September 13, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Great thanks to those who called in last week regarding C4P's need for feedback/market analysis -- you're STARS!   We would still like to hear from a few more people -- all it takes is an approx 10 minute phone call. If you could spare the time, I'd love to hear from any of you, and have two simple questions to ask you about your thoughts on advocacy and rescue. Please call 905.726.2011 any time. 


Storybook Farm Primate Sanctuary safe - deal closed - good work Board members!

Calgary Zoo gives Safari Club International the boot -- public pressure works!

SPCA Montreal wants people to STOP chaining their dogs! (Thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting):
Landmark ruling in Oregon: animals can legally be considered victims - the tides are changing folks! 

Wow. Want change? THIS is what's needed - go sing!



Peppe is an Old English Bulldog,  in a serious situation. He was dropped in our laps , not that the owner didn't care, she did very much, but situations change  and she moved thinking she had him placed.  That person let her and Peppe down and we took him in temporarily as she was just a wreck with worry.  She is in British Columbia & would take him now, but the property manager says no to him coming to live there.    We have had him all of August and are still looking for a home.  He is losing weight in the kennel from stress. We have no fosters without other we are stuck.  He  is  3 years of age, 75 lbs, neutered, micro-chipped, and  vaccines are up to date.  He is great with people and has proven to be loving & gentle.  He is great with the staff.  He only has aggression toward  other dogs  (wouldn't place him  with other animals either.)  H e is well-mannered when left home alone, behaves & rides great in a vehicle, and does well on lead when wearing a halter.   Peppe's situation is  URGENT, but we are hopeful that the right home is out there for him .We are indeed confident that, finding the right home, Peppe will continue to be a loving and loyal companion.  CAN SOMEONE PLEASE OPEN THEIR HEART AND HOME AND SAVE THIS LOVING BOY? P ASS THE INFO ALONG TO ANYONE YOU CAN THINK  OF THAT COULD HELP US PLACE HIM!   WE COULD REALLY USE EVERYONES HELP TO SAVE PEPPE. PLEASE HELP US!   CONTACT  K9resQ dog adoption service in London Ont.  519 472 9396   for more pictures    

Hi my name is Harley and I need your help!  I really hope my future forever person is reading this!  I am a 4 yr old lab mix.  I was surrendered over to the shelter because once I get comfortable I show signs of possession aggression.  I don't like to share. With some time and proper training I'm sure I will learn to stop this. No one has ever taken the time to teach me that this isn't good manners.  I will need some time to warm up with any new people. And if you push me too hard too fast I will growl. Please don't make me do this. I don't want to be mean I just need some time. If you understand the proper way to introduce me to my new environment I won't let you down.  I am a really sweet loving dog, just misunderstood. I will greet you with the best tail wags, and I will make you smile at my happiness that you are with me.  I like other dogs, but if they are high energy or overbearing I will get scared and try to run away. I always think the best of other dogs so I will warm up quickly.  The staff here noticed an instant improvement in my attitude when I got to meet new dogs. I was happy and a little more confident. They really think another dog would help me learn to trust again. But like all other things with me please be patient.   If you can help me please call Kim at 905-546-2424 ext 1103

This is just awful - horses in need, folks:  HORSES FOR SALE - LEASE - PART-BOARD in ONTARIO


We have a petition going to Atlas Air Cargo to ask them to stop live shipping draft horses to Japan for slaughter.  The petition info is here:


David Attenborough's commentary on the state of the human psyche:

If something happens to you, does your dog end up at the shelter? (Thanks Dora Sesler for posting):

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Veg Food Fest this weekend, Toronto! 

The Butte Fire near PAWS, CA (Performing Animal Welfare Society) -- update Saturday says the animals are safe, but everyone's on high alert - read about their emergency management plans here:

Let's all pray the fire doesn't go too much further.  For the elies, other animals and humans in CA under threat of the Butte fire, m.