October 25, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Correction to last week's newsletter, as one reader pointed out:  Mrs. Harper did help cats at the Ottawa Humane Society. Which was very nice of her. As for our Canadian fish, bears, horses, seals, wolves, moose, etc., conservative FAIL. 'Nuff said.  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Peggy Nash, outgoing NDP for her wonderful support of animals while in Parliament. Peggy was just a STAR. Please see breaking news item below re: new MPs committed to animal protection.

I posted this on C4P Animal Rescue Facebook page this week, and I thought it worth repeating here. ..Amazing to read the reactions of my friends to the election results. Yes, we lost some good folk. I'm truly sorry about Peggy Nash. But we got rid of the worst of them. Amen. Now is not time to whine or cry. It's time to hold your MP's feet to the fire on issues that matter to you. I hosted my MP Leona Alleslev here at my home a few weeks ago. She was genuinely interested in my feedback on Canadian laws (what laws!?!?)  for animals. She followed up with me 3 times during the course of the run up to the election - unheard of, in my experience. MY next steps are to book the next meeting with her and start getting busy AGAIN, making SURE that animals get onto the agenda. That job is MINE, before it's hers. I'm not gonna whine and I'm not gonna cry. I'm going to slowly but surely do MY job, as a citizen and animal advocate, better than ever. And I'm starting today.   Go Canada.


Painted Rock Farm Sanctuary in Tottenham had a devastating fire this week, lost their house -- most animals and all humans accounted for and safe. They're going to need serious support - please consider sending them a few dollars to help them out: Barry & Laura Cameron Painted Rock Animal Farm & Sanctuary, 5354 Third Line, R.R.#2   Tottenham, Ontario, L0G 1W0

Humane Voters congratulate the new MPs committed to animal protection:

8 more bears coming into rescue and safety thanks to Animals Asia!

Germany is the first country to stand up and stop grinding up live chicks:



Calling all pet owners - do you know what your furry or feathered or finned friend is thinking?   If so, they could appear in the Saturday Star column  Pet Psyche .  Tell us why your cherished companion should be profiled at  petpsyche@gmail.com   ...Along with cats and dogs, we're looking for parrots and ferrets and lizards oh my!  In other words, any type of animal companion you consider a cherished friend.

These 2 Rotti's were found on Sept. 7th 2015 in Newcastle. Sadly, their owner did not claim forward to claim them. One is a female, the other a male. These dogs are in need of a wonderful new home. Hopefully they can find a home together. Please share this post to help these dogs get adopted. Thank you. (Thanks Team Chelsea for posting) (Ed note: how sad is that little face? good grief!)

Meet Mittens a beautiful male  polydactyl  who is 3-4 years old, fixed and UTD on all vaccines. This amazing boy has had it a bit rough, but is now finally ready for a home to call his own.   Mittens was literally up a tree when help was required. This boy who is all thumbs was in a tree for two days until help arrived. Mittens is such a great boy and gets along with both cats and dogs. He adores children and loves to please whoever calls him. Mittens is all thumbs but would love a home with people who will love him for what he is. If you think you would love to help this guy, please give Elaine a call at (519) 986-1587.

My name is MILLER. I am a neutered male, white and black domestic shorthair.
The shelter staff think I am about 1 year and 3 months old. I have been at the shelter since Jun 26, 2015. City of Oshawa Animal Services. ID#A049027

Hi my name is Daphne and I am a catahoula mix type of dog with 1 blue eye!  I am a very exuberant girl with a lot of energy! Because I am young, I will need someone who is an experienced handler/trainer that has worked with frustrated shelter dogs before.  I don't mind the company of other dogs but I do need time to adjust to them.  If they don't respect my space I will get snappy at them but I get over it quickly (and so far so have the other dogs)!  My buddy "Bart" and I have been out playing and learning together and so far so good!  I have already taught him to respect my boundaries.  My biggest frustration right now is going back into the kennel, I really don't like it and I can become exceptionally nippy/grabby.
Can you please help me?  Please contact Kim at Hamilton Animal Services at  animalrescue@hamilton.ca

Hi my name is Bart and I am a neutered lab X approx. 2 years old.  I have been in the shelter environment since July and I am getting extremely sick and frustrated of the kennel.  I need help!  I am a high energy boy who will require a stable environment and daily exercise.  I am playful but I do become overstimulated at times, so I will require someone who can recognize these signs and simply change things up. I learn commands and tricks very quickly and I am eager to please!  I am highly food motivated and will do pretty much anything (or will try) to do what you want me to do as long as I get that reward in the end!  I am a really good boy but because I have been in a kennel so long, I have forgotten some basic manners and a quick reminder will help me get back into shape.  Can you please help me?
Please contact  Kim at Hamilton Animal Services at 


RIP Merrick, 21 year old companion and family member. You couldn't see, you couldn't hear, you couldn't speak, you couldn't defend yourself. We won't forget you, we will fight on in your name.

Ask Zimbabwe to protect its animals, instead of brutalizing them for $:


Everyone has heard of the Collingwood Police Officer who ran over a dog three times because he thought it was a coyote? really? now there's a rationale for running over a creature three times! Please sign the petition to have him charged and psychologically assessed:

And here's a matching petition (thanks Debra Ropollo for posting) to ask for training for first responders dealing with wildlife:


Keep this forever!!! Amazing resource in Ontario if you end up with a cat stuck in a tree ... which will happen over the course of most people's lifetimes...


TODAY!  12:30-3:30 Peace for Paws Living with Compassion Event! 


If you've never really seen the depth and breadth of Farm Sanctuary's efforts, you must see this video of the NY state rescue two weeks ago, of some 200 animals.

For Laura & Barry and all the animals at Painted Rock Farm Sanctuary, with great love, m.