September 25, 2016 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Sorry this is late this morning folks, out partying last night... one for the books! :) 


A new model for foster programs, to help women and pets subjected to domestic violence:

Dairy sales are plummeting in England!

India's largest movement against animal abuse yet...60 cities!

Thank you Christina Stevens of Global News for "New Revelations and Questions regarding OSPCA handling of cruelty case" (Thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting):

Golden Rescue (just awesome folks) have rescued over 100 Goldie refugees, and brought them to Canada - a special addition this week reunited Lexi Rahimi with her Syrian family here in Toronto! Awesome work! 


North Vancouver, BC, Canada -- My name is Lotus. I also come from Iran. A friend asked if Auntie Farah can talk about me, and find me my forever loving home .. and so she did. Here's my bio:


Tell Oklahoma City Zoo to send Bamboo elephant to a sanctuary:


How plant-based minerals can extend the life of your dog:
Elephants detect how dangerous humans are by the sound of their voices:
If you love goats, you'll want to see these utterly beautiful portraits:
Efforts underway to force China to release Pizza Polar Bear to a sanctuary:
Let's watch this one closely. There's a lot of press on this -- maybe "authorities" will step up? 


October 1st 11-1PM demonstration planned in St. Catharines at  Doctor Mahvir Singh Rekhi clinic (thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting):



Last year when Gervais and I started taping RescueDiaries, one of our first farm visits was to Ralphy's Retreat Animal Sanctuary. At the time, Gus Pig had just come into rescue and was in a very sorry state, both physically and psychologically. Gervais went back recently to check in on Gus, and as you'll see, his rehab has proven to be nothing short of astounding! He's lost an approximate 150 lbs, is breathing normally, and no longer threatened nor acting out... His quality of life has increased tenfold, and he's now just a happy, healthy pig, living his pig life, on his terms.  Well done Kara et al, at Ralphy's, for this most excellent turn-around. Gus is such a loveable guy! We hope a year from now, "Little Guy" will be enjoying the same outcome. That is our hope for the little one...we know he's in excellent hands ...  To support Ralphy's, click here.




Have you called your MP? No excuses. We have a list of MPs that we need to focus on calling this next week or two. Second Reading September 28th; vote is now October 5th. If you want to help place calls, please get in touch with me and I'll set you up. Calls are critical. If MPs don't hear from us (in droves), how will they know we want change? 

For the animals, m.