September 20, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

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This election, Canadians want ACTION on animal issues -- and the only way we're going to get it is if EVERYONE contacts their MP and has "the talk" -- I have, will you? Even to forward them a copy of this article, would be helpful...

Quebec Animal Welfare Bill begins to be discussed in Assembly -- fingers crossed on this one! 

H&M gets on board with cruelty-free products!

Thunder Bay Ontario approves pilot project to deal with feral cats! 



A couple of farmed animal sanctuaries doing crowdfunding campaigns (thanks for sharing!):   Please consider supporting Full Circle Farm Sanctuary's major crowdfunding campaign in North Carolina to help them expand and take in more rescued farmed animals! All donations up to $50,000 will be MATCHED by an anonymous donor!
Juliana's Animal Sanctuary in Colombia desperately needs your support! Their crowdfunding campaign is urgent as they need the funds by the end of September to save their sanctuary (the only sanctuary for farmed animals in Colombia). It's next to impossible to get support from their government or the people of their country (there aren't even any animal protection laws) so they're solely dependent on their friends overseas. Help save this sanctuary!

Boots and Sammy are an adorable bonded (kitty) sibling pair. They are extremely  affectionate and LOVE snuggling with people and purr constantly. They also   like to play with each other. These little guys came from a farm that has
been overrun in recent years (despite an active TNR program) because
people have continued to dump unwanted cats. Sammy (Black) had severe
conjunctivitis when he came into rescue but luckily with patience and
medication his eye is healing nicely. He may always have that cloudy spot
on his eye but it doesn't affect him. They get along very well with other
cats and love to play. The boys are approximately 13 weeks old and have
been neutered, microchipped, de-wormed and have had their first 2 sets of
vaccinations. They love each other very much and need to be adopted
together. Adoption by donation, they are being fostered in Guelph
Ontario." Please email  for more information!


OK, this is a tough but necessary one folks.  Change will not happen unless we force it to.  So, please, please be sure to sign and share this petition against sponsors of Pyong Chang Korea 2018 Winter Olympics.  

Wildlife in need!  The National Wildlife Centre is a non-profit wildlife Veterinary Hospital in Caldedon, Ontario and has a vision is to be the Centre of Excellence for conservation, wildlife clinical research, wildlife medicine, training, and education.   At this time, the Centre operates as a mobile wildlife veterinary hospital. Its purpose is to help other wildlife rehabilitators within a local area with their medical needs. Please help us help others. Our goal is $250,000 per year to keep this program running. Our next step is to raise funds to build a wildlife centre for advanced diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitative care of native wildlife. This centre will eventually have satellite offices across Canada. Our campaign goal is $8 million for this first phase of the centre. Help us make our vision a reality! Please donate, share with other animal lovers or help with fundraising efforts! Email us at:

Oshawa Animal Services Town Council hearing re: anti-tethering of dogs -- if you can get there, please do! This team needs support!

Demand that chickens be included in the animal welfare act! (Thanks Debra Ropollo of posting):


A worldwide map for Farm Animal Sanctuaries - shocking, Canada has only 14... (Thanks Sherry Burnett for posting): 

Move the Pig! Who knew?!?!?  (thanks Sherry Burnett for posting - this is really insightful): 

10 animals that mate for life -- how beautiful!

Are you a responsible dog owner?  (thanks Rachelle Chevalier for sending):

More enchantment:  Canadian Wildlife Magazine cover story, written by Kerry Banks and photographed by Paul Colangelo An intelligence shines through the blue eyes  of a juvenile northwestern crow. As it gets older, its eyes will change colour to match the rest of its body. Known for their analytical skills, tool making, and even analogical reasoning, crows are thought to have the same level of intelligence as seven-year-old humans.


TODAY! Come join our 8th Annual Bunfest on Sept 20th 2015. A fantastic day offering everything bunny related; advice, information and support. Come meet one of our amazing bunny savvy vets, attend a lecture, bid at the silent auction, meet bunnies looking for homes, have your bunny groomed at the spa, or get some glamour shots taken! Shop at our huge RR store which has everything you need for you and your bunny. Meet our special guests (rescues, shelters, non profits) and come to vendor alley (lots of great new vendors selling incredible products! Make sure to stop and grab a snack at our all vegan bake table. Doors open at 11am!



RIP Darling Speckles.  We will miss your inscrutable and mysterious countenance girl. 


Well, it's officially Fall. How did that happen? The election is upon us.  We have another opportunity ahead of us to insist our MPs hear and represent animal issues. Anyone calling me from any party, are GRILLED on animal issues.  My statement is unwavering:  THE FIRST CANDIDATE TO PUBLICLY DELIVER A CLEARLY ARTICULATED POLICY FOR ANIMAL WELLBEING IN THIS COUNTRY WILL GET MY FAVORABLE CONSIDERATION.  And I always ask that my comments be shot to the "head of the pack".  And I get the person's name that I'm speaking to. And while I have them on the phone, I educate them too. Don't be shy -- scare them straight.  Give them just one example of what's REALLY going on.

One person, one candidate, one fight at a time.  Let's get in the' ring, folks. They're counting on us. Write or call your MP, NOW.  m.