September 4, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Good thing it's a long weekend, cause this is a LONG newsletter!!!

We are in the homestretch on Bill C-246. Vote is Sept. 28th. We truly need hundreds of people to take one option from below list and action it.  

Personally, I'll be damned relieved to get this off my desk. And I've nearly walked away at least 3 times in the last month cause I'm so fed up with the topic. But I can't. If I walk away, I know, very clearly, that I remain part of the problem. 

So please stay with me, stay with this, and get the job done. The animals are counting on YOU and ME ...

1. Calls to Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs
Chair: The Hon. Dominic LeBlanc
Vice-Chair: The Hon. Judy M. Foote
The Hon. Lawrence MacAulay
The Hon. Marc Garneau
The Hon.. Mélanie Joly
The Hon. Kent Hehr
The Hon. MaryAnn Mihychuk
The Hon. Maryam Monsef
(I'm going to write them all as a group, directly, and demand an "uncanned" response.)

2. Constituents in various ridings need to keep calling their MPs mobilize your mailing lists and Facebook Pages.  Ask specifically for the MP, not their Exec Assistant, and tell them you do NOT want a "canned response". Probe them on their position. Use as back up to arguments (Mary Guiffre site - excellent stuff...) Make sure your MP knows that we are tracking and will be publicizing who voted, and how they voted, and making it publicly known Canada.  A gentle reminder about accountability never hurt anybody! :)

3. Letters to Editors in various ridings - local media - esp rural ridings, esp week of Sept.19-25, week just before the vote.

4. At riding level, "Google Search" local activism groups, be they family / womens' shelters / rights groups / police associations, Humane Societies, and see if their Exec Director will participate in calling their MPs due to the link between animal abuse and violence, or penning an article to Editor, etc, or, simply promoting media articles to their mailing lists and/or Facebook pages. Whatever is doable. Give them options.

5. Take the time to promote and re-promote ANY social media pieces/editorials on Facebook, most days from 12-8PM, Friday aft is BEST time to post.... If you have any available dollars, BOOST the ad. This is the best way to reach the "unconverted".  When you BOOST an article, write up 3 short steps for readers to action - you only have 8 seconds to get their attention. So you mention WHAT you are promoting, HOW it will help the reader, and give them a CALL TO ACTION (call your MP)

Canada's Anti-Cruelty Shame:
We Need to Protect Canada's Animals and Pass Bill C-246:
...  If anyone else has articles they want to promote through C4P - please send them to me!!! Will be happy to promote them on Facebook and in C4P Animal Rescue Sunday newsletter. 


Ivory-sniffing dog duo nabs poacher in impressive first bust!

More amazing work from Mr. Bob Barker -- funds a bear sanctuary in Manitoba:

Seriously, check this out, this woman is a SAINT! Send money if you can!

Protest against Canadian Farm Animal Transportation Laws:  52 hours for cows, sheep and goats, 36 hours for pigs and fowl. 

Study shows dogs really do understand human language (of course, we all know this, but interesting findings re: left/right brain processing...Thanks Twyla for posting):

Sad Victory:  Cheeky Bear's remains are brought home to rest:



This sweet senior boy is hoping to find a forever family. Meeko is diabetic cat and was taken by his family to a vet in Richmond Hill to be euthanized. His diabetes is easily managed, but the family did not want to deal with him any longer. Thankfully the vet technician could not put him to sleep as Meeko is a happy and deserving cat.  He is social and affectionate, a perfect companion. Everyone at the vets' office adores him! Meeko is 14 years old and good with other cats, who would love a home to live out his golden years. If you are interested in adopting Meeko, contact Nicola Ransom-Brown of Uxbridge Cat Rescue:  or 416-989-7005

New homes needed for six German Shepherds seized by law enforcement:
The Sound of Pigs Eating Watermelon! Support Ralphy's Retreat!!giving/c70d

Mr. Tiggs and Snowball need a new home. Their owner sadly passed away and no other family members were able to take care of them.  Mr. Tiggs is 14 years young and Snowball is 13.They would love to live out the rest of their twilight years together. They can be adopted for just $20 each! They are staff and volunteer favourites. Mr. Tiggs Pet ID: A242966 Snowball  Pet ID: A242968   Spayed/Neutered Current on vaccinations   City of Mississauga Animal Services 905-896-5864 735 Central Parkway West, Mississauga, ON L5C 4H4
 Mr. Tiggs


King is a bullmastiff mix that came to us as a stray and was just never claimed by his owner. This fella is waiting for someone to take him home. He is just about 2 years old and has just been neutered. Come and take him out for a walk or two. We are recommending a no-pet adult home for this boy.   Pet ID: A264235  Current on vaccinations * Prefers a home without: Dogs, Cats and Young Children *   City of Mississauga Animal Services 905-896-5864 735 Central Parkway West, Mississauga, ON L5C 4H4


Sign the petition to Egg Farmers of Canada and bring an end to grinding male chicks up alive, just because they are males (Thanks Krista Hiddema for posting):


Michael Lanfield, Educator, Filmmaker, Author has just published a new book called "The Lost Love".  I'm excited about reading it. Check out his excellent work here:

Oprah urges her viewers to go meatless:
OH MY GOD have you met Thor?  Prepare to die: 
Animal Cruelty Legislation Advocates Canada are doing some amazing work - check them out! 

Who's still using balloons out there? Knock it off! They are TERRIBLE for animals and the environment! 


Canine Foundations is holding a Canine Behaviour 101 combined with Canine Self Defense course on October 1st 2016 in Vaughan at Action First Aid.   If you register before September 1, 2016 you will save $25.00 per person. This is an innovative course for all professionals working with dogs.  Stay safe, know what the dogs are "saying", know how to protect yourself in the event of a dog attack.   If you need any further information please contact:   Wendy Sunega, Corporate Training Coordinator, CANINE FOUNDATIONS 647-284-7584



Coming soon to RescueDiaries:  A new visit with Dr. Faith Banks, DVM; an update from the stellar Toronto Animal Services Team, and a visit to Frog Hollow Sanctuary tomorrow, to talk to "Kids on Vegan Farms". Can't wait! 


Lots of animals in need this week, please network them. And then print up your Bill C-246 list and spend a little time working on it the next 3 weeks... 

For the animals, m.