September 6, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

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Readers, my BFF Gervais and I are starting a new (rescue) project, and we need feedback/input from our readers. We would like to do a little market analysis with whomsoever chooses to participate -- all it takes is an approx 10 minute phone call. If you could spare the time, I'd love to hear from any of you, and have three simple questions to ask. Please call 905.726.2011 any morning. How about it? Give me a shout. 


Urgent September 7th - (thanks Lynne Barrington for sending):
Please contact South African wildlife authorities urgently and ask them to put a stop to a week-long wildlife massacre that is scheduled to start on Monday. Organizers intend driving hundreds of wild animals, including warthogs, antelope and baboons, along a specially cleared two-kilometre stretch of land on a farm near Alldays in Limpopo province. Hunters will be standing on purpose built platforms to take pot shots at the animals as they attempt to flee in terror. The South African SPCA (NSPCA) has been on the property and confirms this is not a hoax. However, the hunt is technically legal and they are powerless to stop it. There is a government official, Sam Makhubele, who responsible for issuing permits who could intervene to prevent this bloodbath. Please email or call him to politely ask him not to allow this event to go ahead: Sam Makhubele (pronounced Mah-Koo-Beh-Leh) - 011-27-15-295-5726 / 011-27-82 904 5874 / Local activists are planning a protest and have started an online petition which is gaining momentum.

West Virginia & Michigan to close last gas chambers:

33 American circus lions rescued by Animal Defenders International, are going home to Africa to live out their lives in sanctuary -- beautiful news!

At long last, testing on USA chimps ends for good. Can I get an AMEN?!?!?!



Sweet and stunning Siberian husky Nina is ready for adoption after having her patella surgery which healed beautifully and was a huge success - you would never know that she used to have trouble walking!  Now she even runs! Nina can now enjoy the longer trail walks and the city sights without tiring or being uncomfortable.  Pretty blue-eyed Nina is approx. 8 years young and has a loving gentle nature.  She is housetrained, not a vocal, good with other dogs, not overly interested in cats (has lived with a cat harmoniously), is friendly with strangers and is an affectionate and engaging dog. She is always ready with kisses to spare.  Her foster family is in Toronto and despite all their good reports about Nina's amazing attributes, she's yet to find a forever home.  Who could ask for a better dog - did we mention she is a wonderful traveler in the car?  This Siberian beauty is ready to love again - who will be the lucky recipient?   Lorraine   See our dogs for adoption at:

Callie is a beautiful 9 year old mastiff/lab mis with soulful brown eyes and a heart of PURE GOLD. Callie was rescued from a shelter in Eastern Ontario where she was found left for dead at the side of a road. Callie is friendly with everyone she meets, people and dogs alike.  She currently shares her foster home with 3 other dogs and they all get along splendidly. We aren't sure about cats. Callie has some arthritis in her back legs, but still very much enjoys going for walks. She pulls a bit on leash, she's just so excited to meet and greet everyone she sees. Callie is very quiet in the house and is fully house trained. Because of her arthritis, Callie would not do well in a home where she had to negotiate lots of stairs on a regular basis, esp to get in and out of the home. She is on a daily pain medication to help keep her comfortable - that will need to continue. Callie is FULL of love and her favourite thing ever is to roll over and gets and lots of belly rubs. Callie is simply thriving in her foster home adnwill continue to do so with good nutrition, moderate exercise, and lots of love. Callie has had some mammary tumours removed and will have the rest of her tumours removed and be spayed before being adopted out. If you feel you can give Callie a safe and loving home please see the adoption information on our website ( ). Our adoption process includes an online application, a home visit, reference checks and a meeting with the dog. An adoption fee of $150.00 applies.

Hey guys I am asking for a favour! Since all the Large breed rescues are super full I know no one can help take this giant goof. But is there anyway you could possibly courtesy post him?? He has been in our Shelter since June 15 th . We are looking for a large breed savvy person. We do not know what he is like with children. No small dogs/cats. Good with large dogs with proper introduction. Very good with people. Does bark when in fenced in area. Not food/toy aggressive. Let me know if you need more information. We would greatly appreciate it we want to find Barrone his Forever home very soon!   You can visit our website for more info:   Or give adoption staff a call for more information  905-898-7122 X 306   Thank you!   Megan Morrow  Arrivals Counsellor  Ontario SPCA  

City of Thunder Bay Animal Control Services is offering reduced fees for cat adoptions this week in an effort to find homes for harder to adopt cats. The lowered fees are $50 per cat plus tax and a $15 license for a total of $72.50. The one-week blitz of lowered adoption fees includes basic vaccinations, not including rabies, deworming, micro-chiping, spay/neuter, six weeks of free health coverage up to a $500 value. (thanks Eva McDowell for posting).  This is a high-kill facility -- pls share!


Please ask Britain to come to its senses regarding fox hunts (thanks Bev Molloy for sending):

Please lend your voice and help Kaavan,  this poor elephant who has been chained for 28 years in a Pakistan Zoo:

Please tell Craigslist to STOP selling ivory:

Cost sells eggs from hens in battery cages - did you know? Here's your opportunity to tell them to STOP IT!

Ask the Toronto District School Board to STOP supporting Bowmanville Zoo:


Wolves play a key role in top down regulation of eco-systems, yet Alberta is still killing them indiscriminately, with strychnine, amongst other horrid tactics. Please get informed and active on their behalf:

Speaking of Dogs Rescue Calendar is looking for business card ads for our 2016 calendar. We have about 10 spots available if you would like your biz card on the calendar please email with thanks. The cost is 40.00 and the ads help pay for the printing costs. (Ed note: readers, this directory is VITAL to the rescue community - please support.)

This is a good one to share on social media:


World Animal Day is coming October 4th - read here about how to plan an event!


RIP DaDooRonRon. You were greatly loved. I'm sorry for what humans did to you.

Want to get excited about the future?  Check THIS out (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting):

For every animal on earth, including humans, m.