October 30, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

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Has anyone followed up with their MPs to see a) which way they voted and b) WHY? Feedback from MPs will be critical to the next Bill, whatever it may be. Building and maintaining a relationship with your MP is also critical. Finally, well placed thank you notes go a LONG ways, so please be sure to send a thank you note if your MP voted yes.

Any acts of kindness you want to share with our network? Talk to me... 


What's happening with the OSPCA? Thank you Christina Stevens @ Global News for getting your teeth into this one! (Thanks Angie L for sending!):

Could giving animals land property rights help stop their decline (being as we're on schedule to go from 50% of worldwide animals killed in the last decades, to 66% of worldwide animals killed by 2020 - yes, 2020, meaning, it's already here): 

YAY Georgina Feral Cat Committee -- check out page 3 article. Excellent work! 

US Hunters cannot import trophies from canned lion hunts anymore! 


Peter Whitetail Rabbit still needs a home!  This beautiful bunny had been a family pet, and the girl at her school said they did not want him any more so this girl I was speaking said she would take him I think the family thought he was going to a good home NOT BEING RAISED FOR FOOD. Anyway, I went back to the farm on Wednesday and persuaded the girl to sell him to me, which she did. He is living in my bedroom right now and I am desperate to find him an adoptive home or foster. I cannot adopt or foster him for very long. He is quiet and gentle, and adores being brushed and petted and will fall asleep while you are brushing him. On behalf of Peter Whitetail, Rabbit,  thank you. Sarah West, Founder, CFAWR  www.cfawr.org.   Cell:  519.221.3876 Email:  humaneeducation@outlook.com



The 21 Tilbury Dogs are finally getting their day in court - come out and show your support!  Morning Departure: D
og Tales Rescue - 1405 19th Sideroad, King City, ON   6:30 AM  
Destination:   Chatham-Kent Provincial Offences Court - 21633 Communication Rd, Blenheim, ON 
Afternoon Return 
Location:  Chatham-Kent Provincial Offences Court - 21633 Communication Rd, Blenheim, ON   
Around 1:00 PM 
Dog Tales Rescue - 1405 19th Sideroad, King City, ON
Please sign here and help support Pedal's Law!

Encourage the OSPCA to lay charges for cruelty to animals in the Fearman's truck roll-over 3 weeks ago:  http://bit.ly/2eD2wvu



Dog bites happen. And invariably, the blame is placed on the dog. Despite the fact that owner/guardians are responsible, many dogs pay with their lives for their owner/guardians' lack of awareness and disregard of appropriate training and socialization.  Dog training is a life-long proposition. Learn to recognize the signs of reactivity in your dog and set him/her up for success, by increasing socialization, recognizing triggers, and redirecting behaviours before they become a habit.  This is one life lesson you don't want to learn the hard way.

For those of you who care about the planet and ALL its animals, (including us humanimals), I encourage everyone to share this today, and watch this tonight, Nat Geo, 9:00 PM:

For Mister Goon, with great love. You did so good, my boy. m.