September 27, 2015 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

By far, the best piece and news of the week -- A Pope for All Species (thanks Karen Dawn, at Dawnwatch, and Bruce Friedrich for posting):

Following as a close second, check out this "Vote Together" site, for those who wish to give Harper the boot.  I am one of them. (Thanks ever so much Cara Melbye for sending--because until I saw this, I had no idea how best to apply my precious vote--I suspect others are struggling too):


Have you all heard this story about the Edmonton family who is being forced to give up their flock of sheep? They are having a hard time re-homing them, and of course, have broken hearts on top of having to do this. Could I ask our network to step up and share, so that we might find more available farms and help them avoid slaughter?

New giraffe studies show they hum to each other!

Another reason to ditch dairy. Esp Yoplait yogurt cups. (OR, teach your children not to litter...) (but truly, ditch the dairy instead):

This is so huge:


Readers note, in this section of the newsletter you will find these great images for social sharing--they are simple, and deliver a gentle, but educational message. Use 'em!

Darling little Cookie is still waiting ...poor senior girl needs a family. 10 year old miniature maltese / dachshund #29407110 at Kitchener Humane Society 519.273.6600

Hi, my name is Chase! My name should tell you a lot about me! I love to run! (did I mention I love to run????)  In the short time I have been with my foster family, I have managed to wiggle my way into their hearts. They say I am the best greeter they have ever known, and they look forward to the howls that greet them when they arrive! They also say I have the cutest tail they have ever seen, and it never stops wagging!  Im super friendly, snuggly and vocal and on of my favourite things to do is fall asleep with my foster family at night in their bed. I would do best in a home where I am not alone for long periods of time, and where there is a bit of past hound experience (or willingness to learn). Lastly, while I do like to relax at home and lounge around, I need a place where I will get tons of exercise. I have lots of energy! In exchange, I offer you tons of love, hugs, adventures and a face that will melt your heart. I've been trying to find a home for a while now, so please contact for more information.


Merlin needs a forever home!   This handsome 1-year-old male cat has waited a long time for a home of his own. In the spring, Merlin was rescued as a stray about two hours north of Toronto, after surviving the frigid winter outside as a kitten.  Merlin seeks a child-free home and would do well with confident playful cats or cat-friendly dogs.  His   foster family says: "He's very loving, and is a very people-centered cat who loves to play and pounce. He's silky and sleek - but that is just the facade of a funny, goofy, playful and curious character. He's a hoot - he will do a somersault when he can't stop fast enough to grab his ball, sleep upside down with his paws in the air on our stairs, and is willing to do some fancy jumps in pursuit of his toy 'da bird'. He's smart - and the easiest cat I've ever had to train. Honestly an absolute pleasure to work with. Contact Nicola Ransom-Brown.  416-989-7005  


Please sign and help us end the cruel BC bear hunt:


Do you know what a double merle is, and what it means in the dog world? (Thanks Karen Piercey for posting - really cool info!): 

How to know if your dog is over-vaccinated. (Thanks Denise Joyce for posting): 


TODAY! SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 27 a life!!  Join The Dog Rescuers Inc.  for THE DOG BOWL!!!! A fun way to save a life and have some family fun!  11am- 1pm Two hours of bowling at a great price and the proceeds go to vet care for our wonderful dogs!  Tickets are $20.00 per adult for two fun hours of bowling and includes two door prize tickets and bowling shoes. Children twelve and under are $15.00! Join us at Splitsville Entertainment in Hamilton for "The Dog Bowl"!!  Pledge sheets are available so you can have your friends challenge you or just come out and have fun! For tickets call 416-567-6249 or 905-520-0203 - or at the door 


Welcome Miss Grey and Miss Black!   I got the most inspiring and inspired communication this week from the Koko Foundation. Koko has welcomed two new kittens, and in so doing, will create and entirely new body of knowledge on interspecies bonding, as well as show new, relational aspects of animals and finally, take enrichment to its highest level:  UNITY & LOVE.   (Ed Note:  Check out Koko's signature "Fine Person Gorilla".)  

Read this wonderful story of Mike Stura and the split second action he took to save Linus Sheep's life this week. Thanks Christian Cotroneo for bearing witness publicly through his article.  

For my dear cousin Donna, with great love. She loved animals so. m.