fifth annual Quebec Animal Rescuer of the Year Award takes place November 12th in Montreal!  You can find more info and registration at  https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-quebec-animal-rescue-of-the-year-award-tickets-28335189314   Quebec-based animal rescues can apply for cash grants that will be awarded at the event. For more info, email  admin@guardiansbest.com.

It's official:  dog people prefer dogs to people (thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting):

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T oday!

SPEAKING OF DOGS RESCUE  is pleased and excited to announce our fall online auction being held from October 23-
Please help us continue our efforts on behalf of needy and homeless dogs.  We're as busy as ever again this year helping the many dogs who come through our doors; many who are seniors and others with special needs. Thanks to our generous supporters, there are nearly 200 items to bid on.  Some of the items include an iPod Nano; doggie items such as life jackets, ramps and a stroller; holiday items; framed prints and much more!  There are also a number of items 'previously loved by Lorraine' that she sadly parted with due to her downsizing.  Come shop with us for the holidays!  Visit the auction site at 
http://auction.speakingofdogs.com  on October 23rd after 9 am to browse and place your bids knowing that you'll be helping us help as many dogs as possible find a second chance at love and life.  All funds raised go to veterinary costs and quality care of the dogs.  Thanks from all the dogs and everyone at Speaking of Dogs Rescue. (Ed note: thanks Speaking of Dogs Rescue for ALL that you do!)


Pet loss is staggeringly difficult. Moving from Post-Traumatic Stress to Post-Traumatic Growth by using the concept of "reinvention" is a truly helpful mechanism.  Ask yourself how could do you take your loss forward, by re-inventing or creating something new and positive as a result? What can you now do, in your pet's name, that would help other animals?  Sometimes the answer is making room for a new pet. Sometimes, it's as simple as volunteering to help others. The trick is to be pro-active, as much as possible, rather than reactive. We encourage everyone to remember their beloved pet with joy, not regret.  Here is where to find Letters to Pushkin: www.letterstopushkin.com.

Have you got a happy rescue story you want to share with the community? Send me the "who, what, where, when, why" and photo and we're happy to share your happy ever after! 

Have a great week everyone. Thank you again, for ALL that you do. m.