, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

The Northern Ontario rescue community has been rocked by the sudden death of Lise Boulianne, founder and director of Animal Rescue of Kapuskasing.   Her unexpected passing early in the morning of Friday September 16, 2016 has left the northern rescue community reeling.  Lise worked tirelessly, the backbone and voice for northern animals in the Kapuskasing and surrounding areas.  Her loss will have a huge impact on the rescue community.  Funeral arrangements have not been announced at this time. (Ed Note: Thanks Anne Kennedy for advising.)


C4P-ers, pls join the Tweetstorm to thank those MPs who support Bill C-246, and tag an MP who's not supporting it!  Load it up now, and let's see Twitter LIT on Tuesday! 
PRE-WRITTEN TWEETS with Twitter handles included have been uploaded. All you have to do is cut and paste tweets. Also, an excellent GUIDE to Twitter and Hootsuite (pre-schedule your tweets for free!) has been uploaded on the Ruby's Legacy FB Page here:  http://bit.ly/2cFb0OU or you'll find them on our website!  http://bit.ly/2ccduJc ( www.CallYourMP.ca)

Dolphins conversing??? You BETCHA!

California bans orcas in captivity!

Dairy Free Milk coming your way soon!


Have you heard about Frog Hollow Farm Sanctuary? Check them out, they are awesome! I visited for my first time two weeks ago, and made a lovely new friend, Tommy Goat ... 

Please share for a great home for Jack!    My foster doggie Jack has been waiting a long, long time for his special furever home, in fact, it has been a year since  he was found as a stray in Keswick.  :( He's a lovely guy who bonds strongly to his caregiver and wants to spend as much time as possible with them. He is also a very smart cookie who learns new behaviours quickly and is food and toy motivated. Guessing he is a Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd mix and about 5 years old. For more information about Jack please visit www.speakingofdogs.com 


Bill C-246:

First, they say they want to kill 44,000 horses. Due to public outcry, now they say they won't kill them. Do you believe them?  Sign here, just in case...

Susie Coston of Farm Sanctuary, NY, posted this this week, and I felt it was really important to share:   It is so important to realize that the majority of the videos that are getting passed on social media, showing happy goats, sheep, cattle, and especially pigs (potbellied more than other) are taken from breeders, industrial or farms where animals will be killed, etc. Please don't pass on those videos as cute and sweet. The cows running outside and bucking because they have been locked in doors for the winter in stations went viral more with AR people than anyone. They are still dairy cows, still producing and losing their babies and giving their milk for our consumption and still a part of a very exploitative industry. Before you post- know the source. (Ed Note: so advocates, PUSH BACK on these posts in the comments section and help others understand the true realities behind the posts...)

Sign the petition here:  http://bit.ly/2d2qcc7


147 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK! Fascinating read. Thanks Marie Lynn Hammond for sending! (you think we and the animals have it tough now...)


Canine Foundations is holding a Canine Behaviour 101 combined with Canine Self Defense course on October 1st 2016 in Vaughan at Action First Aid.   If you register before September 1, 2016 you will save $25.00 per person. This is an innovative course for all professionals working with dogs.  Stay safe, know what the dogs are "saying", know how to protect yourself in the event of a dog attack.   If you need any further information please contact:   Wendy Sunega, Corporate Training Coordinator, CANINE FOUNDATIONS 647-284-7584

The National Wildlife Centre is inviting you to attend our Inaugural Gala Fundraiser scheduled for October 1, 2016 at the Devil's Pulpit Golf Club, located at 3035 Escarpment Side Rd, Caledon Village, from 5pm until 9pm. This semi-formal event will include guest speakers, musical entertainment, fine foods, and silent auction.  Tickets are $125.00 and can be found at: https://nationalwildlifecentre.tickit.ca/



I asked Camille Labchuk, Executive Director of Animal Justice recently how the heck she got into animal justice in the first place. Her candid answer was "I just can't stand injustice. Of any kind. But animals have no voice..."


Camille is part of the next generation of advocates that show us, through their concerted, professional and collaborative actions, how to take a stand for animals in new ways. She's not the only one, but she's an awesome example of gaining more knowledge, and finding new ways to communicate it, to new markets. I follow her on Facebook and in social media, and I learn new aspects of our laws (or lack thereof) daily. In my view, she's "one to watch"...





We're in the home stretch with Bill C-246. We have an updated list of MPs who are voting no, that NEED to hear from us in droves from now to Sept.28th. We need as many hands on deck as we can get. Anyone available to do a round of calls (en Anglais et Francais) for a couple of hours, please reach out to me:  c4p@mediaintelligence.ca  http://endcruelty.ca  arretezlacruaute.ca

We're all in this together. Pls don't wait until the 29th, to wish you'd done more. m.